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The Pros And Cons Of Online Shopping

There’s no denying it, online shopping has become a huge part of our lives in the last 5-10 years. Gone are the days when we actually had to go outside to buy something. Ten years ago, I didn’t expect anyone to sell their stuff online.  Nowadays, if a brand or store doesn’t have an online shop, I usually get quite frustrated and question the quality of their marketing department (I mean, hello… It’s 2015!).

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I am not a huge online shopper, but I know a lot of people who haven’t set foot in an actual store for a long time. This got me thinking, will there still be shopping centres and stores in 50 years? Probably yes, as there are many benefits, but also disadvantages about online shopping:

Pro: You can shop in your pajamas, from the comfort of your bed. No need to get dressed, put make up on, or even brush your hair. In the virtual world, nobody will see you while you load up your shopping bag.

Con: You are tempted to buy more: Because you are not actually holding or carrying around the items that you want to buy, your virtual shopping bag fills up easily without you noticing that you have just accumulated clothes worth one month’s rent. You’re shocked at the check out and can’t decide what to keep.

Pro: You can shop whenever you want: Who has got time to go shopping during office hours? And being in a shopping centre on a Saturday is like going to Bondi Beach on a public holiday: too many people. Online shops don’t have opening hours. Feeling like buying a pair of shoes at 2am? Done! Ordering a friend’s birthday present during your lunch break? Easy!

Con: You can’t try it on: To me, this is one of the main reasons why I still like to go into actual stores. I prefer to not only see, but feel and try on the clothes, shoes, and accessories I am interested in before buying them. Sure, you can send back any online purchases that don’t fit, but let’s be honest: How many times have you kept something because you couldn’t be bothered to send it back? I thought so.

Pro: You can shop on international sites: In Australia, we know the pain of not having all the cool international labels in our stores. However, the world wide web has given us access to almost all of them and some sites even offer free international delivery!

Con: Nothing is really special anymore: Remember when you used to bring back clothes from your holiday in Europe and it felt really special to have them because they were only sold there? Those days are gone.

 image via expatliving.sg

Shopping Frustration: Why We Need Standard Clothing Sizes

What size are you? Chances are you’re a size 8 in one shop and a size 12 in another. It’s the big shopping frustration: inconsistent sizing.

Especially when it comes to pants, taking three different sizes into the fitting rooms is a standard procedure for most women. It seems as if clothing sizes are just random numbers and a guide too rough to be helpful. This becomes especially problematic when shopping online and is the number one reason for customer dissatisfaction: the clothes don’t fit even though you’ve ordered ‘your size.’

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Now, of course there are many different body shapes and many different styles and cuts when it come to fashion, so I am aware of the fact that none of us will ever be one size only and trying before buying will always be necessary. However, it must be possible to improve the sizing consistency.

According to a Fairfax analysis, most size 10 items at high street retailer Topshop fit size 6 items at H&M. How can there be such a huge discrepancy? Clearly Topshop caters to a different type of body than H&M, while at the same time both retailers’ styles and target group are very similar.

The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a standard sizing guide that all brands rely on. Instead, it is up to each and every fashion designer or label to decide what a size 10 is. The result? Confusion among customers.

So I suggest a national, or even international, sizing survey. Get those 3D body scanners out and start measuring us! I will gladly be the first to participate if that means that I can stop ordering three different sizes during my next online shopping spree.

What is your experience with sizes? Go ahead, open your closet and start counting how many different sizes you have hanging in there. I bet it’s at least three.

Image via fashionfetishism.com

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Want to slim down your body without resorting to a crazy detox or yo-yo diet? Start off by trimming down your closet!

A quick closet-raid will easily remove all the unflattering clothes from your wardrobe and leave you with a select few which will really complement your body shape. If you don’t know where to start, follow our eight simple steps below to a flattering wardrobe!

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Bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe by incorporating some stripes to your outfit. Stick to thin, vertical stripes since they will help to elongate your body – making your arms look thinner and your legs look longer.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks


If you have a flowy dress, make sure to wear a belt which will cinch in your waist. This creates the illusion of a more defined waist, and will help to make your body look taller.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Empire waist

Similarly, empire waist tops which are longer around the top and slimmer around the waist are also another wardrobe staple. Pair with with slim pants, heels, or flats for a casual look at any time of the day.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

High-waisted jeans

Pack away those hipster jeans in favour of a high-waisted style which will suck in your tummy! Pair with a cropped sweater, button-up shirt, or fitted blazer for a flattering outfit option.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Midi dress

If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your legs, a midi dress is a great way to compromise for a sophisticated outfit option. It will highlight your middle section without showing too much skin.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks


Who knew that a pair of heels could be so valuable? Sometimes a little bit of extra high can make a huge difference – especially if you’re wearing a pair of cropped pants.

