How To Make The Perfect Brew Via The Coffee Post

If you’re anything like me, you’re spending a small fortune on takeaway coffees at your local café. This is even despite you having a gleaming coffee machine at home – oh the shame!

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In fact, I like to joke I’ve been keeping said café owners in business – I’m sure they’re driving Ferraris off the back of my insatiable caffeine appetite alone. For, if you add up the annual cost of your takeaway coffee consumption, it’s a scary number indeed – enough for an overseas holiday, as in my case. Eek! Then there’s the little extras you might add on top, such as a takeaway croissant from your fave café, and the costs just keep adding up.

Enter The Coffee Post – a new subscription service which delivers ground coffee or beans to your home each month, from hand-picked Brisbane roasteries. This means no more splurging at your local café; you can now enjoy premium locally roasted coffee in the comfort of your own home. So, fire up you coffee machine, girlfriend!

Of course, you will have to make the coffee yourself, but this is all part of the fun says The Coffee Post co-founder and marketing manager Kate Rodwell (pictured).

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“Not only is it far more cost effective, it also ensures you have the best possible coffee experience each and every time as our subscribers have the ability to craft their perfect cup,” she says.

“The Coffee Post also provides variety, meaning that each month the roaster changes so you get a new tasting experience. There is nothing like the satisfaction of lovingly hand-making your own perfect cup of coffee.”

While Kate concedes that purchasing bags of roasted beans upfront is a little more expensive, she believes it saves the average coffee drinker who spends more than $4 per coffee, two times a day, more than $200 a month. “It’s a massive saving to the artisan coffee drinker, without having to sacrifice quality or quantity,” she says.

“We also know that freshness is key to a good coffee. The quality of the beans and the way they’re roasted are a huge factor in flavour. The Coffee Post aims to get the beans to the subscriber’s door within three days of roasting, so that they can get a true idea of what the roaster was intending.”

So, how do you make your perfect cup of coffee at home? It’s all in the extraction, baby, or – put simply – how much of the coffee in the brewer ends up in the cup. “Practice makes perfect,” Kate says, “and we understand that not all our subscribers are baristas in their day job so we include brewing tips and tricks, videos, top tips and Q & As with our in-house barista, Chris, and our many amazing roasters.

“Our mantra here is to watch your extraction – that’s the make or break point in the coffee.”

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The brainchild of three Brisbane coffee aficionados, The Coffee Post also aims to showcase local roasteries currently enjoying national and international acclaim. Roasters are sourced via word-of mouth, followed by a meet and greet. And with two of the service’s three founders being born-and-bred in Brisbane, The Coffee Post has insider knowledge on the best roasters the city has to offer.

“After following a recommendation from a number of insiders, we head over to meet the roaster first hand, check out their processes, and ask where the beans are sourced from, including things like blends, origins and tasting notes,” Kate enthuses.

“The local and independent speciality roasters have a lot to offer; it’s really clear when they know and love what they do, it shows through in the taste of their coffee.”

And while Melbourne is traditionally known as the coffee capital of Australia, Kate says Brisbane roasters have recently upped their game. “Our roster of local coffee roasters are among the best in the world, and we’re excited to be sharing their blends and origins with hardcore coffee lovers all over Australia,” she says.

“Our March box contains beans from Black Sheep Coffee (pictured), which was recently selected by super chef Gordon Ramsay as the coffee supplier for all of his restaurants – so you’re sipping in exceptional company.”

coffee, home-made coffee, The Coffee Post

Based in Fortitude Valley, the trio launched their service in October last year, and have already signed up customers across the country, including from as far away as Hobart and the Northern Territory. Once a coffee lover signs up, The Coffee Post will, each month, deliver aficionado subscribers a hand-packed box of two X 250g bags of roasted whole beans/ground, loyalty offers, including vouchers, from the roaster of the month, collectible roaster cards and the aforementioned barista tips and tricks.

Costs start at $29.95 per month, or $34.95 for the pre-ground bean box. Interstate subscribers receive discount codes to allow them to reorder their favourite blend directly from the roaster. And a coffee subscription certainly makes for a great and unique wedding, birthday and Christmas gift, Kate says.

