Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration

A big, comfy bed is on all of our agendas, so why not splurge a little with a canopy-style for the bedroom? They are definitely the main focus of any room and evoke a classic style that also fits in with many contemporary design aesthetics. Browse from a few of our favourite canopy beds below to get inspired for your own room!

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Try thin, white curtains to bring some modern edge to your canopy bed. This bed comes with lamps attached to the canopy for easy access!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


Who else likes their bed comfy with a touch of wanderlust? This modem canopy bed is every travellers dream, equipped with a dream catcher and clean white linen.

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


For an effortless summer bedroom, skip the heavy throws in favour of light linen for your canopy. Not only is it breathable, but it requires no ironing either!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


Any loft apartment isn’t completed without a beautiful bed, so why not make it a canopy bed? This is one of our favourites, since it isn’t your traditional style, and the curtains are instead draped over the top for an effortless look.

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


If you’re designing the ultimate day bed for summer, why not transform it into a canopy bed? It can keep away those pesky insects during the evening and looks amazing during the day!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration

Which canopy bed is your favourite? We can’t go past the loft in #4!

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5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room

Does your room need a re-vamp this winter without burning a hole in your pocket? Try the following affordable ways to change the mood of any room without compromising your account balance, or maxing out another credit card!

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Make any space feel more homely by switching up the curtains in the room. This could mean replacing your old curtains with light-blocking ones, which could also save you some cash on electrical! Another great tip is to layer your curtains by using two rods for a truly unique look for the bedroom or living room.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Small pot plants are another thrifty way to make the most of the space in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. If you’re on the busy side of life, a cactus or succulent is the best option since they don’t require much attention (watering) and won’t die after the first week!

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Small rugs for the living room are one of the best ways to switch up any space without going over the top. Pick something wild and colourful to bring some character to any room, or go for a rug which is chic and understated to complement the rest of your decor.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Lets face it, blankets and throws are an essential for the winter weather. There’s nothing better than unwinding on the couch with a glass of red wine, Netflix on in the background, and feeling comfy with a blanket right on top. We suggest something dark which won’t shed or stain too easily.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Create a warm, inviting ambience in any room by lighting a scented candle. You don’t have to spend half a fortune on something from Diptyque or Glasshouse either, incense or a cute little candle from Ikea is just as good!

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room

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How To Style A Small Space

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small flat? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

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If you’re living in a studio apartment, odds are you won’t have much personal space. Divide the room with curtains to separate different living areas, and create the illusion of extra space.



Whether you want to hang it over the fireplace, bolt it over your bedroom, or simply lean it against a wall, mirrors are a great way to open up any living space.



An extra source of light such as lamps, candles, or fairy lights are a great way to make a small space look homely.



Faux fur rugs are warm and inviting, especially during the winter months. If you’re re-designing during the summer, a thin, woven rug is a great option which won’t clutter up your living space.

Make sure you place some grip under the rug so it doesn’t move out of place and hurt someone!


Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to maximise on space and decorate each room without going OTT. They are quick and easy to install, and hold so much more than you think!

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small apartment? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

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5 Coffee Table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Add a little style into your home with a fabulous coffee table book. Not only are they easy to style on your bookshelf, coffee table, or kitchen counter, but they’re a great conversation starter – especially if you’re prone to throwing a few parties like Jay Gatsby.

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Shop some of our favourites featured below, and share some of your own in the comment section!

CR Fashion Book, $60

If you’re looking for the ultimate book/magazine hybrid which is released only twice per year, CR Fashion Book by Carine Roitfeld is the perfect option. The former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris provides a tongue-in-cheek take on modern fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorials featuring some of the hottest personalities in the world.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

The Sartorialist: Closer, $35

Since the success of Scott Schuman’s blog, The Sartorialist – the book – captures some of the best and most inspirational outfits from all over the globe. You’re bound to find some outfit inspo for both men and women in this unique street style read, which includes images from Japan, New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Shoestring Chic: 101 Ways To Live The Fashionably Luxe Life for Less, $33.95

One of Australia’s most beloved illustrators, Kerrie Hess released a charming book about fashion, beauty, and shopping – on a reasonable budget. It’s the perfect gift for a fashionista or someone who is into design, and makes for a great coffee table read!

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

The Fashion Book, $69.95

If you don’t know your Margiela from Missoni, this book is the best way to spruce up your fashion knowledge as it’s packed with biographies, images and a quick timeline of all the influential designers from the noughties.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Paris Street Style: Shoes, $29.99

Finish off your collection with this amazing book about adding the finishing touches to your outfit – a perfect pair of shoes. Authors of the best-selling Paris Street Style, Thomas and Veysset have teamed up to showcase some of the best Parisian footwear.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

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How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Do you work from home or simply need a re-vamp on your usual workspace? The best way to inject a little style into this area of the home is to purchase a few useful trinkets which not only look good, but also make life a lot easier.

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Shop some of our favourite products below, or let them give you a little extra inspiration if you’re in-store or browsing online.


A monthly or weekly planner is an essential for someone who needs a little organisation in their life. Magnetic planners, whiteboards and chalkboards are all inexpensive pieces which are easy to update when something new pops up.

