Why I Really Don’t Care to Date At The Moment

I’m over all of those situationships and almost relationships…

I Screen All My Dates Before I Go Out With Them

You wouldn’t buy new makeup without checking out reviews online first, so why do differently with a date?

My Online Date Turned Into A Weird Threesome Proposal

There was once a time where Craigslist wasn’t as dangerous of a place to cruise for dates…

I’m Just Going To Say It – Guys Who Split The Bill On Dates Are Douchebags

If you make me split the bill on a date with you, don’t expect me to go out with you again.

I’m An Attractive, Successful Woman And Men Don’t Want To Date Me

I’ve been told to dumb myself down and even dress dowdy so as not to scare guys off.

26 Cheap Date Ideas For When You’re Seriously Broke

The best things in life really are free (or at least, incredibly cheap)…

I’m An Affectionate Person But The PDA Has To Stop

Please, keep it in the sheets. I don’t want to see it on the streets.

Sorry, I Won’t Date You Until You’ve Called Me On The Actual Phone

Because dating burnout is real and I want to make sure you’re worth my time. 

I Dated A Male Model And It Made Me Feel Insecure

What’s wrong with indulging in a little harmless fantasy?

My Modeling Career Made Me Attract Married Men

The revealing photos meant a lot more attention, and not the kind I wanted.

What I Learnt From The Worst Date Of My Life

Luckily there are plenty of polite fish in the sea…

Creative Spring Date Ideas

With cold weather on its way out (finally!), the season for romantic dates beyond the movie theater and coffee shop is here. Here’s a list of creative spring date ideas that make the most of the season.

Visit a farmers market and host spring brunch

Sick of seeing the same root vegetables at the market? Yep, us too. Visit your local farmer’s market and pick up some new season produce, like fresh basil, tomatoes and berries. Don’t forget a bunch of daffodils to brighten your space. Then come home and cook a spring brunch – don’t forget the mimosas with fresh berries!

Host a chocolate festival

Grab a chocolate cookbook and prepare a chocaholic feast together! Master the art of soufflés, whip up a fluffy chocolate mousse, and get messy rolling chocolate truffles.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Cuddle and play with kittens and puppies, and don’t forget to ask the staff which of the older pets could most use some extra love. Take them for a walk – they’ll love feeling the sun on their fur too!

Enjoy nature together

You’ve been stuck indoors for months. Go on a hike or a visityour local botanical garden and celebrate the start of the warmer months. You could also turn the trip into a “treasure hunt” to see who spots different flowers or birds first.

Get planting!

Even if you live in an apartment everyone can enjoy their own herb garden. Pick up some herbsand a box planter at your local garden center, and get planting. Soon you’ll be enjoying fresh, fragrant herbs (and the pride of growing it yourself!).

Is Beauty a Curse or a Blessing? (cont’d)

If you could choose, who would you ask out on a date and why? A stunning looking girl with a nice personality or a plain looking girl with a fantastic personality? A plain looking girl with a fantastic personality! Because with a stunning looking girl you would only spend about 10% of the evening taking advantage of the good looks and 90% of the time thinking about the 10%. But with a plain looking girl with a fantastic personality you could enjoy the evening 100% and feel confident that you could have something to talk about in the morning.Do you find it difficult to approach really good looking women? Why?

No. Because I don’t stop looking when I see the outside and usually it doesn’t take long to see through. If you are ever lucky enough to meet a good looking woman (or a man for that matter) and be totally smitten with her conversation, manner, outlook on life, her self confidence, how passionate she is about life, her beliefs, respect for herself and level of personal hygiene, you really ought to think yourself lucky. I’ve only met one in my 25 years, (including family) and I’ll give you three guesses who she wakes up next too each morning.

Describe your fantasy woman? (including the way she looks)

Well! She would be the woman in the previous question.

If given a chance would you go out with a lingerie model? Would you feel comfortable with other men looking at her in magazine ads and billboards?

Probably not. If she was to choose a life in front of the camera she would probably be very vain, be dependent on lots of cash and not enjoy food as it should be enjoyed.

Do men like women to ask them out?

Do men like women to ask them out?

Yes they definitely do. What is not to like? But one thing Mr HeSaid says, ‘Don’t get right on the phone and grab your address book, there are a few things you should know before you make that call.’

Firstly a part of the guy will wonder if you’ve called him up because you want to have sex with him. The scary thing is that most guys are generally hoping to have sex whenever they go on a date, So this won’t mean that he’ll behave like a true gentleman just because you asked him out. So definitely set some limits early on, unless the reason you called him was to have sex with him.

Another important factor to remember, now that the tables are turned, is there could be some dating confusion. You will have to go through the: Who’ll drive? Who will pay? Who will decide where to go? It is usually up to the guy to control the flow of events on a date, but since you initiated things, how far will the initiative go? Don’t get confused. Make sure you are prepared with a date or venue in your mind and don’t be scared to suggest it.

The best thing to do is invite a guy to a party where there are loads of people and if it isn’t comfortable you can both just have a good time. Remember- the worst thing that men have been putting up with for many years, the fear of rejection and the answer NO! Don’t worry about it if that happens. At least you tried. Besides, most guys will be really flattered eitherway.

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