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How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup

Want to make your face look thinner without embarking on a crazy diet? Makeup has been used for centuries to cover imperfections, but also to sculpt the face in unimaginable ways. Try the following makeup tips which can make your face and body look slimmer!

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Dark contour

A simple fact about makeup is that darker colours can be used to create shadows and create the appearance of a slimmer face and body. Use a foundation shade 1-2 shades darker than your natural colour to sculpt the face and chisel out those cheekbones.

Makeup tips: How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup

Body shimmer

Ever noticed why your favourite celebrities pack on the shimmer while they’re walking the red carpet? The glittery shadows give the appearance of a more toned and angular physique.

Makeup tips: How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup


Bring out those cheekbones (or create them) by using a sultry, shimmery shade on the high angles of your face. Liquid formulas look most natural since they melt seamlessly into the skin. Dab it on with your fingers or a damp cosmetic sponge for a flawless complexion.

Makeup tips: How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup


An essential in any makeup kit, bronzer can be used on almost every part of the face and body. Apply it to the sides of your nose to make it look thinner, onto the decolletage, just under the cheekbones, or lightly all-over your face for a subtle pop of colour. Just remember to blend!

Makeup tips: How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup

Full lips

For the illusion of Kylie Jenner lips (sans the injections), use a white eyeliner and draw lightly in the centre of your lips. Smooth it out with your fingers, then apply a lip gloss over the top. Dab some highlighter over the cupids bow to draw attention to this area – the highlighter makes it look plump and juicy.

Makeup tips: How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup

Natural brows

If your brows over-plucked, don’t be afraid to draw them in with a pencil or pomade. Dip the brush into the pomade to create light, fluttery hairs starting from the very end of your eyebrow. Dab a bit of highlighter onto the brow bone to emphasise your arch.

Makeup tips: How To Make Your Face Look Thinner With Makeup

What are some of your favourite makeup tips?

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The Rookie’s Guide To Contouring

Not all of us are blessed with high cheekbones, a stunning jawline, and a perfect nose. But there is a way that we can enhance our facial features without resorting to plastic surgery.

Contouring is the key, but how do you do it without hiring a makeup artist and spending hours in front of the mirror? Don’t worry, we have the ultimate rookie’s guide to contouring right here.

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I chatted with beauty director of bellabox, Samantha Taylor, who talked me through her contouring routine, which is super easy thanks to a fool-proof product she uses, the Chella Contouring Pencil.

Samantha also shared a few other tips and tricks and talked to me about the hype that contouring is experiencing at the moment. So here it is, the no-excuse-anybody-can-do-this guide to contouring:

Step one

Ensure that foundation is evenly blended on the face, especially around the hairline and jaw bone.

Step two

Apply Cinnamon highlighter along the bottom of the cheekbone. You should not extend any further into the face than the line down from the outer corner of your eye. Blend upwards using a sponge, brush or fingers. Ensure it is blended in to the hair line

Step three

If you wish to thin your nose, apply to the sides of your nose and blend completely.

Step four

You may apply to your temples if you wish to slim your face making sure you blend well.

Step five

Apply Lace highlighter to the cheekbones, along the ridge of the nose and the tip of the chin. Apply also to the brow bone and under the eyes if you wish.

Step six

Blend using a sponge, brush or fingers.

Chella pencil

Why do you think has contouring become so popular recently?

We can thank Kimmy K for this trend going mainstream. The contouring photo she posted literally blew up the internet! Makeup artists have used contour techniques for ages and it was very much a professional trick, however with all these great products that are easy to use, mere mortals can achieve fierce cheekbones too.

Should it be part of our everyday makeup routine or should we save it for special occasions?

That is totally up to the individual as it depends on your makeup style. I do some sort of contouring every day, though others might like to keep it for special occasions.

The right foundation is crucial before contouring, do you have any tips on how to find the perfect one?

Always ask for a sample of foundation to try at home before you commit to buying. Lighting in department stores can be misleading, so it is best to try it in the comfort of your home and always check how it looks in natural light.

What makes contouring with the Chella pencils better than contouring with a powder?

Using the Chella pencils makes contouring so easy to use it is practically fool proof. Simply draw onto the face and blend with your fingers. No need to invest in brushes as the creamy formulation blends beautifully and stays on the skin.

Can or should you use blusher on top of your contoured cheekbones? 

Absolutely. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Not too much though and make sure you blend the blush in!

You can get the Chella Contouring Pencils from bellabox.com.au

Image via elle.fr and bellabox

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

Forget about highlight and illuminator, luminizer is the new kid on the block which will give your skin a youthful glow. It can be added into your foundation, applied directly onto the cheekbones, or even used as a shimmery eyeshadow – the possibilities are endless!

