How To Style Bangs

Cutting your hair into bangs or a shorter fringe doesn’t have to change your entire look.

Not only does it give some character to straight, lifeless hair, but it creates lots of volume with minimal input. We share with you some of our favourite ways to style bangs or a shorter fringe for the new year.

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Loose curls

Run through your bangs with a wide-tooth comb to untangle any knots, and keep hair silky smooth. For a natural body and bounce, avoid using too much conditioner on this part of your hair, and use a light volumising mousse on damp hair.

Curl the rest of your longer layers, and apply some dry shampoo to your scalp for extra lift! Applying a concentrated dose of sea-salt spray is also a great way to inject a little character into your bangs without using heat.


High ponytail

Not only is a high ponytail appropriate for any type of weather, it also looks great when paired with a full fringe! Section your hair, and secure your ponytail back with an elastic. Then use a round brush and blowdryer to create instant body on your bangs.

This is a flattering hairstyle for girls who have longer side bangs (just like Nicole Richie), and want to frame the outer dimensions of their face. Straighten any stray hairs and apply a generous coat of hairspray to keep everything in place.


Side bun

Shift your bangs over to one side just like Selena Gomez for a sophisticated evening look. Work with the rest of your hair to create a messy bun, and pin back any loose hairs around your face. Use a pair of straightening irons to direct hair onto one side of your face, and mist lightly with finishing spray for extra hold.


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Izabel Goulart’s Slicked-Back Ponytail

Victoria’s Secret beauty Izabel Goulart is know for her extensive work as a model in her native Brazil, but also for her flawless skin and hair.

This week we’re recreating a super-easy slicked back ponytail which is perfect if you’re on-the-go. Use a few of our holy grail products to achieve this easy look in under 5 minutes.

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1. Brush dry hair backwards and away from the face, while using a shine serum to create a subtle glow in the roots. To create extra volume, section some hair from the back of your ears, and back-comb for a boost on your roots.

Izabel Goulart's Slicked-Back Ponytail

Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil, $8.37

2. If your hair is quite fine, use this easy trick to create the illusion of longer, thicker locks. Create a low ponytail with the bottom layer of your hair, and tie with a thin elastic.

Then do the same with the top layer. Spritz the ends of your hair with a volumising powder if you want it to be big and bouncy, or use an oil to make it straight and sleek – your choice!

Izabel Goulart's Slicked-Back Ponytail

Schwarzkopt Extra Care Instant Volume Powder, $8.99

3. If you have a natural middle part to your hair, keep this and carefully comb hair back and secure with an elastic. Use a setting spray over the top for extra hold, and fix any bumps with bobby pins which match the shade of your hair.

Izabel Goulart's Slicked-Back Ponytail

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play, $24.95

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Half-up Crown Braid Hairstyle

Tame your long hair with this super-easy romantic hairstyle which only requires minimal effort. If you have real curly or textured hair, straightening it might be easier since it’s easier to work with. Wear this hairstyle for a formal event such as a wedding, or simply test it out around the house before you can master the technique on your hair.

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1. Comb your hair to remove any knots or tangles which build-up around the neck – this will make it so much easier to style.

2. Part your hair down the middle, and take a large section of your hair from one side.

3. Braid this section but make sure to have it at an angle – this is important since you then have to comfortably curl it over the side of your hair. Secure it with a clear elastic band.

4. Repeat this step to the other side.

5. Cross the first braid behind your neck (it should tuck-in under your neck). Secure with as many bobby pins as you need, thick hair might require much more maintenance.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. Set your hair with a light setting spray, then lightly dab with a tissue to remove any excess product.

Would you try this hairstyle at home?

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3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

Have you ever spotted a hairstyle from Pinterest but had no idea how to actually do it yourself? We have done all the hard work for you, and found three difficult-looking hairstyles and made them super easy! Now onto the attempts..

Round braid

Medium to long hair

Far from a normal braid which is flat on box sides, we can refer to it as a 3D braid instead.

3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

1. Comb through your hair ensuring there are no tangles or knots. Then divide the hair into 4 strands and pull over to one side of your shoulder.

2. Take the fourth strand and thread it around and over the second. Then reverse the direction and bring strand two over strand four.

3. Then repeat the same steps with the other side. Take the first strand and thread it around and over the third. Keep repeating this step under you reach the very bottom of your hair, and secure with a hair tie.

Top knot

Long hair

Don’t spend half of the morning creating your top knot – especially if you don’t have the time. This 10 second top knot requires minimal effort and a lot of creativity.

3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

1. Apply some dry shampoo at the roots to give hair a better hold and texture.

2. Hold your hair into a high ponytail, then pinch and tug the strands at the crown to create body before securing into a top knot.

3. Loop your hair around twice halfway down the ponytail, then slowly twist it around the crown of your head on the left side, then on the right side.

4. Only secure the bun with an elastic about halfway – this will create texture within your hair, and will look like a genuine sock-bun hairstyle!

Inside out ponytail

Medium hair

This super-easy style has been on our radar for years – but just how do we give some life to a simple ponytail?

3 Difficult Hairstyles Made Easy

1. Apply a tiny bit of gel, then apply it onto your flyaways as well as the ends of your hair.

2. Comb hair neatly and secure the ponytail just below the nape of the neck. There should be a small gape between the hair and the hair tie itself.

3. Divide this part of the hair into two sections, hold it open and fold the ponytail through. Pull it  through and adjust it as you see fit.

Which hairstyle would you try?

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Get the Look: Angelina Jolie’s Easy Chignon

Angelina Jolie’s low-key chignon at the Governors Awards in Hollywood is such an elegant hairstyle that’s perfect for work, dinner and parties. This chic chignon would also make a beautiful wedding hairstyle for brides and bridesmaids.

To replicate the look at home, forget fiddling around with bobby pins – we’ve found a genius hair tool that will make styling your hair into a chignon a breeze (it also works for top knots and buns). Scunci Pin Twirls, RRP $9.95, come as a set of curly pins and they’re really easy to use. Just follow these easy steps.

1. Pull hair together at the nape of the neck.

2. Twirl hair into a tight bun and tuck in the ends.

3. Swivel one pin twirl in from the top and the other from the bottom of the bun. Do not connect them.

That’s it! The pins are comfortable and keep your chignon secure and in place all day.


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