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How To Create The Perfect Home Office

It’s becoming increasingly common to work from home. Whether you are a blogger, a graphic designer, or any other profession that doesn’t necessarily require you to sit in a cubicle all day, working from home can be great as it allows you flexibility.

It also means you have to be extra organised and take care of simple things like ordering stationery yourself. You don’t want your work to interfere with your home as a place of relaxation though, so having a proper workspace at home really helps to keep the two separate.

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Interiors expert Jen Bishop knows a thing or two about the perfect workspace as she not only writes about interior design for a living, but she also does so from her home office. Jen let us in on her top tips on how to create the perfect home office and also told us a bit about her own workspace:

Measure up

To get the most out of your office area, ensure the style and size of your furniture suits the room. Corner desks work well in small spaces, whereas a wall to wall desk may be better suited to a larger or narrow room. Make the most of under desk space with storage options like mobile filing drawers and pedestals.

Give yourself space

Maintain spatial awareness when setting up your desk space – you don’t want to be cramped up facing a wall day in day out. If possible, face a window that offers a long-distant view. This will give your eyes the opportunity to shift focus away from the screen, which is necessary at least every 30 minutes. You’ll find that this simple exercise will boost both your concentration and mood.

Kick it to the side

A sideboard can be a fantastic storage option, while looking great. They also provide benchtop space for desk lamps or the perfect spot for a wireless printer. These act as great ‘work stations’ which encourage intermittent exercise.

Lighten up

Have a variety of lighting sources available for your work space – we draw energy from our surroundings. A window offering natural light and fresh air is ideal however a desk lamp can be useful for task lighting, especially in the late afternoons or mornings (depending on which direction your window faces).

Remove tangled cords

Wireless tech will free up desk space, reduce messy cables and increase overall efficiency. Think cordless for your phone, keyboard, mouse – almost anything can be wireless these days!

Maintain a ‘to-do list’

Set up a white board in your office to create a visual and updateable to-do-list. Alternatively, make the most of the calendar app on your smartphone or tablet, by linking it to your mailbox diary – enabling you to receive deadline reminders and on-the-go notifications.

What does colour say about you?

Choose a colour scheme for your workspace that balances your mood and energy. Vibrant colours are known to invigorate and inspire, whereas pastels tend to be calming and encourage concentration. If you’re a minimalist, opt for monochrome – for you, less is probably more.

Layer the colour palette

It really comes down to the rule of three – pick two contrasting colours and one base neutral such as white, black and blonde timber, or white, aqua and pink. Only use small touches of the most prominent colour. For example, pair your white desk and chair with aqua and hot pink accessories – it will make the hot pink ‘pop’ without being overbearing.

Add some life

Greenery or flowers helps to create a fresh atmosphere in any space and can be particularly motivating in the workspace, which has a tendency of becoming stuffy and stale.

Don’t overdo it

While it’s important to have an inspiring workspace that speaks to your personal style, it’s just as important not to overdo it and create something that’s ‘too busy’ on the eye. Try applying the ‘Coco Chanel Decorating Mantra’ where you style your workspace, then remove one thing. This might help with any unnecessary clutter!

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Thanks, Jen! After reading all your amazing tips for creating a workspace I am curious to hear about your own! What does your workspace look like?

My home office is right at the end of the house with doors out onto the deck. I’ve tried to keep it really simple and feminine without being girly in a cliché way. The colour scheme is white and gold with gold confetti spots on the walls. I recently had to make this room work double duty as a spare bedroom which was challenging, but because of the colour scheme it seems to work quite well! One of the best things about working for myself and from home is having more control over the aesthetics of my work environment. I try to keep it tidy and sparse, because if I filled it full of too many things I loved, I’d get distracted!

How often do you redecorate or change the look of your workspace?

I haven’t redecorated my office since moving into our home a year ago, which is a good sign it’s working. Other rooms get changed a lot more often! I am constantly inspired and finding a new favourite focal piece or trend.

Is there anything that absolutely doesn’t belong on your work desk?

Clutter! I hate clutter and multi-coloured ‘stuff’ that doesn’t match, it makes me feel itchy! I like to have everything hidden away which is why storage is so crucial in an office space. I recently partnered with Officeworks to help others enjoy the benefits of having an organised workspace –create a place for everything, and then make sure everything is in place!

What are the trending colours for spring/summer 2015/16?

The latest Dulux colour forecast which is literally just out claims we will all be embracing earthy greens and, shock horror, browns! We shall see…

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Who says you can’t have a wedding on a budget? If you’re looking to save some money, try the following ideas from ornaments to decor which are easy enough to make at home.