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What are luminizers?

More often than not, luminizers are in liquid or stick forms which are quick and easy to apply on both the face and body. They are used to diffuse the light, and are essential when conturing and highlighting certain parts of the face.

How do luminizers work?

Luminizers are packed with mica which is a mineral with one special property – it shimmers. The tiny little particles are added into luminizers to give their distinct glow without clogging the pores.

How to use a luminizer?

Luminizers are applied mostly in the same way as highlighters and illuminators. They can give the skin a youthful overall appearance, and bring some light to the face without looking like a disco ball!

Cheekbones: Apply just a few dots over the cheekbones and blend it out with a concealer brush, your fingers, or a damp beauty blender. Similarly, a stick luminizer is a quick and easy way to bring some light to the face without using too many brushes.

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

ModelCo Highlighting Trio, $22

Decolletage: Extend the luminizer down to your décolletage when wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder top or dress. Apply the luminizer directly over your decolletage, and blend out carefully with a buffing brush.

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

bareMinerals Ready Luminizer Duo, $24

Legs: Use a liquid luminizer to give the illusion of super-sleek legs during the summer. It will moisturise your skin at the same time!

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer, $26

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Latest Beauty Trend: What Is Strobing?

While the rest of us have only just managed to properly contour, there’s a brand new beauty trend which is already making waves around the internet.

Strobing is all about bringing light to the cheekbones and illuminating the face using highlighters and other light-reflecting makeup products. Here’s everything you need to know about perfecting the glow without looking like a disco ball!

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The best way to set your base for makeup is to moisturise. It helps to hydrate dry skin, and keeps oily spots away – especially if your skin is slightly on the greasy side.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?


Use a highlighting shade on freshly moisturised skin to avoid the overly frosty look. If you have a lighter skin tone, then a champagne colour is best, and if your skin is darker, look for terracotta tones to bring out a warm base.

Apply the highlighter on places which would normally catch the light – cheekbones, brow-bones, forehead, and above the cupid’s bow. Blend out the makeup using your fingers, a stippling brush, or even a damp cosmetic sponge for a long-lasting finish.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?


Warm up the rest of your face as usual, but stick to a matte formula (especially if you have oily skin). Only use shimmer in your highlighter, and keep your other products looking matte for a consistent finish.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?

Translucent powder

Set your entire makeup look by lighting dusting a translucent powder over your t-zone, cheekbones, and chin. This will keep your makeup in place for longer, but a few blotting papers packed away in your clutch are always a good back-up to have!

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?

Would you try strobing?

Image via Daily Makeover, Ania Milczarczyk, Buzzfeed

Contour Your Eye Makeup Like A Pro

We’re all familiar with contouring our cheekbones, legs, and even arms but is it actually possible to contour your eyes? We show you just a few simple techniques which could revolutionise the way you apply your makeup forever!

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Bring some extra attention to the inner corner of your eyes by contouring with a highlight in this area. Any light white or yellow shade is ideal since it illuminates the area without closing up the eye. Dab it with a small eyeliner brush, or with your fingers.

How To Contour Your Eye Makeup

White eyeliner

Everyone must be familiar with this simple trick to make your eyes bigger – using white eyeliner. Simply line both your top and bottom waterline with a white pencil to open up the area, and give the illusion of bigger eyes.

How To Contour Your Eye Makeup

Define the eye

Use a shade which is slightly darker than your skin tone, and with a tapered brush, focus the product in out the outer corner of your eyes. Just think of it like contouring your face! Make sure to blend it out properly with a clean tapered brush before applying the rest of your eyeshadow.

How To Contour Your Eye Makeup

Extra tips

DON’T: Black eyeliner

Sometimes this could actually be making your eyes look small and tired. Don’t link it to your inner corner, and make sure to blend it out when perfecting a smokey eye.

DO: Curl your lashes

It’s the little things which make the biggest amount of difference, and one of them is curling your lashes. Although these tools can look a little scary at first, you’ll find a technique which works for you! Curl them before and after applying mascara – but only once it’s dry, otherwise you’ll get some transfer on the curler.

Images via Beautylish, Mario Bross

Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Lilit Caradanian

Ever wanted some exclusive tips on how to create the perfect contour and highlight from a makeup artist to the stars?

SHESAID recently chatted with Los Angeles-based makeup artist Lilit Caradanian about all things beauty, her makeup master classes in Australia, and who she would love to give a makeover.

