Tips For Low Maintenance Hair

If you’ve got kids or you’d prefer to spend your mornings sleeping in for as long as possible rather than tackling your hair then you need low maintenance hair which will save you time and money.  Some simple changes to how you cut, colour and care for your hair will ensure that you’ll spend less time in the bathroom and more time catching up on those precious zzzz’s.

  • If you’re thinking about losing your locks and going short for a low maintenance hairdo then think again.  Short haircuts actually need more maintenance because they need to be trimmed more frequently and they’re likely to need more styling product than longer styles.  Another reason why longer hair can be more low maintenance than short is because it’s a lot easier to throw up into a ponytail or a braid when you’re running short on time or having a bad hair day.
  • When you consult with your hairstylist make sure that you choose a haircut that’s going to work with your natural curls or waves so that you can simply wash and go with minimal styling.  If you have straight hair you’re in luck because this is the hairstyle that requires the least amount of effort to look good so a simple blunt cut like a bob could be your best bet.
  • Maintaining quality hair is much easier than maintaining dry and frizzy hair so ensure that you look after it by using quality shampoos and conditioners.  Consider a deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis and ensure that you use heat protecting products before styling.  Use quality hairbrushes and combs that won’t damage your hair and prevent breakages.  These tips will ensure that your hair looks good with minimal effort.
  • Hair that hasn’t been artificially coloured is the best low maintenance hair colour but if you want to change it up then ensure that you choose a shade as close to your natural colour as possible.  This means you’ll have to worry less about colour fade and root touch ups.  If your roots are noticeable then consider a root touch-up kit which will save you a trip to the salon for a month or longer.
  • A small number of highlights can be a great way of adding colour to your hair without a lot of up-keep.  Again, stick within a few shades of your natural colour so that if you choose to grow them out they’ll be less noticeable than a full colour.  Avoid a full head of highlights which will be much more noticeable when they grow out, meaning another trip to the salon.

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September 18, 2014

Summer hair care tips

Summer hair care tips

Top Tip: Turn down the heat

Give your hair a break from blow drying or heated styling tools in the summer months, when hair is prone to becoming dry and brittle.

Treat: Clairol Herbal Essences Intensive Blends moisturising shampoo and Triple Conditioning System with Hawafena gives softness and manageability to dry hair. Aloe, Vitamin E and protein renew and soften. $4.19 for 200mls from supermarkets and pharmacies nationally.

Top tip: It’s a wrap!

Get a salon-like treatment at home by applying a deep conditioning treatment and wrapping your hair in a hot towel and leaving in for double time!

Treat: LC2 Moisture Repair Intensive Hair Pack is like a day spa for your hair. Wrap your hair up in the heavenly scent of vanilla and rose and luxuriate while your hair is conditioned with pure jojoba oil and panthenol. $31.50 from selected salons nationally.

Top Tip: Good things come in small packages

Pack top quality minis in your travel bag for sexy holiday hair, without the excess baggage charges!

Treat: Charles Worthington Take Aways – mini versions of the Results and Big Hair ranges including Shine Silkening Serum and Moisture Seal Glossing shampoo. $4.95 each from Priceline, Coles, Myer/Grace Bros, David Jones and selected pharmacies nationally.

Top tip: Beach hair without the sand

Get a summery, wind-swept look for your hair without setting foot in the sand. Spritz your hair with a leave-in treatment spray and you’ll be one sexy mermaid!

Treat: Check out Bb Surf Spray from New York cult brand Bumble and Bumble. $40 from Mecca Cosmetica or call 1800 007 844.

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