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Flower chandeliers

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, make sure it’s full of colour and flowers. This is our favourite way to showcase those extra blooms for the reception, so stunning!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Wallpaper backdrop

Another way to get crafty for your wedding is to try this amazing paper backdrop for the nuptials. All you need is tissue paper, scissors, string, and your imagination!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Paper flowers

Why spend money on flowers when you can make your own version of them instead? Try these amazing paper flowers made from lightweight tissue for the reception.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Table numbers

Show your guests where they’re sitting at the reception with these beautiful table numbers made from burlap. Spray paint them a shade which matches the rest of your decor.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Tealight holders

Decorate your candle holders with gold or silver glitter, it’s sure to make any table setting pop!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Marquee Letters

These marquee letters are an essential for any wedding, and the best part? They’re completely DIY – all you need is some corrugated iron, a bunch of lightbulbs and some patience.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Wedding menu

Take a rustic-looking mirror and turn it into the ultimate wedding menu for the reception. If the frame needs to be spruced-up before the big day, simply spray paint in a bold and vibrant colour to remove dusk.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 


Show your guests to their seats with one of the coolest wedding bonbonniere we’ve ever seen.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Ceremony backdrop

Try this super-cute ceremony backdrop where you can write your vows, or a little bit of the couples history. It’s cheap and effective, all you need is a super-long roll of paper!

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Rope Words

Add the finishing touches to your reception with these easy DIY rope words which can be customised to say almost anything.

10 Wedding Ideas On A Budget 

Images via Wedding Chicks, Elegant Wedding Invites, Feedly, Evan and Katelyn, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes

5 Affordable Storage Hacks

De-cluttering the home and coming up with unique storage solutions is easy if you have the correct tools and techniques. You can use more of what you have and avoid spending additional cash on things you don’t actually need. So, if you want to liven up your home without breaking the bank, try the following hacks – which are easy even for beginners!

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Stair storage

Anyone with a double storey house will tell you that the clutter never ends, especially if you have kids around! Make use of the space beneath your stairs by creating small drawers or cupboards to store things you use on a daily basis. This could be anything from children’s arts and crafts, cleaning supplies and even toys.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks


Keep your jewellery looking neat and tidy by using an old cutlery divider. Most of the time you’ll have to trim them down to fit the dimension of the drawer, but after that it’s smooth sailing!

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Carefully manage your cosmetics, jewellery, and other little knick knacks which will always have their place.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Charging station

Transform one of your drawers in the kitchen, bedroom or living room into a portable charging station. Simply thread through a large adaptor through the top and discretely charge all of the essentials – cord free!

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Linen closet

Bring some life to the standard linen closet by adding some favourites into the mix. We’re talking about candles for relaxation, pampering items such as moisturisers and nail polishes, then finally the essentials at the bottom. If everything has a label, it’s much easier to decipher and leaves no room for clutter.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Magnetic spices

Now this is a cool one! Store all of your favourite or most used spices in little magnetic containers. This way, you can easily see everything set out neatly, plus you won’t get confused about what each compartment contains.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Images via Brain Jet, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Jewelsome, Architecture and Design, Square Space

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home

Gel nails are the easiest way to keep your colour without a touch-up for weeks on end, but how easy are they to remove? You have a few options – return to your nail salon, and for an additional fee get them to remove it, or simply use some of our tricks below and do it yourself at home.

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What you need

Acetone or nail polish remover

10 cotton balls

Aluminium foil


Cuticle stick


  1. Using the rough side of a nail file, carefully rub down over the top of your nails until the gloss wears away.
  2. Wrap each nail individually into a cotton ball with acetone and one thin layer of aluminium paper. Press it down firmly over the top of each nail, and work one hand at a time.
  3. Wait for at least 10 minutes for the acetone to carefully remove any gel polish off the nail bed. After this, soak your hands in a bowl of warm water, then remove any remaining pieces with a cuticle stick.
  4. For extra hydration, use a thick moisturiser and lather it over your hands and nail bed before relaxing for the night. Then move onto the next hand and repeat the process again.


Easy! Would you try this method at home?

Images via XO Vain, Now 921

6 Unique Uses For Your Leftover Moving Boxes

Packing your moving boxes yourself is a great way to save money on moving costs. It also gives you the control to make sure all your valuable belongings are safe and secure.

