5 Reasons You Must Visit Poland

Enduring a rough historical period over the last century, Poland has reshaped itself and has become one of the main destinations for anyone travelling through Europe.

Between the white-winters which are amazing during the Christmas period, through to the scorching hot European summer, we’ll show you why there’s no place quite like Poland.

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CK Browar, Address: 7 Podwale Street, Krakow

There is no denying that that Polish are famous for their delicious pierogi and cold-meat dishes which form the basis of their traditional meals. For genuine Polish food, you can’t go past a tasty Borscht soup which is hearty and healthy and the same time!

Visit C.K Browar for a traditional Polish pub-meal, with their world famous beer to wash down your food.

5 Reasons You Must Visit Poland


Krzywy Domek, ul. Haffnera 6, 81-717 Sopot

Influenced by the heavy Gothic influence at the time, Polish Architecture is among one of the oldest styles in the world. Houses are still very much influenced by the Gothic themes of the 13-14th century, and are easily characterised by their high upper reaches and timber-framing on doors and walls alike.

For a little modern architecture instead, visit the world-famous crooked house in Sopot. It’s bound to give you an interesting Insta-snap!

ul. Haffnera 6, 81-717 Sopot


Czersk Castle, 05-530 Gora Kalwaria, ul. Ks. Sajny

Escape to the Polish countryside if you want a real slice of paradise! Life in the country has remained the same as it was hundreds of years ago, and many families are looking towards this for their ideal rural vacation.

There’s plenty to do here without succumbing to your phone or computer – horseback riding, mountain-climbing and canoeing are all great options if you love the great outdoors.

5 Reasons You Must Visit Poland


Sopot, Gdansk

If you find yourself travelling to Poland during the summer seasons of June through to early September, then you definitely don’t want to miss the white sand beaches of Sopot. Bathe in the Baltic sea, or simply catch some rays and enjoy the warm weather at a nearby café.

This county is easily accessible by private car or taxi, and railway line if you prefer to save a bit of shrapnel.



Chimera, UL. Podwale 29, Warsaw

Known as the birthplace of vodka, the Polish definitely know how to whip-up a drink (or two!). Grab a delicious cocktail at Chimera in Warsaw, (ask for the vodka-orange), and dance the night away to jazz tunes played by the local DJ’s.

5 Reasons You Must Visit Poland

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The Tranquility Of Eastern Europe: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations, listed since 1979 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful walled city overlooking the serene blue Adrian Sea Coast is a magnificent location for a Croatian holiday

Its charming European character is as clear in person as on a postcard, with year round visitors coming to explore the attractions and marvel at the mouth watering seafood on offer. Dubrovnik attracts A-list celebrities due to its outstanding resorts and hotels, though it does have up-market flair this shouldn’t discourage budget travellers either, with numerous hostels spotted around so everyone can experience its wonder.

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Old Town is the most commonly visited place in Dubrovnik; most things worth a look are viewable within, and on top of its walls. The city centre, built within 15th Century fortifications, originally to protect the Croatian people from the Turkish, are now the perfect two-kilometre full circuit walk.

The walk will take you some time to get around the battlements, but you will find food available and adorable stands with local produce being sold on along journey. If you are there in summer, be sure to take your stroll at sunset, not just too avoid the heat during the day but for once in a lifetime photo opportunities as the sun falls onto the water.

Within the walls of Old Town you will find souvenir shops filled with sailor uniforms, a great idea is to grab yourself a captains hat, bottle of one wine and hire a local to drive you to a secluded beach on their boat. For the day, it is not too expensive and if you are unsure where to hire one out, head down to the harbour, where you will instantly see stalls of local Croats’ eager to provide you with an unforgettable day in the sun.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Dubrovnik is the Cliff Bars, known as a Buza, the drinks are refreshing and cheap, and the view will make you speechless. Looking out over the cliffs to the glistening sea is a faultless afternoon, and if you are in need of a cool down, walk along the stone staircase and hop in the crystal water.

This city will literally take your breath away with its natural beauty, impressive man made structures and Dalmatian style cuisine. 

By Amy Miller