What’s more, there’s no lock-in contracts, you can sign up for however long you like, and unsubscribe at any time. “There’s some exceptional baristas and roasters in this little big city, and finally we’re getting the word out,” Kate says. “We’re confident the quality of the beans and the variety of different blends and origins people will receive every month will keep them hooked.

“We want to promote people to visit the roasteries and cafes of these amazing roasters too. Our ideal is that you find the coffee of your dreams, right near your home. Subscribers are also supporting local Brisbane roasters who source their beans from sustainable and ethical farms all over the world.”

5 Tips To Make The Perfect Barista-Style Coffee At Home

Addicted to your favourite coffee shop? Can’t get through your day without a visit to your barista? So were we, until we found out that your daily flat white addiction costs up to $1,400 a year!

About time to learn how to make that perfect barista-style coffee at home, don’t you think? From selecting your favourite beans to choosing the right coffee machine, these 5 tips have been put together from top baristas over the years will leave you feeling like a self-appointed coffee connoisseur in no time at all.


  • It all starts with the beans. The most important thing to remember is that, fresh is best. Just like wine, coffee oxidizes, so the more it is exposed to air and oxygen, the more the flavour of the coffee is degraded
  • To ensure your beans stay fresh, keep your coffee beans or ground coffee in an airtight container. Avoid storing them in the fridge or freezer as the moisture will ruin the essential oils
  • Whether you’re after an Arabica or Robusta coffee bean, or perhaps even a blend of the two, there are many different flavours of coffee and one to suit every taste
  • As a general guide, lighter blends are more palatable, and darker beans (like the Robusta variety) have a stronger, more acidic flavour
  • There are a lot of different choices available but trial and error is the best approach – your favourite bean might be waiting for you in the supermarket, local café or from your coffee machine provider

The machine

  • Choose a machine to meet your needs – if you have a small kitchen try a compact machine like the new DéLonghi PrimaDonna XS, or if you have kids (large and small) with a penchant for hot chocolates, consider investing in the PrimaDonna Exclusive Coffee Machine which also comes with an extra hot chocolate function
  • DéLonghi is the most popular fully automatic coffee machine provider in Australia and their newest release, the DéLonghi PrimaDonna XS is one of the most kitchen friendly offerings on the market – at just 19.5cm wide, it is the perfect coffee machine for snug city apartments, kitchens and small office environments.
  • Simplifying the coffee making process, the DéLonghi PrimaDonns XS can make the most complex order with one touch of a button

The daily grind 

  • The grind of your coffee will greatly influence the end result as it impacts the amount of contact time between the hot water and the beans
  • Grind it too fine and you will have a bitter coffee (the result of too much contact time), whilst grinding it too coarsely will give you a watery blend (i.e. too little contact time)
  • For the most consistent blend, grind your own beans or use a burr grinder. The DéLonghi PrimaDonna XS comes with an integrated burr grinder and an incredible 13 settings to guarantee the coffee beans are freshly ground each time, just to your liking
  • Good quality grinders will help extract all the essential oils from the coffee beans, giving you a delicious, full bodied crème
  • Experiment with the settings to find your ideal grind. Once you have this you are well on your way to a great cup of coffee


If you like a milky coffee – as opposed to an espresso or a long black – there are a number of things you need to be aware of:

  • The temperature of the milk should sit somewhere between 60C and 70C, so if you are frothing your own milk keep a thermometer nearby. It’s a good idea to stop once the temperature reaches 60 C as the temperature will continue to rise as the milk rests
  • Try not to overheat the milk as it will burn the coffee beans and leave you with a bitter tasting coffee
  • If you’re not confident frothing your own milk it could be worth investing in a machine that has an Instant Frothing Device (IFD) and can do the hard work for you – whichever milk you choose
  • Contrary to popular belief it is actually easier to froth skim milk than full cream milk

Cup choice

  • Double walled glasses are the top choice for coffee lovers as they are comfortable to hold whilst keeping the heat in. DéLonghi has a fantastic range of double walled glasses from espresso cups all the way up to  larger offerings, allowing you to choose the size that suits your coffee preference
  • Try and match your glass to your drink – anything too big and the coffee will lose heat faster than you can drink it!

Do you make coffee at home or hit your favourite coffee shop for your daily grind?

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