Once everything safely arrives at your new home, the unpacking stage begins. Here’s the question that really matters: what happens with all the leftover moving boxes? It’s easy to just throw these boxes away. But the truth is that you can use these boxes in a variety of creative ways instead of just sending them into the trash bin.

Check out our list of 6 fun ways to reuse your leftover moving boxes and see how you can take the concept of recycling to the next level.

1. Arts, crafts & fun (box fort!)

Sometimes the best way to reuse something like moving boxes is to let your creative flair shine. Try and think of these boxes like craft supplies. They can help you showcase your arts and crafts talents you might not even know you had.

Here’s a great example of how to take your boxes to a new level: build a box fort! Take your leftover boxes and stack them up to create a fun and exciting clubhouse for your children to explore. While this is just a temporary build, it can give you a whole day of fun that you kids will remember for years to come.

2. Create your own impromptu food drive

Once you unpack your belongings, you’ll have a huge store of empty boxes. Why not fill those boxes with something your whole community could value?

Try this idea on for size: take your empty boxes and fill them with donated food. Add a few canned goods from your pantry into a box. Ask your friends, family and community members for a few more canned goods to fill the boxes. Once your boxes are full, take them to your local shelter for donation.

This idea is great for two really solid reasons. First, you’re giving your otherwise wasted moving boxes another great purpose. Second, you’re directly helping your community – and giving people something they will value and appreciate.

3. Using your cardboard to create brilliant art

Speaking of artistic expression, why not use your extra boxes as a paint canvas? It’s easy to disassemble your boxes and form them into a big, blank canvas. From there, let your own imagination inspire you to create something unique, original and beautiful. Who knows you may create a work of art worthy for your new home!

4. Convert cardboard to decorated storage boxes

You use your moving boxes to transport your treasured items to and from your living spaces. But where will you put your treasured items once you settle into your new home?

With only a little bit of work, you can reuse your old boxes as beautifully decorated storage totes. For example, cover your cardboard box with burlap – and maybe some lace or other accent piece. You can transform a plain box into a storage piece that makes your home look even better.

5. DIY cardboard headboard

Five easy steps to your own DIY headboard:

  1. Take several leftover moving boxes and unpack them.
  2. Use duct tape to secure them together in the relative shape of your headboard.
  3. Take some simple cotton stuffing or quilt batting and lay it on your cardboard.
  4. Wrap a fabric of your choice around the cardboard and batting.
  5. Congratulations! You now have a quirky and custom-built headboard!

6. Homemade picture frame

If you have a boring or drab picture frame, why not enhance it with your own dose of custom-made flair? You can easily use an old box to retrofit a picture frame into something that showcases your individual style.

You can paint the cardboard or customise it with duct tape or other options to make it your own. From there, add a picture that also reflects your unique style. Your newly designed frame is sure to be a centrepiece of attention no matter where you display it.

As you can see, something as simple as leftover moving boxes can have a variety of uses for great fun – or even service to your community. You can use these ideas or other similar ones to breathe new life into something that would have otherwise been garbage placed out for weekly connection.

By Clive Smith, the Interstate Removals General Manager of Budget Self Pack Containers, Australia’s expert interstate removalists. Budget Self Pack Containers can help you move almost anywhere in Australia long-distance.

Top Food Trends for 2015

Culinary trends are on par with clothes trends, in that they change with every season. One minute you’re social media feed is packed full of kale salads, the next bone broth soups are popping up. When Australia’s leading chefs came together at the Taste of Sydney festival last month, there were a number of new and exciting food trends emerging that we just had to share.

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Provided by Electrolux, here is a list of some of the most prominent ways you’ll be enjoying, sourcing – and cooking – your food this year.


It’s time to toss away that ketchup and those packaged marinades, because this year it’s all about flavour and bringing food back to basics. “People want to see real food cooked properly. They don’t want molecular anymore. They just want flavour,” says My Kitchen Rules judge and owner of restaurant Four In Hand, Colin Fassnidge.

If you’re not much of the DIY cook, take a tip from Monopole, Bentley and Yellow chef Brent Savage, and try blanching some mint leaves and blitzing with some olive oil and vegetable oil for a simple, yet delicious minty dressing. The best part about creating your own sauce is you know exactly what goes in, therefore it’s preservative free and nutritious – depending on what you decide to incorporate, of course!

Fresh, seasonal produce

Recently, via your social media feed, you may have noticed everyone’s taking a trip to the famers markets and stocking up on fresh produce. Well, 2015 is proving to be the year of sustainability and growing your own. No one wants snap frozen vegetables and frozen goods from the supermarket anymore, instead people are opting for locally sourced produce, freshly caught fish and DIY vegie and herb gardens. The savings are enormous in comparison, not to mention fresh produce is more nutrient dense.

