5 Interior Design Blogs You Should Be Following

When you are on the prowl for some home improvement ideas, turn to these blogs for inspiration. These famous interior designers have established their style expertise online and garner hundreds of thousands of readers all over the globe.

Holly Becker, creator of must-click interior design blog Decor8, is the go-to girl for home décor and interior inspiration. Her vision is always colourfully inviting and drips with eccentric femininity. Decor8 has been so successful since it began in 2006 that Becker is now a bestselling author and lectures at design fairs both at home in the US and beyond.

The Selby

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The Selby was initially a website where photographer Todd Selby could upload his photo shoots of friends in their interesting home spaces. The site’s popularity soared, gathering up to 100,000 visitors on a daily basis, and Selby’s vision became internationally sought after. Selby is about to publish his third book based on his online work, and has become a regular contributor to architectural magazines as well as Vogue and the New York Times T Magazine. The beauty of The Selby is in the granted access to authentically animated environments of the world’s most creative people. Take a look at his shoot with Brooklyn Designer Hannah Metz.

Lucy Feagins’ The Design Files

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Australia’s most popular interior design blog showcasing inspiring styles and ideas hidden within the country’s most stunning homes. If you have not already stumbled upon this blog, bookmark it immediately! The focus on interior designs found in our own neighbourhoods provides the sense of attainability for all you budding designers craving motivation. Look at this stunning example of design and architecture in a Brisbane home weaved with atmospheric colour.

SF Girl By Bay

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Known for its ‘bohemian and modern’ aesthetic, SF GIRL BY BAY is one of the most prominent interior design blogs on the west coast of the United States. It frequently appears on creditable lists labeling it as one of the best interior design blogs around, and editor Victoria Smith has around half a million followers on Pinterest alone. SF GIRL BY BAY encapsulates the atmosphere of San Franciscan style with charming and eccentric home furnishings placed within more contemporary interior spaces. Check out this recent post on using minor details to make a major impact on a room’s aesthetic.

Oh Joy

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With a staggering 13 million followers on Pinterest, Oh Joy creator Joy Deangdeelert Cho has made quite the name for herself in a variety of design-oriented spaces. A graphic designer by trade, Cho’s love of design spread to the world of interiors and decor. Influenced by bright colours and quirky aesthetics, the Oh Joy Pinterest page is one of the site’s most popular destinations. Do not let Cho’s graphic design background deter you from using her style concepts or seeking her aesthetic guidance on interior design also – she has an incredible, happy girl aesthetic that can be applied to all spaces.

Which interior design bloggers do you follow?

April 3, 2014

5 Famous Interior Designers Share Their Best Design Tips

Looking for interior decorating inspiration? We checked in with five famous interior designers to steal their secrets on creating a spectacular space.

1. Add life to a room
Mario Buatta knows the value of adding life to any type of room, so she opts for specific objects like live plants, books, baskets, and even quilts. Combine both vintage and modern pieces for an intriguing way of giving the room personality.


2. Use what speaks to you
Designer Nate Berkus recommends using objects in your home that speak to you, instead of just copying someone else’s style. It doesn’t have to be an heirloom or trendy accessory, but can simply be an item that you enjoy. He suggests trawling through flea markets and antique stores for one-of-a-kind finds. Also look for special pieces on your next holiday.


3. Use a grid
A grid can add a bold look to a room with artwork that hangs on the walls. “I like to hang multiple images in a tight grid, just shy of the length of the sofa, with equal margins at the top of the sofa and bottom of the ceiling moulding,” says designer Tom Stringer. This will add a eye-catching detail as well as balance to any room.


4. Add a decorative chair to each room
Designer Mariette Himes Gomez believes “every room needs at least one character chair for personality.” This offers a focal point to the space and can also make the room look more expensive.


5. Decorate with dimensional pillows
Jan Showers is known for her impeccable taste in mixing neutrals and colours in the chic homes that she designs. She recommends adding dimension to any couch or chair with pillows that pop and have interesting details.

What’s your interior design style? Tell us in the comments!

January 30, 2014