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Raunchy Romance Read After Hours (contd)

Grasping the garter belt and panties together, he pulled them down in one swift move.

When she stepped out of them, he paused to sear the moment into his brain. The woman of his dreams stood before him, naked and eager, surrounded by the sedate trappings of a lawyer?s office. The contrast was absolutely delicious and he wanted to savour it before he was swept into a firestorm of need.

When he cupped her sleek bottom and sank to his heels, the thrill of the forbidden made him dizzy. She moaned again, an urgent little sound that told him she was desperate for release. Leaning forward he slid his tongue boldly through her golden curls and tasted paradise.

He moved in closer, getting his shoulders under her thighs as he lifted her to the edge of the desk. As he began to feast, she whimpered and tightened her hold on his scalp. Ah, she was heavenly, melting on his tongue like fine chocolate. He guided her to spread her thighs even more and with a sigh of surrender she obliged him, stretching one leg along the edge of the desk. Papers rustled and drifted to the floor.

He caressed her with his tongue and slid his fingers deep into her wet heat, probing and stroking her to a fever pitch. Her cries grew more intense, her breathing more laboured.

And then the wave broke, filling the small office with the sound of her ecstasy. His groin throbbed with nearly unbearable tension and he longed to rip off his jeans and bury his penis into her quaking vagina. But too much was at stake to risk muting any of the pleasure he wanted to give her. So he followed her all the way through her climax, lapping the nectar of her release and tightening her contractions with the rhythm of his fingers.

At last the tremors eased and her muscles relaxed. Placing his hands at her waist, he steaded her as he kissed a path over her flat stomach. Gradually rising from his knees, he lifted her onto the desk, scattering papers everywhere. The desk phone rattled, but somehow didn?t end up on the floor. She braced her hands behind her and arched her back, as if anticipating his next goal. He took her quivering nipple in his teeth and raked the firm tip gently.

?Yes,? she whispered. ?Oh, yes.?

With one hand supporting the small of her back, he balanced the weight of her breast in the curve of his other hand as he nibbled and sucked.

He could sense she was ready again. Nibbling lightly at her breast, he slid two fingers down through her damp thatch of curls.

With a soft moan of assent, she opened her thighs and invited him inside. Slowly he stroked her, and she tightened around his finger. He?d never been with a woman this hot, this excited.

Increasing the rhythm of his fingers and using his thumb to massage her special hot spot, he gloried in every whimpered cry as she readied for another shattering climax. Within seconds she found it, rocking her hips in time with his strokes and sending yet more papers to the floor.

As she gasped for breath he eased her down until she was sprawled across the desk, her legs dangling off the edge. Moving between her outstretched legs, he leaned over her and braced his hands on either side of her head

?I haven?t even kissed you,? he said, gazing into her heavy-lidded eyes.

She ran her tongue over her lips. ?Kiss me?now.?

?Tell me your name.?

A spark flared in her eyes. ?No.?

?Mine is ? ?

?Come here.? She pulled him toward her waiting mouth and into a kiss so deep, so erotic that his hips began to move as his penis strained to break free of its confinement.

She drew his tongue into her mouth, sucking and toying with it until the urge to be inside her burned every other thought from his brain. Wrenching free of her suggestive kiss, he backed away long enough to get out of his shoes and shuck his jeans and briefs.

After grabbing the condom from the floor, he ripped open the package and rolled latex over his aching penis. He grasped her calves and lifted them so he could hook her ankles around his neck and he?oh, yes, now he could enter the beautiful pink gates of heaven. Hands splayed under her bottom, he watched the tip of his penis slide in, ant that was almost enough to make him come.

He looked into her eyes, and saw the excitement glittering there. ?Remember this tomorrow,? he said and pushed deep.4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at Big W, Kmart, Target, Borders and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $7.25.

Silent Desires (contd)

“Couldn’t have that,” she murmured. She swung her arm around his neck, this time taking him in a kiss that she controlled. Her hands stroked his body, slipping under his T-shirt to stroke his chest, roaming around his back and then down to cup his ass. She was wild and determined and knew exactly what she wanted, and her touch turned Bryce on even more than he already was.

“Joan,” he said, the one word both a demand and a plea. He pressed her back against the pillar, his free hand groping on the counter for his wallet. He found it, then fumbled for a condom as she shifted against him, her soft movements as demanding as words. He slipped it on, then moved closer, lifting her skirt with one hand as he grabbed the band of her panties with the other. He started to tug them down, but she shook her head.

“Rip them, ” she demanded. And when he did, she arched her back, her nipples hard against the soft folds of her dress, her expression one of pure delight.

Right then, Bryce knew he couldn’t take it any more. He pushed closer, the top of his erection pressing against her and his hips moving in a sensual rhythm. But it wasn’t enough. And with one bold movement, he clutched her waist and lifter her, then pulled her down onto his rock-hard shaft.

She moaned, an erotic sound of pure pleasure and arched her back. With her legs, she grabbed hold, locking her ankles behind him as she clutched him around the neck.

Her eyes were closed while she rode him, but Bryce kept his eyes open, wanting to see her face, wanting to watch as her body took him in and as she pushed toward the edge.

He lifted her easily, thrusting her down in a practiced rhythm, impaling her on him, every motion designed to bring her – and him – right to the cusp and over. Her teeth grazed her lips, her eyes glazed with passion. And through it all, he watched her, the flush on her cheeks, the erotic curve of her neck, the delicate line of her collar. But there was nothing delicate about her movements. She matched him thrust for thrust, lifting her body and then slamming back down as the pressure built and built in both of them.

He was close, so very close, but he fought release, wanting to come with her, to feel her body tighten around him and milk him dry. He closed his eyes, fighting the sensations.

But then she gasped and that was all it took. He was lost, unable to hold back any longer. And when his release came, wave after wave of delirious pleasure, it was so strong it almost knocked him off his feet.4 Blaze titles are released every month and are available at retail stores, newsagents and selected bookstores. Each title retails for $6.95.