Wedges, espadrilles, and kitten heels give the illusion of extra high without terrorising your feet.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Wrap dress

Another office appropriate piece of clothing has to be the wrap dress. It hugs all your curves in all the right places, and doesn’t feel too constricting – especially if you’re wearing it from 9-5!

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Dark panels

Darker side panels on tops, dresses, and blazers are amazing since they give the illusion of slimmer physique. Plus, they also are flattering on all body types.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

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Throwback Thursday: 5 Ways to Look A Million Dollars On a Budget

October 8, 2013

Is it possible to look a million dollars on a shoestring budget? Money expert Kerry Lotzof gives her top tips for frugal fashionistas.

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is known for her chic fusion of high end designer fashion with vintage touches and quirky second-hand accessories.  You may not have Rachel’s budget, but by channelling her open minded approach to style you can put together fashion forward looks that won’t empty your bank account.

Whether you take inspiration from Dita Von Teese’s impeccable retro look or mix it up like Kate Bosworth, with her irreverent combinations of high and low fashion, these tips will help you build an enviable wardrobe for a lot less than you’d think.

1. Shop like a collector

Stop thinking about yourself as a shopaholic and start thinking of yourself as a collector. Once you’ve got all your basics covered an item that looks “ok” shouldn’t be enough to have you reach for your wallet. If a new piece doesn’t move you and make you want to wear it every single day, put it back on the rack. Collectors wouldn’t spend on something second rate or ill fitting and neither should you. Whether you’re shopping at Target or Chanel, keep an eye on the detail and make designers work for your hard earned.

Spending time at vintage fairs, flea markets and second hand stores in posh neighbourhoods can yield amazing finds like immaculate vintage dresses and unwanted Ferragamo or Bally heels for less than $10. You can also check out what’s available online through Etsy and eBay, and mix it up with high street basics and the odd designer splurge. Behaving like a collector (and the fussier the better) will give you an inimitable style and ensure your closet doesn’t fill up with unloved impulse purchases.

2. Designer crush? Find it cheaper online

If you’ve fallen in love with a designer piece that’s a must-have budget breaker, take a deep breath before you swipe – a quick coffee with your smartphone to shop the item out online can save you hundreds of dollars. You’ll be surprised what current fashions can be found in as-new form for a fraction of the price. Savvy fashionistas treat stores as a place to look and try then go home to buy online.

3. Coupons – not just for grandma

Today, coupon websites like retailmenot.com.au and Ozbargain.com.au are making it ridiculously easy to take your fashion dollar further. Don’t swipe your card or proceed to checkout ever again before checking if there’s a coupon for what you’re about to buy. A 30 second search can bring up coupons for things like free delivery and loyalty gifts, and anywhere between $5 and 75% off your fashion purchases. On average, retailmenot.com.au customers find a way to save $20 from a quick visit to the site and most retailers will accept them at the counter as well as online.

4. Make sure your shopping loyalty is actually being rewarded

How you pay can make a big difference to how rewarding your purchase is. The bad news for loyal ‘points collectors’ is that the goalposts keep moving. In fact, Mozo recently found that over a third of rewards cards now lose you money, charging higher annual fees than can realistically be earned each year in rewards. If you’re spending less than $17,000 a year on your rewards card it’s probably not working in your favour meaning you’d be much better off with a low fee credit or debit card. The fastest way to find out if your card is eating into your fashion budget is to jump on mozo.com.au and see how your card compares. If you aren’t getting a good deal, be ruthless – a better card means less fees and more shoes!

5.  Swap, sell, up-cycle

Most of us only use about 10% of our wardrobes, throwing on the same easy favourites every day and neglecting a growing pile of barely-worn impulse purchases. If you don’t love an item, think about swapping it, selling it or up-cycling. If you have friends the same size as you, organise a closet swap to freshen up your look, or pop unwanted items on eBay and free up the cash (and closet space) for new stuff you really want. Also if you’re handy with needle and thread a little embellishment can go a long way, turning a neglected T-shirt or cardi into a compliment generator.

Kerry Lotzof, a.k.a. “The girl in the green” is a vintage fashion addict and writer, covering lifestyle and finance topics for comparison site mozo.com.au, Australia’s money saving zone.

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