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How did you first get started as a makeup artist?

Good question! My mum has actually been a hair stylist for about 35 years now. So I decided to go to makeup school just for fun, help her out, and do some makeup and hair together.

So it started off as a hobby?

Definitely! It started off just for fun.

What is your favourite look to create on someone else?

I like the effortless glam. A beautiful face, flawless canvas, emphasis on the lashes, and gorgeous brows. Enhancing someone’s natural features is my favourite type of look.

What are some of the most common makeup mistakes you see other people make?

I would probably say that the most common mistake is not blending the contour enough! So you actually see the lines all around the face. Another thing would probably be not blending the eyeshadow enough either. I guess the key word there would be blending!

How long do you need to blend? I feel like many women have that problem.

Yeah, it’s a little tricky. If you blend too much, you can over-blend and get rid of everything you’ve done. So, try to blend until you don’t see anymore lines.

What are some of your favourite blending brushes to use?

I use brushes from every brand actually. I have a few different precision brushes from a variety of different brands that I cannot live without. There’s nothing specific or from one particular brand.

What are a few tips every girl needs to achieve the perfect cheek contour?

You definitely need a transitional colour, that is the key. I know that the average girl does not have the background knowledge of contouring, so they just take a dark colour and line it all over their face.

But you actually need a transitional colour because the dark colour needs a medium shade in order to blend into the skin. If you’re using contour powder, you also need to use a bronzer along with it.

Do you have any tips for girls with thin or over-plucked eyebrows?

There are actually some great products and pomades that are long-lasting, so your eyebrows aren’t melting off after a few hours on a hot day. Try to keep it very natural and very soft, it’s all about layering the product and not going too heavy with it.

Regardless if it’s a pencil, powder, or gel, you want to keep it subtle and make sure to layer the product.

How can you achieve a perfect highlight without looking too greasy?

There are actually very subtle highlighters instead of the shimmery ones, so you can use something like the MAC Cosmetics Mineralise Skinfinish ($47). They have a little bit of sheen and they give the cheek a subtle glow without all of the glitter.

Do you think it’s all about layering the product, as opposed to loading too much on the brush?

Yes, absolutely! It’s all about layering the product, and if you are going to use shimmer, then it has to be one that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, you can’t go for a shimmery product all over the face because it will look very muddy.

You’re currently in Australia for a series of makeup master classes. How do you think this would help women with their makeup?

I think it will help them tremendously because all of the girls that are attending actually are makeup artists, and they’re all amazing! But there are little tips and tricks that will completely change the finished product. It’s not so much about what you’re using, but how you’re using it.

And finally, (past or present) who are some women you would love to makeover?

Absolutely, Kim Kardashian! She is the queen and the pioneer of the most trendiest makeup looks, and she has the perfect features for them. That is someone that I’ve always looked up to as a guru in the makeup world.

What about an icon from the past?

For me, the iconic beauty has always been Sophia Loren. She would be the ideal face for me.

Celebrity makeup artist, Lilit Caradanian is currently in Australia running an exclusive series of masterclasses for WeddedWonderland (www.weddedwonderland.com), the country’s leading online wedding magazine.

Quick Tips For Bigger-Looking Eyes

Make your eyes pop by incorporating a few simple techniques into your next makeup look. Strictly avoid using heavy black liner on the inner corner of your eyes, but rather choose shades which are shimmery and light instead.

Keep reading below to make your eyes look big and beautiful with these simple makeup techniques.

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Use a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin colour to draw emphasis to the higher dimensions of your face.

A liquid concealer is best for the under-eye area, since it’s easy to blend out. Use the applicator and draw an upside-down triangle under the perimeters of your eyes. Then blend with a damp cosmetic sponge, your fingers, or even a concealer brush.

Shimmery shadow

Apply a shimmery shadow on the inner corner of your eye – this opens up the entire face, and gives the illusion of big eyes! Cream sticks are the best since they melt seamlessly into the skin, and don’t look too artificial sitting on the surface.


Whether you like to keep it natural with some mascara, or even apply a pair of falsies on a special occasion, they always work a treat. Make sure to curl your lashes for best results, and wiggle the mascara from side to side (it gets all the lashes this way!).

Quick Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes

If you are using falsies, don’t go for a pair which are too thick and heavy – this could only weigh down your eyes. Individual lashes are best for creating a natural look, since you can apply as little or as many as you want! Apply a thin layer of mascara to your bottom lashes as well – this helps to easily elongate the eyes.


