Wardrobe Cull

Does this sound familiar? ? I can?t find anything to wear. I have no clothes!? If this rings true then you better read on and find out how to cull it cleverly.

Time Check

Have you got the time and patience to cull? If you don?t, then you really should set some aside. Give yourself at least an afternoon to do this properly. Ask a sister, or good friend to help you through the process. A bottle of wine and some nibblies always help.

Guilt Check

The old dress your best friend gave you? The bridesmaid dress you wore once? Unfortunately, sentimentality is not a valid enough reason to keep things you simply don?t wear. Even if they are expensive, don?t get attached to clothing. Get rid of clutter and throw out anything you don?t wear. Be free of guilt, we say!

Label Check

Are you like us SheSaid girls who buy dry-clean only clothes and then find they hang unworn in your wardrobe? Either that or they are relegated to the Dry Cleaning pile that never seems to make it to the cleaners? If so ? it?s definitely time to cull.

Material Check

Is it see-through? Is it clingy? Does it make you sweat profusely? Is that Asian-inspired print a little 2000? If so, it?s time to go.

Age Check

After two or three years of wear and tear, most clothes are passed their used-by state. Don?t try to reinvent clothes that look incredibly worn. Don?t do the, ?I?ll keep that shirt for the gym or for just watching a video when I get a boyfriend.? Admit it, you are just putting off throwing that useless thing out! Be strong and let it go.

The Try on Check

Look at yourself in the mirror and examine yourself from every angle – and be honest. Think about how each item makes you feel and when you last wore it. If you got dumped in it then maybe it?s time to cull and also if the last time you wore it was 10 years ago, it?s probably time to ditch it. Go forward, reach into the depths of your wardrobe, go through those boxes under the bed and be strong!

Charity Check

This is the important bit because this is where you can be of help. Once you?ve washed, ironed and sorted and are happy with your choices and you?ve already run them by friends and family, then it?s time to really give. Do some research and find out where to take them. Decide on the charity you want to help and give those clothes that have just sat in your home to the homeless and needy.

PS Be aware of the difference between charity clothing bins (where donations are given to the needy) and those operated commercially ? the latter selling donated clothes and referring a small portion of the profits to a nominated charity.


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Win a brand new Audi