So, what’s the ultimate ingredient to incorporate into your cooking this Autumn? Massimo Mele from La Scala on Jersey says kale. Just when we thought the dark green vegetable had had its moment.

Using the whole animal

Obviously for vegans and vegetarians this definitely doesn’t apply, but for all of those meat eaters out there, it seems that cooking your meat whole is the best technique – and the latest trend – for achieving the most tender and moist result. While you’re most likely to come across this method at restaurants, carving a whole pig was recently demonstrated at the Taste of Sydney festival by chefs Colin Fassnidge and Carla Jones, and seemed relatively doable at home or at a barbecue with the right tools.

We’re not exactly sure how this one will go down via social media, but we can only imagine it would taste pretty darn good.

Taste of Sydney, Electrolux, Food Trends, 2015 Food Trends, Sustainable Food, Charcoal, DIY

Cooking over charcoal

Who’d have thought we would eventually resort back to cooking over an open fire pit? It’s probably because cooking over charcoal produces the most tender, mouth-watering and aromatic meat there is. This type of cooking method has quickly become the go-to for slow roasting beef and pork among restaurants, and is also becoming quite popular at home thanks to the revival of the webber.

So what’s the secret to cooking great tasting meat? According to the guys at Surry Hills restaurant Porteño, just use “good produce, smoke and heaps of salt.”

Lean cuisine

No, we’re not referring to microwave meals available in the supermarket, we’re talking about the new wave of healthy eating trends such as ceviche – an appertiser of fresh fish marinated in citrus juices. Think simple, fresh and lean, and plate up with things like lime juice, sea salt and DIY jalapeño chilli. “It’s the ultimate protein one-hit course, it’s good for you, it’s healthy, it’s lean cuisine,” says executive chef at Saké Shaun Presland of its benefits.

Images via Electrolux and Shutterstock

Fun Things To Do With The Kids These School Holidays

Unlike us grownups who relish in doing nothing, downtime is a kid’s worst nightmare. So with the school holidays about to kick off, you might well be scratching your head and wondering how on earth you’re going to keep the littlies entertained these holidays without spending an arm and a leg.

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Well, ladies, fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of ten fun, cost effective, or free ways to keep the kids occupied this Easter and all of which are activities you might get a thrill out of yourself.


Heading to the movies is something the whole family can enjoy! Usually around school holiday time there are several kid friendly movies that are released that both boys and girls will enjoy. Heck, you might even be amused yourself! If you’re concerned about the cost however, have a look online for any deals or specials – there’s usually school holiday promotions running across various cinemas or via discount websites such as Groupon.

Arts and Crafts

For a few dollars you can pick yourself up an arts and crafts pack or buy your own DIY pieces. You could create a collage, decorate a photo album or photo frame, or even make paper lanterns – there are loads of ways to get creative! If you’re stuck for ideas, the world wide web will be your best friend.


Effective, free and fun! Kids love to get outdoors and play, particularly if it involves monkey bars and slippery slides. So instead of letting them climb all over the furniture indoors, head to your local park. There will be no mess left to clean up, you’ll get some much needed vitamin D and you can pack a picnic and make a day of it, also.


Trampolining has become incredibly popular in recent years, with trampoline centres opening up in nearly every town. The centres are kid friendly with supervised jumping areas, dodge-ball games and foam pits and are relatively cheap at about $15 per person per hour.

Train ride

Remember the thrill you got from riding the train as a kid? It was like Christmas. These holidays venture out of town for the day via the train.

Make play dough

Kids enjoy making play dough just as much as they love playing with it. It’s relatively easy to make, cost effective and the little ones will appreciate playing with something that they helped to create.

Bike riding

Bike riding is great exercise and can also be lots of fun. There are plenty of scenic bike tracks around, so find one that’s local and plan your journey. Be prepared to make a few stops along the way however, so be sure to pack some snacks and water.


Getting creative in the kitchen can be fun for both the adults and the littlies. Maybe you want to try out a new clean or vegan chocolate slice recipe, or whip up something a little more traditional like cupcakes or choc chip cookies. Regardless of whether it’s healthy or indulgent, if it’s sweet and fun to make, the kids are guaranteed to have a good time. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy licking the bowl!