This is a handy makeup trick which creates the illusion of thicker lashes directly from the roots. Take a black eyeliner pencil, and lightly shade your upper water-line. For the bottom waterline, use a white eyeliner and do the same. This helps to open up the eyes, and is perfect if you’re wearing a heavy eyeshadow look.


Neutral tones such as nude, brown, and copper are best if you want to give your eyes a pop of colour without going overboard. If you have slightly hooded eyes, stay away from a winger-liner since this could only make your eyes appear smaller than they are.


Don’t forget the brows! Use a brow pencil and fill in the arch, since this is perfect for creating symmetry in the face. Apply some gel to set it all in place, and don’t forget to choose a shade which looks natural and compliments your skin.

What are some of your tips for bigger looking eyes?

Images via Makeup, Become Gorgeous

Contouring Your Face Without Complications

Since Kim Kardashian’s infamous mid-contouring selfie hit social media, the craze of contouring has blown up as a must-know makeup trend of 2014. This subtle shading trend is made simple thanks to Real Techniques expert, Samantha Chapman. Take the complication out of contouring with her top tips to master the intricate art of defining the face.

Samantha says:

“The art of contouring has definitely blown up as a ‘must-know’ makeup trend this year and it is certainly a fine art that can be very difficult to conquer. Contouring involves shading different areas of your face to create a more defined look and face shape and if you’ve ever seen a before and after contour, the wonders it can work are incredible. I recommend different types of contouring for each face shape and size, but once you’ve got the right tools and the basic concept sorted, you can work wonders in altering the angles of your face.”

Step 1: Grab yourself a small three colour palette with a blush (pink), highlighter (white) and a bronzer (brown) and begin with the Real Techniques Contour Brush which can be found in the Real Techniques Core Collection (RRP $45).

Step 2: Beginning with your cheekbones, coat the tip of your brush in the darker bronzer colour and begin applying the bronzer from the ear down towards the corner of your mouth. Applying more generously at the back of the cheekbones up near the ear to make it slightly darker. You don’t want the bronzing to be too visible so keep working it in circular motions to blend.

Step 3: Take the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (RRP $22.95) and run a small amount of foundation over the top of the bronzing on the cheeks to blend it more thoroughly.

Step 4: With your Real Techniques Setting Brush (RRP $14.95), apply the highlighter colour along the top of the cheekbones, just above the bronzed section in circular motions ensuring a natural blend.

Step 5: Using your contouring brush begin blending the bronzer around the edges of your forehead near the hairline and in circular motions around the temple and buff it in with the stippling brush. Then apply highlighter in between your eyebrows with the setting brush to draw attention to the middle of your forehead.

Step Six – Finalise the look with the Real Techniques Blush Brush (RRP $22.95) by adding the pinkish blush on the palette to the apples of your cheeks and along the top of the cheekbone.

The Beginner’s Guide To Concealer

One product every woman should have in their makeup kit is a good concealer. You already know that they are amazing at correcting spots of acne, scarring and bumps on the skin but they can also be used to highlight the skin. Whether they’re a stick or liquid formula, here is everything you need to know about using a concealer on your skin.

Concealer stick

You may be familiar with the concealer stick from their popularity in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. These types of concealers are the easiest to apply since they are easy to control without over-using too much product at once. If you want to cover up a bump or red imperfection on the skin, a slight dab will offer complete and long-lasting coverage without being too cakey.

Drugstore option: Rimmel Hide The Blemish Cover Stick, $8.40

High end option: NARS Concealer, $36 (comes in 11 different shades).

Liquid concealer

Probably some of the most popular concealers currently on the market, they are versatile and thin enough to use even under the eye. The wand allows you to control how much product you want to distribute, then gently pat with a concealer brush or with your finger. A perfect formula for hiding any under-eye circles, darkness or even broken capillaries.

Drugstore option: Maybelline New York SuperStay 24HR Concealer, $14.95

High end option: Clarins Instant Concealer, $37.80


If you want to try a flawlessly contoured makeup look like Kim Kardashian, all you need is one concealer which is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.

  1. For natural looking highlights, use the lighter concealer on the area above the brows, down the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow and right above the apple’s of your cheeks (otherwise known as the T-Zone).
  2. Don’t forget to paint a thin line starting from the chin which connects to the ear on each side.
  3. Blend, blend, blend! Use either a stippling brush to carefully blend the foundation seamlessly. Or better yet, try a slightly damp Beauty Blender ($24.95) for a flawless finish.
  4. Then place the darker concealer on the sides of the nose, the outlines of your forehead and under the cheekbones. Blend together until there are no rough lines on your face.

Image via Ruby Golani

By Felicia Sapountzis