Clairol Nice ‘n Easy
If you?re colouring your hair for the coming cooler months, take our advice. Already brunette? Go for a chocolaty brown to achieve the deeper hues that are so popular this season. To achieve locks reminiscent of Courtney Cox or Salma Hayek, choose Clairol Nice?n Easy has Natural Dark Caramel Brown (120B). Lighter golden tones are also fashionable this season. Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts are all perfect examples of girls with naturally light brown hair but have added a beautiful gold shimmer. Clairol Nice?n Easy Natural Medium Caramel Brown (118B) will add gorgeous golden overtones perfect for autumn. Available from all major supermarkets for $11.

Gucci Accenti
Fragrance of the Month
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Gucci Accenti is a scent that creates an instant aura of mystery and sophistication. It makes you think of something quite familiar that you can’t quite place. A true European gem less widely known than the rest of the Gucci fragrance empire, Gucci Accenti is both a unique and timeless fragrance. Transform yourself into a Hollywood starlet with the irresistible allure of jasmine, sandalwood and heady vanilla with a hint of citrus. A must-have for maintaining your feminine mystique and the perfect scent for your most individual and expressive moods.
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Australian Hairdresser of the Year
Australia?s best hair stylists have just been announced at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2004. The awards were judged in London by a panel of UK?s most acclaimed hairdressers and according to UK judge Beverley Cobella (2002 ? 2003 British Hairdresser of the Year), ?The collections entered into the category of Australian Hairdresser of the Year were incredible. These images could have stepped out of Vogue, Tatler, Marie Claire or any other glossy magazine.?

Jen Aniston – up with the fringe fashions
The winning prize of Australian Hairdresser of the Year award was given to Lee Cohen from Red?s Salon and Spa, Cairns. But if North Queensland is a little far to travel for a hair cut, you can always check out the state winners. Anthony Nader (Raw Hair, Sydney), Joey Scandizzo (Rokk Ebony, Melbourne), Robert Bava (Tony&Guy, Adelaide), Larry Duplock (Lexingtons, Perth) & Angela Allport (Cataldo?s Salon, Canberra).

Lee Cohen believes fringes will be one of the hottest styles for the season of autumn/winter 2004. If you have the right face shape, such as strong facial features, go for a low, blunt fringe just above the eyes. But if you don?t quite have the guts for such a change, or you have a softer features and an oval face shape, try a side-sweeping style.


March 16, 2004

At Home Hair Colouring Tips

The Home Do

More and more of us are resorting to dying our hair at home so SheSaid decided to uncover the dos and don’ts of the home do.Before you even think about putting a colour in your hair, always experiment with a temporary colour that will wash out. That bright orange hue you thought so fondly of after a glass of bubbly on Saturday night may not look that good at the office on Monday morning? Hairdressers always suggest you choose a colour that is within two to three shades of your natural colour and to remember that if you have any grey or white hairs they will take more colour than the rest of your hair. Hot tip: check with a professional before you start throwing a few new shades around yourself.

The Dos

Always read and follow all of the instructions

Don’t rip the packet open and

start dying without checking that you have all the necessary bits and pieces at hand.

Keep a note of the brand and colour for future reference.

Get out of that new tee and slip into an old top. Something you don’t care about – this can be messy stuff!

Be a pro. Get a tub of Vaseline and apply a thin layer around your hairline and ears. You don’t want to end up having a face full of dye as well do you?

Get some gloves -there’s no need to dye your hands as well.

A wide-tooth comb is the best for distributing the colour evenly. If you do slip-up and end up with a bit of colour on your skin, just grab a cotton wool soaked in shampoo and wipe it clean.

Don’t forget to set a timer.The Don’ts

Try to resist walking around once you have the colour in your hair. You don’t want to be dying your walls or bed linen.

Don’t make a phone call while you have hair dye in. You may forget about your colour and end up with a very interesting shade of a colour that doesn’t even have a name.

Never use blonde to lighten hair darker than a light brown – you may end up with orange!

Where the heck do you put your blusher?

Okay ladies, you’re looking a bit pasty and you’re in need of a natural glow. Well, here is a big tip about exactly where to add that colour.

Want to get that Sarah Jessica Parker rosy cheek glow? You need to learn how to apply blusher and do it like a pro. Obtaining a natural glow is one of the most important things a girl in the know needs to conquer when it comes to the make-up department. The best advice we can give is this: put it on your cheekbones. The best beautician will always say: “If you can see your blush from five feet away it’s probably time you put the brush down. Who cares if it is a cream or powder blush. Only apply it on the cheekbones and only from the hairline to a point even with the outside corner of your eye”.

Hottest blush around

Vincent Longo New York Get Stain/Angels Touch $42

Philosophy Supernatural Gel $52

Shu Uemura Glow On $48

February 15, 2002