Find free events

There are plenty of free events organised by councils throughout the school holidays, so be sure to find out what’s going on in your area. It might be an Easter parade, a street show, or a chocolate hunt (yep, the City of Sydney have organised an Easter egg hunt in the city), so head to your city’s website or pick up your free local magazine.

Camp out in the backyard

As long as the weather allows for it, organise a camp-out with the kids in your backyard. To do so, pitch a tent, or set up a sleeping area on the balcony or trampoline. You can watch the stars, roast marshmallows over the barbecue and tell stories. It’s an imaginative and cheaper alternative to the real deal, but just as fun, nonetheless.

5 DIY Easter Ideas

Five charming do-it-yourself ideas to transform your Easter into the perfect unique event.

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Whether you’re time-poor, hunting for craft ideas for the kids or just want a quirky touch to make your house a little bit more festive, we’ve found an awesome Easter idea for you.

1. Ombre Easter eggs

Ombre has been one of the biggest trends in the last 12 months, influencing everything from hair colour to wedding cakes. So naturally, we swooned when we saw this trend applied to an Easter table setting.

Start by lining up six glasses, filled three quarters full of boiling water. Mix two teaspoons of white vinegar in each glass and stir thoroughly. Then, add two drops of coloured food dye to the first glass and double the number of drops in each glass so that the first is a light colour and the last glass is a dark hue.

Submerge a hard boiled egg in each glass for five minutes or until you’re happy with the colour. Dry it off in an empty carton and continue with remaining eggs to make an ombre egg table setting.

Easter, DIY, Craft, Easter Eggs, Bunting

Image via Country Living

 2. Paint card bunting

We love this easy cheat idea to making gorgeous rainbow bunting in ten minutes!

Simply head to your local hardware store for mini sheets of paint colours. If you have left over paint cards from past renovations use those to avoid waste.

Print out an egg shape or use a cookie cutter as a mould. Trace the shape on each paint sheet and carefully cut out each bunting shape. Punch holes at the top and string each egg in order of colour and voila- easy rainbow Easter bunting!

Easter, DIY, Craft, Easter Eggs, Bunting

Image via Modern Parents Messy Kids

3. Rainbow eggs

Using a pin, prick a small hole in an egg and empty out the contents for cooking. Set aside the empty eggs and wash them so they’re ready for display.

Using different shades of embroidery thread, use a hot glue gun to secure the end of the thread at the bottom of the egg and slowly wind the thread around in a circular motion. Brush a thin layer of glue on the egg every now and then to secure the threat so it sticks tightly to the egg base. Change the colours to your liking and display in a bowl with chocolate eggs.

Easter, DIY, Craft, Easter Eggs, Bunting

Image via Craftberry Bush

4. Stylish bunny ears

Who said bunny ears had to be white and fluffy? We love this stylish variation on classic rabbit ears. Twist two long pipe cleaners into the shape of long bunny ears. You might need to use more pipe cleaners and secure them to form one fish-like shape.

Then, wrap tulle around the pipe cleaner ears and glue to secure. Tie the end of the pipe cleaners around a plain headband and decorate the tulle with rhinestones as desired. Done!

Easter, DIY, Craft, Easter Eggs, Bunting

Image via Crave Naked

5. Mini egg planters

Create mini terrarium-like planters using left over egg shells. Use a knife to carefully crack the egg in half, keeping the shell in tact. Simply pour some soil into the shell and position some small succulents or moss in the planter. Arrange your mini succulent pots in the empty cardboard egg carton and there you have it- a quiky DIY easter garden.

Easter, DIY, Craft, Easter Eggs, Bunting

Image via Country Living

DIY Crate Coffee Table

Bring some character into your home by designing and creating your own bespoke coffee table. Okay, this might seem rather difficult, but it’s actually really simple, especially if you have a few crates laying around the house.

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Follow our easy tutorial to create your own coffee table, side table, or even some storage for the laundry room.

What you need

  • 4 wooden crates
  • 2 (1×4) pieces of pine wood
  • 4 casters
  • Stain


  1. Before you get started on actually building the table, make sure to stain the crates first. Use a homemade stain (vinegar, steel wool, and brewed tea) or choose a ready made stain which requires a little more waiting time.
  2. When the stain has dried, create a frame by nailing each piece of pine wood into a small square (looking somewhat like a window). This will also dictate the size of your coffee table.
  3. Then, simply arrange each crate over the top and use a drill, nails, and a hammer to secure them onto the frame. You might want some storage in the centre (for snacks or remotes), so make sure to leave some room in the centre for that.

Image via Instructables

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