Men’s Mags And Female Orgasms

Most men’s mags are filled with images of women in sexy lingerie, right? Wrong! Sure, some mags are all about the images but, if you take a sneak peek to see what men are really reading about and looking at, you may get a startling surprise. It seems some men are reading up on ways to become better lovers and partners.

What fabulous news for the ladies! Some mags go into detail about how foreplay is essential for women to achieve orgasm, what positions are better for women, how and where to find the elusive G spot, ways to make sex last longer – the list of how to improve the sexual experience for women is endless.

Who knew? It’s not all about T and A, as many women believe. Then there’s also heaps of news, interviews, cartoons, comedy, jokes, sports commentary, heath and fitness, nutrition, entertainment guides, technology, cinema and gaming reviews, finance, fashion and grooming advice; plus sexual health – men’s and women’s.

Even mags like Playboy and Ralph seem to contain far more information than most women would anticipate. So, next time you find a men’s mag in your man’s bathroom or on his web history, don’t panic. The age-old excuse of “I’m just reading it for the articles” just might be the case and can be totally beneficial for you and your relationship.

This made me think about the differences between what women are reading, compared to men. Take SHESAID, for example. How many articles have you seen about how to give your man the ultimate sexual experience? Something like a step-by-step guide teaching women how to perform oral sex. Uh, none! Why is that?

Is it because women think they know what they’re doing in the bedroom and beyond; are men easier to please, sexually, than women; do they find other stuff more interesting; or more importantly, is it just not being published? Would women like to know more about how the male body works and how to make your man’s toes curl?

Judging by the response to articles on SHESAID about improving a couples sex life, the use of sex toys, different positions, etc; women probably would like to know more, about how to wow their partner. Men are obviously reading up on it, so why shouldn’t the ladies?

So, if you what to know more about how to perform an erotic massage, strip tease or pole dance; stick with us! Great sex is something couples should both work toward. As they say, variety is the spice of life; so we are going to get busy! Plus, if there’s anything else you want more info on, tell us! We always love to hear from our audience.

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4 Exercise For Couples

The great point to couple training is that you tend to pay greater attention to each other’s form, you stick to a training regime more adherently when there is two and more importantly you will have more fun. The exercises we list below can be performed at home, the gym or the beach.

Couple Knee Bends

Stand facing each other; take each other’s hands and have your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Look into each other’s eyes (adoringly!) and squat down pulling away from each other. Keeping the weight in your heels and butt, focus on lifting through your legs and not pulling through your partner’s arms.

Twosome Walking Lunges

This exercise can be performed anywhere. It is performed and functions the same way as walking lunges do except you have the added benefit of holding somebody’s hand for better balance.

Crunching Couples

Lie on a mat or on the floor facing each other. Place your legs up and bent at a 90 degree angle pressing the soles of your feet against your partner’s feet. As you crunch, looking into each other’s eyes for focus. As you lift from your shoulders and look up and out you are forcing an isometric contraction in your abdominal region.

Shadow Boxing

Stand far enough away from your partner. Grasp a pair of dumbbells in each hand and stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Alternating left and right arms, extend your arms punching to the side and in an upward motion. Do about 25-30 each side, then switch. For a real cardio vascular kicker, alternate with jumping jacks, with the dumbbells in your hands.