Pencil holders

Keep all your pencils, pens, highlighters and markers looking neat and tidy with the help of a pencil holder. You could go down the traditional route and use a wooden tin, or go for something a little more modern. Either way, you’re bound to find something which fits into your design aesthetic.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget


If your desk is equipped with a drawer, invest in storage which will neatly organise all of your belongings. Here you can store some additional stationery such as a stapler, eraser, paper-clips and sticky tape.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Sticky notes

Who else is guilty of leaving a myriad of sticky notes around their entire desk? Well, they are an essential! Keep them handy (next to your computer) for easy access and then transfer them easily into your weekly or monthly planner.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Mood board

Even if you aren’t in a creative field, a mood board is a wonderful way to gather all your thoughts into one central place. Add pictures, quotes, deadlines and even bills (eek!) into your mood board, and keep in a place which will always catch your eye.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Desk lamp

For those who need a little more light, a desk lamp is crucial – especially if you’re in a creative field. Choose one which matches your design aesthetic, however white or black is standard if you can’t compromise on colour.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget


Set a relaxing, zen mood by burning your favourite candle during the day. Not only is it perfect if for creating a homely mood to any room, but they can also be used as storage afterwards – perfect!

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Motivational quotes

Who else requires a little extra motivation to get through the working week? Simply print off one of your favourite quotes and keep it in a frame on top of your desk. Instant-motivation!

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

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Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design

The industrial design trend has gained popularity over the last few years as a clean and simple style which focuses on the mantra of ‘less is more’.

You probably won’t find an abundance of colour in any of these spaces, but it doesn’t mean that this trend is boring! We show you how to incorporate industrial design into your home or office space with a few of these essentials.

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Silver or oxidised chairs are a popular way to incorporate both practically and comfort into one aspect of the room. Chairs which fit this personality are often easy to find, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even a flexible price-range.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design

Wall features

Rather than keeping the walls plain and simple, choose a fun feature wall which takes the edge off the rest of the room. Many interior designers love working with the current state of the room, whether this is a natural slate of concrete or even an exposed brick feature wall. It brings an almost urban feel to the room, and is also extremely low maintenance.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


Experiment with metallics to transform the state of each room, and create a relaxed living space. Copper lights are a fantastic way to bring a pop of colour into any space, even for those who are really indecisive!

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


Who would’ve thought that a backsplash could look so good? If you want to stay away from the conventional white-tile look, then choose something like metal instead. Not only does it match the faucet perfectly, but is so easy to clean.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


They are probably one of the most-used items in the entire home, so it pays to invest in a quality set of stools. Choose a matte finish which looks better with age, and is also easy to maintain. Anything which requires extra polish won’t last the distance in our books.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


Not only does marble look chic, but it can be used in a variety of different ways. Since this material can often come along with a big price-tag, try investing in a few key accessories to last the distance. A vase, bowl, key-holder, or tray is a great way to incorporate the trend in your home without breaking the bank.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design

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Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Who wouldn’t love to have all their precious jewellery lined up in a neat and tidy drawer?

Most often this isn’t the case (especially if the kids are always going through your things!), but a few essential storage accessories can really help. We share just a few of our favourite ways to store all your jewellery without taking out a second mortgage on the house.

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Creating different compartments for your rings, bracelets, and necklaces is the best way to keep everything neat and organised. This way, you will know exactly where all the pieces are located, and it’s also really easy to clean!

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Store some of those bigger statement necklaces and bracelets in transparent jars on your desk or table. Look around the house for some empty jars, and simply label them on the outside so they’re quick and easy to locate.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Insert little hooks onto the inside of a wooden coat hanger, and display some of your most-worn items. Extremely long necklaces or heavier pieces are best in this type of storage, since they can also be used to design your room!

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Thread rack

Transform a standard thread rack into a jewellery stand, and hang on the wall as a statement piece. A cheap and cheerful way to display some of your most precious pieces.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Smaller drawers traditional used for ties or scarves can be transformed into the perfect jewellery storage. Neatly arrange each piece over a non-slip piece of felt so each piece can stay in place and won’t get tangled.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Mug trees

Organise some bangles or bracelets on a traditional mug tree which we all have somewhere in the house! It neatly keeps all your jewellery in one place, and can be stored over a dressing table for easy access.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

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Wallet-Friendly Interior Decorating Ideas

Inject some new styles into your home by purchasing a few simple statement accessories, rather than a complete re-vamp of the entire house.

Not only is this a great idea if you’re on a budget, but you can also pick and choose from a variety of different online stores if you want something personalised.

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Monogram cushions

If you’re a fan of black and white colours, choose a monogram throw pillow for the couch or the bedroom. Most websites such as Etsy offer monogramming at no additional cost, but you could be looking at 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Keep your books looking stylish with some book-ends which are perfect if you have quite the collection. They come in many shapes and sizes, especially if your bookshelf has been custom-made for your home.


Whether you’re into prints or watercolour pieces of art, there are a variety of ways to spruce up the home with artwork. Invest in a large, framed work of art for the entrance to your home, or simply choose a 30x30cm artwork for your bedside table.

Fake plants

Not only is this a great idea if you can’t commit to the real thing, but fake plants are also easy on the credit card as well. You can find something cute for your home which doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance (except for collecting dust!).

Coffee table books

A great 2-in-1 purchase which is ideal for both the living room and the bedroom. Keep some of your favourite design and fashion books around for an instant conversation starter, or simply as instant inspiration for another home renovation project.


Rather than using a clear vase for your flowers, choose a funky print to spice-up any room. This way, even if you don’t have any fresh flowers it can still look great in any part of the house!

What are some of your cheap and cheerful renovating ideas?

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