Grilled Banana And Walnut Waffles Recipe

Sweet tooth’s, listen up! Because we’ve teamed up with the dessert master-minds over at Oliver Brown to bring you this delicious banana and walnut waffles recipe.

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Using only quality ingredients, this dish is simple to make, warming in the cooler months and will tantalise even the fussiest of taste buds – perfect to complete that dinner party or Saturday night in.

Serves 2


4 belgian waffles

4 bananas

Brown sugar

1 cup walnuts (approx)

Belgian chocolate (to drizzle)

Ice cream (to serve)


  1. Place Belgian waffle in salamander to heat for 2 minutes on both sides.
  2. Cut up banana lengthways and sprinkle flat side of sliced banana with brown sugar.
  3. Heat brown sugar with heat torch to caramelise.
  4. Place Belgian waffle on plate and add heated banana to top of waffle.
  5. Add one handful of walnuts on top of sliced banana and top with melted Belgian chocolate.
  6. Serve with ice cream.
April 25, 2015

Meal Ideas for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast can be hard enough, but what to do if your guests are vegetarian? The traditional holiday dinner is generally formed around a baked turkey, or other meat dish. Here is a three-course meal plan that is sure to win you points with the vegetarian crowd this Thanksgiving.

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Option 1: Pumpkin soup
This old favorite will warm you to your toes on a frosty thanksgiving day. It is hearty, delicious and, most importantly, easy to make!


Option 2:  Oven-roasted roots frittata
This highly nutritious dish is guaranteed to please health-freaks, and have the meat-eaters reaching for a fork. Match with a side salad to complete the dish.


Option 3: Homemade pizzas two ways
This is a perfect sharing option to kickstart everyone’s meal. This recipe includes a butternut squash and feta recipe, as well as a caremalized onion and pesto pizza. Drool…



Option 1: Pumpkin Curry
Who said serving a curry can’t be as satisfying? Vegetable curries are rich in flavor, nutritious and the perfect wholesome thanksgiving main.

Pumpkin curry

Option 2: Mushroom risotto or pasta
Like curry, risotto or pasta dishes are great to make in bulk and will satisfy a large group of people. While my pick is a mushroom recipe, you could also try an arrabiatta, nepolitana or garlic and parsley sauce – ingredients are simple and cater to a broad range of tastes.

Mushroom risotto

Option 3: Whole baked snapper
If carving the bird is a climactic part of your meal, why not try carving the fish? A whole baked fish will not only look impressive, it will take half the time and effort than that required to successfully cook a turkey.



Optrion 1: Apple or pecan pie

Considering dessert is the easiest to adapt to a vegetarian diet, you can stick to the tradtional pumpkin, apple or pecan pie this Thanksgiving.

Apple Pie

Option 2: Sour cherry pierogi

Swap the traditional desserts for an eastern european favorite – Pierogi! Pierogi or polish dumplings will impress the quirky crowd with your worldly cooking skills.


Option 3: Mulled wine

Perhaps you’ve been drinking it throughout the meal, but if not welcome your guests to the living room to enjoy a warm cup of mulled wine. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a big meal. To be enjoyed by adults only.

Mulled wine

November 26, 2014