How To Style A Silk Blouse

A silk button-down blouse remains a classic piece in a modern girl’s wardrobe. Worn by the greats including Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, and even Brigitte Bardot, it’s an easy way to bring some sophistication to your outfit.

Whether you prefer to tuck or un-tuck, below are just a few different ways to style the perfect silk blouse.

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Denim cut-off

Make like Alexa Chung and wear a slim-fitted silk blouse with your favourite pair of denim shorts. Heels work well if you’re heading out for dinner, otherwise black ballet flats are always better for a casual day out.

How To Style A Silk Blouse

Pencil skirt

Bring a level of sophistication to your outfit by wearing your silk blouse with a form-fitting pencil skirt. Whether you prefer a leather, cotton, or polyester blend, it’s just important to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

How To Style A Silk Blouse

High-waisted trousers

If you’re heading out for some casual work drinks, spice up your outfit with some high-waisted trousers. They will elongate your legs, especially when paired with nude shoes or sandals.

How To Style A Silk Blouse

Mini skirt

A leather mini skirt is an essential in any girl’s wardrobe. Wear with tights during the colder months, and let your legs out during the warmer weather with your favourite handbag and flat sandals.

How To Style A Silk Blouse


A classic pair of boyfriend jeans and a silk blouse are best friends forever! They are the perfect outfit you can literally put together in 2 minutes (or whenever you don’t have half the morning to get ready).

How To Style A Silk Blouse

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November 30, 2014

Timeless Pieces Make A Resurgence

When it comes to day-to-day dressing, especially during the tricky transition months, classic pieces must rule your wardrobe. The key to the carefree look lies in timeless pieces with modern tweaks. Gone are the days of buying something cheap on a whim – every purchase should be truly considered. It’s essential that you get true mileage from all of your special purchases, especially key accessories. We’ve collected the coming season’s freshest take on enduring wardrobe staples, featuring our top core autumn/ winter items.

The classic trench

Given our busy lifestyles, today shopping is about buying less, but buying smarter. Opt for the classic trench; a trusted staple that will see you through several winter seasons. Take inspiration from the model Burberry trench and look for a traditional A-line silhouette that will cinch you in at the waist for the most flattering effect. Designed to disguise any fashion faux pas hidden underneath and make you tres chic with the cinch of a belt.

A chunky wristwatch

An oversized, masculine watch adds interest to pared-down pieces at the office and can double as a bracelet when layered with additional jewellery. Few things say more about a person than their watch – its character, look and style can give others a peek into the wearer’s background. Melbourne Watch Company styles bridge the gap between dress wear and day wear and is a suitable go-to choice for many different occasions.

The tea-length dress

The tea-length – and by that we mean knee-length – dress will wear just as well at backyard barbecues in summer and garden parties in spring as it will at evening soirees and winter weddings. To retain the classic motif that this style of dress embraces, opt for a ubiquitous print. This classic style is both ladylike and demure as it is stylish and sophisticated.

The versatile handbag

Some handbags come and go, but classic styles will always go the distance. A successful handbag purchase is one that lasts longer than the season. And, if you can splash out into the designer ranges, make sure you pick one that is worth the price tag. We suggest black or tan – classic, versatile colours to match your everyday.

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June 25, 2014