How To Pull Off The Single Earring Trend

It’s one of the biggest trends of the past year and it’s still as relevant as ever: The single earring. From the runways in Paris to the red carpets of pretty much every award show, the single earring is making appearances everywhere at the moment, but how do you pull off this rather unusual look without people constantly telling you that you have lost one of your earrings?

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It can be a bit tricky to wear one big statement ear piece only, but if you get it right, you are very likely to be the best accessorised person in the room wherever you are. Here are a few tips on how to style the single earring trend:

1. Find the right balance

Wearing a single earring should not be taken too literally. You shouldn’t leave your other ear un-accessorised, but instead choose a small earring like a simple stud or pearl depending on what your statement earring looks like. This is the key thing to remember in order to avoid comments by others about your “lost earring.”

2. Opt for a cuff

If you’re new to the single-earring-game and you want to play it safe, opt for a cuff earring on one of your ears. Whether it’s a studded cuff or a simple chain adorning your ear, it will give you that edgy but chic look you’re after.

3. Stay focused

Don’t make wearing one statement earring more confusing by combining it with a sparkly necklace. Instead, leave your neck bare and draw all the attention to your bold ear piece choice. Make sure you wear your hair up or at least styled to the opposite side of your bejeweled ear and let your single earring shine.

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5 Ways To Style An Ear Cuff

Spice up your accessories by investing in a trendy ear cuff for 2015. These are fantastic pieces of jewellery which come in many shapes and sizes, and don’t require you to have pierced ears to wear them.

We show you just a few different ways to style your ear cuff for any type of occasion.

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Side braid

A simple side braid is the best way to show off your ear cuff without going over the top. Start as close to the roots as you can, and pin back the braid behind your ear. The rest of your hair will look bouncy and voluminous, so it’s best to part your hair at an angle.

Wear this look like Cara, and accessorise with some other minimal jewellery such as a stud earring or tiered necklace.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff


A high ponytail is a no-fuss way to style thick hair, especially on a hot, humid day! Comb out any front or side bangs for that dishevelled look, and straighten the rest of your hair so it looks super-sleek.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff

Low bun

Make like Lara Bingle and bring all your hair into a low bun, to draw attention to the ear cuff. This is a fool-proof hairstyle which is appropriate for a wedding, work, or even a more casual look. Pair with a bright, bold lip and a bronzed glow to bring out the colours of the ear cuff.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff


For thin hair, keep it simple by tucking away any strays behind your ears. Pin away any loose hairs on the side, for a casual look which is wind-proof. Wear a top or dress which will only draw attention to your ear cuff, and keep the rest of your makeup looking minimal – but a pop of colour on the lips or cheeks never hurt!

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff


To achieve a casual look, we have taken inspiration from actress Diane Kruger to wear an ear cuff with a hat. Not only is this the best way to hide a bad hair day (we are all guilty of it!), but also to soften the dimensions of your face. Keep hair simple by leaving it down, or fasten into a side braid or ponytail.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff

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