If you asked me over a decade ago when I first diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression as a teenager what a mindset was, I honestly would have looked at your with...
In the back of my mind, my depression is bigger than me. 
I thought all my symptoms were a “normal” part of being a woman.
October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and that’s as good a time as ever to start prioritizing your mental health.
Mental health isn’t a popularity contest. But if it was one, depression would be losing.
A lifetime of living as “the fat girl” left me with serious emotional scars that no diet could heal.
“My scars do not make me ugly or weak, but are something that I can learn and grow from.”
Sufferers of PDD experience profound feelings of sadness before their period.
“I really care about you but I can’t do this anymore.’ The eleventh and final installment in the Tales of a Fuckgirl series…
Who knew crying in bed with chocolate would change my life?
How can I sit here and encourage other women to talk about their mental health when I can’t even be honest about mine?
There’s nothing I can let go of that ends my renewed experiences of stigma and shame surrounding mental illness.
You only ever really temporarily come up for air before being pulled back under.
Depression is difficult to live with, alone, or in a couple. 
Demanding good vibes from all people at all times is doing more harm than good…
Dear Current Boss; I hope you’re not reading this.
“I ended up staying on antidepressants for over five years because each time I tried to wean off, I had the worst withdrawals…”
When depression has you in its grip, try these simple ways to feel better.
I know I could tell you that it’s about feeling sad, but it’s much more than that.