An Expert’s Tips To Treating Cellulite

Cellulite. It’s a fact of life for many of us. Nobody wants it and nobody really wants to discuss it. But seeing images of bikini-clad, butt-baring models with smooth, dimple-free skin can leave you with a sense of “what the..?” Fiona Tuck, Skinstitut Australia’s managing director and author of The Myth Minx, has investigated some of the ways to treat cellulite and busts some myths along the way.

Firstly, methods to treat cellulite have been few and far between with most being unsuccessful. The reason for this being due to a lack of understanding of the real causes of cellulite and how to effectively treat it. Fiona says that years of pummelling and pounding vigorous massages, torturous-looking cellulite hand held home devices and cellulite dissolving gels are a myth.

“In fact, over zealous massage, once thought to break down stubborn fat deposits, has now been proven to have the opposite effect – make it worse,” she says.

Tips to reduce cellulite:

Reduce pro-inflammatory foods in the diet such as fatty foods, saturated fat in red meat, dairy, refined processed foods, salt and sugar. Saturated fat, transfats and sugar are HUGE enemies of cellulite and hormone imbalance.

Increase essential fats to maintain cell integrity and strength. Include nuts, seeds and oily fish in your diet. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to ensure high intakes of antioxidants, phytonutrients and bioflavonoids. These assist with healthy collagen production, cell protection and assist with the prevention of excessive collagen breakdown.

Adequate amino acids and protein intake are essential for healthy connective tissue and collagen production. A loss of connective tissue and collagen will worsen cellulite.

Topical creams and essential oils such as juniper, fennel, ginger and even caffeine derivatives can assist with enhancing peripheral circulation but do little to assist with the actual integrity of the skin. Topical application of retinol and vitamin C are essential for assisting with healthy connective tissue.

Professional manual lymphatic drainage massage is excellent to reduce sponginess and fluid retention and the removal of toxins from the fat cells.

Dry body brush daily at home to improve lymphatic system health and excess fluid retention between cells.

Dermal rolling is also always a useful technique. This can induce collagen production and skin integrity thereby constraining the hypertrophied fat cells. Stay well away from basic mechanical rolling and pressure devices and pummelling massagers. Whilst once thought to break down fat it is now know that these options are the worst cellulite treatments of them all. This is due to causing further damage to the weakened connective tissue therefore worsening the appearance of cellulite.

There are more advanced paramedical clinical treatments now available using radiofrequency technologies which target the weakened connective tissue thus reducing the bulging fat cells. Combined with lymphatic drainage these treatments can provide exceptional results. But these treatments can be costly and sometimes painful.

So there you have it healthy diet, exercise, application of quality ingredients and the right professional treatments can lead you on the way to smoother thighs.

April 4, 2014

Have a Detox Diet & Clean up Your Insides!

Do you remember you may have made the new years resolution that this was going to be your year to clean up your act exercise regularly and cut out that daily 3pm chocolate? So it’s now August and you haven’t exactly stuck to your plan have you? You are still feeling sluggish and run-down, your skin is spotty and your body feels a lot older than it really is.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late! According to the experts, a detox diet is a great way to kick-start good habits. This doesn’t mean you have to live on fruit and vegetables for a month. It just means you have to give up or take a break from processed foods such as chocolate, chips and dips and plan to exercise for two weeks. This will give your body the chance to regain itself and if you are lucky you may just lose a few kilos. Naturopaths say, ” A detox diet is great for giving your overloaded liver a rest, especially if you like to indulge in alcohol or the odd occasional party drug. Aim to do it at least four times a year at the beginning of each season for two weeks. It may seem like a drag but we can assure you by the end of the second week you will feel like a new person.

If you do lack the old willpower then get a girlfriend to do it or a work colleague. If you live in Sydney, the Bondi Junction gym Spin City offers a 10-day Spring Clean program that provides you with a specialised diet, fitness program all under the watchful eye of a personalised trainer. If you are a member of a gym anywhere around Australia, the best thing to do is ask one of the trainers if they could help you start a detox program.

What do I have to do?

  1. Exercise every day even, if it’s just a 30 minute walk. Nikki, personal trainer from The Temple of the Body and Soul in Sydney says, ” If you don’t like treadmills then try to swim, cycle or play a game of tennis.”
  2. You must stick to your cleansing diet for two weeks straight.
  3. Avoid (this is the hard one), coffee, tea, cola, alcohol. Also keep away from drinks that contain artificial sweeteners and energy drinks. Drink herbal tea instead.
  4. Drink at least three litres of filtered water every day.
  5. Steer clear of white-flour products like bread, pasta and rice. Instead go for brown rice, Ryvitas and brown bread.
  6. Fill up on fruit and vegetables and make sure you get enough protein from fish, eggs, nuts and soy beans. Oh! Red meat is another no-no!

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Fresh fruit drizzled with natural yoghurt and skim milk

Lunch: Ryvitas with tuna and salad.

Dinner: Stir-fried vegies with brown rice.

More information:

Spring clean classes are held throughout the year. For more details phone 0411 500 004 or send an e-mail to

May 2, 2001