Tried And Tested: Zoom Teeth Whitening

As an avid fan of anything new in the world of beauty and ultimately a lover of a quick-fix, when I was offered the opportunity to trial the Phillips Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatment I jumped at the chance.

Having tried and tested several at-home whitening products (and generally failed), the fact that the procedure was done by a real dentist in a clinic really appealed me. Lots of people aren’t huge fans of going to the dentist but I’ve never had a problem with it. To be honest, the chance to lay back with some funky sunnies on while other people attend to me is something I find quite relaxing. It’s no Swedish massage but, for me, a trip to the dentist is a little luxury.

I visited Quality Dental in North Sydney and was looked after exceptionally well by Dr Luke Cronin and his team. After a quick clean and polish to make sure my teeth were in the their best condition for the whitening process, it was time to take my before photo (below). It seems the years of coffee drinking had actually taken a hold – which I’d somehow been oblivious to.

As I then reclined back in the chair, a paste was applied to my teeth before an LED light that was positioned over my mouth. Basically Zoom uses the light to actively whiten the teeth in short, 15-minute bursts. I’m not going to lie, it was a tad uncomfortable – you can’t really move about at all while the light is on your teeth – but, as I found out later, the results are truly worth it.

The only way I can think to describe the feeling is kind of like an ice cream headache – but in your jaw. Weird, I know. Or possibly a pinched nerve but it passes very quickly.

Having said that, by the end of my second round (the usual treatment in three 15-minute rounds) I’d had enough and was ready to see the results. See the after pic below.

The claim is that treatment can whiten teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes. I’m not quite sure whether my transformation was quite up that standard but it was certainly noticeable. Yes, people actually said ‘wow, your teeth look really white’.

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July 25, 2014