How To Flawlessly Apply Illuminator

Illuminator is just one of those products which isn’t an essential in your makeup kit, but can make a difference when applied properly.

Just as you would with a highlighter, illuminators are used to emphasise light, and create the illusion of a chiseled face. Use on the cupids bow, cheekbones, and even mix into your foundation for a subtle glow.

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Dab a bit of product into your fingers, and carefully massage onto the centre of your forehead. Remember to use as little as possible, since less is always more with this look! Create an upside down triangle to bring dimension to the face, and blend well into the bridge of your nose to create extra depth.

Keep it simple by applying after your foundation, or mix a tiny amount into your foundation brush and blend into the skin.

Brow bone

A touch of illuminator on the brow bone is perfect for opening the eyes, and creating a soft glow. Wear a shimmery eyeshadow to keep consistent with the overall look.


Apply a cream illuminator onto the middle of your nose to make it look straight and slim. When contouring, use a bronze illuminator and work it into the bridge of your nose, then blend well with a small contouring brush.

How To Flawlessly Apply Illuminator


The best and easiest place to apply illuminator is on the very top of your cheeks. This is helpful since it really plays with the light, and creates the illusion of prominent cheekbones.

Cupids bow

Use any leftover product and gently pat it over your cupids bow after you’ve applied lipstick or liner. Blend it into your lip product for a sun-kissed glow, and bigger lips!


Accentuate the chin by applying some illuminator onto the bottom of your lips. This is ideal if you want to contour your face but don’t have enough time to use a bronzer and illuminator. It also creates the illusion of full, juicy lips.


Use any extra illuminator on your legs in lieu of shimmer, to give the illusion of toned and tanned limbs. Use on your calves and upper thighs, but remember to blend in well with your moisturiser for a subtle look.

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December 15, 2014

Makeup Tips: How to Contour Your Face

Always wondered how supermodels get those high, gorgeous cheekbones? And how to make your lips look fuller too? Forget Photoshop or surgery: you just need to learn how to contour your face, and a few everyday makeup products like bronzer, highlighter and lipgloss. Follow these makeup tips to learn how to contour your face just like the supermodels.

Contouring creates the cheekbones your always wanted, can slim down a wide nose, and give the illusion of fuller lips. The golden rule is that lighter shades like highlighters and lighter foundations will expose, enlarge and make features more visible, while darker shades like a bronzer will minimise and hide.

Also, avoid shimmery products when applying darker shades, as the shimmer will work as a highlighter, and enhance the features instead of minimising. Go matte for the darker shades, and use shimmer for the parts you want to stand out.

If you want higher cheekbones
Apply a matte bronzer just underneath your cheekbones. Blend well – you’re trying to achieve a soft effect rather than a harsh streak on your face. Also, don’t go too close to your nose and the centre of your face, as that will make you look tired.

To finish off, apply some highlighter on the top of your cheekbones.  Make sure to blend well again to avoid looking like an extra from Dynasty. You can also sweep a little blush on the apples of your cheeks for a pop of colour.

If you want fuller lips
Start with applying a dot of highlighter on the Cupid’s bow, and blend. Apply a light, natural pink lip liner, and finish it off with a lipgloss in light pink or your-lips-but-better nude colour. Shimmer will  enhance your lips and make them seem fuller. Make sure to avoid darker hues  as they will close the lips and make them appear smaller, as well as colours that are lighter than your skin tone, or your lips will disappear!

If you want a smaller nose
Apply a light contouring shade down the centre of your nose, and darker shades on the sides of your nose. It should start just where your eyebrows begin, and go all the way down the side. Take your time and brush straight lines in a downward stroke, or your nose might end up looking crooked. To shorten a longer nose, apply some of the darker shade on the tip of your nose. To finish, apply a little highlighter on the nose and blend, blend, blend! Avoid streaks in your face, remember it’s supposed to look soft and natural.

If you want to make your eyes pop
Apply a concealer or contouring cream one shade lighter than your skin tone under your eyes all the way to the side of your nose and blend outwards. Then apply some highlighter or light, shimmery eye shadow just underneath the arch of your brow. Apply eyeliner that is brown or taupe on the upper and lower eyelids, and apply a nude, matte eye shadow to the lids. If you you’re after a smoky eye, apply eye shadow one or two shades darker than the nude shadow to your crease, and blend well. Curl your lashes, and finish with two coats of mascara.

Have you tried contouring makeup?

February 5, 2014