Are you thinking about separating from your spouse? Before you do, make sure you’ve thought things through – emotionally and practically. Hickman Family Lawyers have put together a list of questions you need...
Tired of sitting home waiting for that guy to call? This is the answer. Republished from
Have you ever sent a drunk text that you REALLY regret? The fifth (and funniest) story in the ‘Tales of a Fuckgirl’ series…
“Ahead is a time of anguish, growth, loneliness, excitement and transition…” Republished from
Everything revolved around that dress. Until it didn’t.   I unzipped the Bergdorf Goodman garment bag I’d been avoiding since the day I moved out.The sleek white silk wedding dress hung lifelessly. It didn’t take up...
I broke free, and now I brag about it.
You aren’t here and you aren’t with me. And I was an utter fool for you.
No, it’s not beyond repair; if you’re willing to put in the work.
It was his fault. Not theirs. He didn’t deserve me and I should have left years before.
For those going through a divorce; you didn’t ‘fail’ as a couple, you were set up to fail by society’s unrealistic expectations.
My divorce has been officially finalized for three years this month, and I’m tired of talking about it. 
As deeply as I loved him, a feeling of relief washed over me when I found out about the affairs.
Spoiler alert: it’s mostly about not being an asshole.
The very archaic institution of marriage has set us all up to feel like failures.
Call me crazy, but I think our new relationship might just last a lifetime.
‘Til death do you part didn’t include this life-changing reality check.
I remember the moment it hit me, like a punch in the gut.
On that morning, he was in the shower, and his phone kept pinging. I checked it, to see if it was something urgent.
I’d rather be married. Why does admitting it feel so shameful?