Sex Toys 101

Never used a sex toy before? Well, we best give you a quick introduction to the ‘ins and outs’, so you are up to speed before you make your purchases. Let’s call it Sex Toys 101.When it comes to whirring, buzzing, throbbing and pulsating sex toys – it’s a jungle out there! But there are a few tips that can get you on the right track to finding the perfect sex toy for you.

Basically sex toys or erotic toys include the multitude of products designed to stimulate your erogenous zones. The four main types of sex toys are vibrators, dongs, female stimulators and male stimulators.

Vibrators are, for the most part, phallic shaped battery powered objects that deliver multi-speed vibrations. Vibrators are usually made of soft, flexible ‘squooshy’ materials designed for insertion, or harder materials perfect for all over massage or intense clitoral stimulation.

Dongs or dildos are non-vibrating phallic objects designed specifically for insertion and come in a huge range of sizes, colours, shapes, and are made in a huge range of materials.

Female stimulators include hand held or hands-free vibrating toys designed to

clitoris, suction action toys for oral simulation and duo-balls – pairs of balls worn in the vagina which roll around to deliver constant (and discreet) stimulation.How do I choose the toy that’s right for me?

Well, there are four handy hints that can help you choose a love toy…

    1. Think about what kind of stimulation you’re looking for.


    1. Start with something simple.


    1. Ask an expert – there are a number of books and videos available that can offer valuable advice on how to enjoy your new gadget, in particular the Nina Hartley guides (all available at www.adultshop.com.au).


  1. Most importantly – experiment, play safe and have fun – there are millions of ways to enjoy erotic toys, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Let’s go shopping! That’s the educational part out of the way, so let the fun and games begin. If you are in a relationship, shopping for

erotic toy with your partner can be a great way spice up your sex lives. AdultShop.com is a great place to do this – the site has been designed specifically with women and couples in mind.As the experts at AdultShop.com say, sometimes it’s very nice being naughty!

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