I’d always been taught the bad men were the ones lurking in the bushes. No one ever told me they could be the man you marry.
It might not be as obvious as physical abuse, but it’s equally as destructive. So, how do you recognize the signs?
When your friend who had that amicable divorce seems scared, she has a reason.
“Twenty minutes of action” has haunted me every day for 20 years.
Although the question begs, why hasn’t this been the case all along?
Banning Chris Brown may have made a statement, but is it the right one?
I’d like to tell you a story. It’s a true story. A love story with a tragic ending. It’s the story of Dianne who was found dead in her home and that of her partner...
Angie, 36, feels trapped in a toxic relationship because her physically and emotionally abusive, long-term boyfriend earns a lot of money and controls the finances. Years of degrading comments have left her...