The Ultimate Arm Workout

There are many workouts which effectively tone the arms, and are easy enough for beginners to try out as well. If you can’t quite get to the gym on a daily or weekly basis, try these simple arm exercises which are perfect for getting in shape this summer.

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Arm circles

Stretch your arms outwards, and make sure your palms are facing the floor. Alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise circles for 30 seconds each.

The Ultimate Arm Workout

Knee push-ups

Start with your arms and legs flat on the floor, then rest your right leg over the left (or whatever is more comfortable for you). Lower your body until shoulders are on the same level as your elbows, and repeat this for 30 seconds.

The Ultimate Arm Workout

Overhead press

Extend your arms upwards, and keep them as straight as you can. Next, use your own resistance to push your arms back down to a 90º angle as hard as you can. If done correctly, you should feel the burn within your triceps.

The Ultimate Arm Workout

Tricep dips

Lie down flat on your back, and slowly bend your arms upwards to support your body weight. Keep knees bent, and push up through your arms and hips. This is also a great exercise for working out the legs and upper quad muscles.

The Ultimate Arm Workout

Bicep curls

Begin with arms at your sides, and curl upwards with a clenched fist. Again, use your own resistance to perform this exercise as hard as you can – it’s so much more effective than using dumbbells. Repeat for 30 seconds or until you feel the burn in your arms.

The Ultimate Arm Workout

What are some of your favourite arm workouts?

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5 Quick and Painless Workouts For All Women 

While it might prove difficult to stick to a consistent workout routine (especially for beginners), it’s important keep your exercise and diet on par with each other.

If you despise the idea of working out, or even if you simply don’t have the time to visit your local gym, below are just a few workouts you can try at home or on-the-go.

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Bicycle kicks

Whether you’re kicking back watching your favourite television show, or simply just surfing the internet, bicycle kicks are a quick exercise you can incorporate into your routine.

Slightly bend forwards and as your left elbow tucks inwards, your right leg should bend at the knee. Repeat this cycle ten times on each leg. It helps to keep your neck elevated, so put a pillow behind your head if you’re starting out with this exercise.

5 Quick and Painless Workouts For All Women 


Start with your body completely flat on the floor on even your bed, and extend your arms above your head. Then, as hard as you can, leap upwards and try to make your arms and legs meet in the centre. You should feel some pressure in your torso, and a burning feeling in your thighs.

5 Quick and Painless Workouts For All Women 

Jumping jacks

Did you know even the humble jumping jack is enough to get your heart racing? Extend your arms and legs outwards and jump for 1 minute. By the end of this, both your arms and inner thighs should feel the burn.

5 Quick and Painless Workouts For All Women 


Of course we were going to include the squat, why would we leave out this amazing exercise?!

You should have no excuse for this, since you can chat with a friend or watch your favourite show to pass the time. Remember to keep your legs about a hip-width apart, and make sure your feet remain flat on the ground. Extend your arms outwards for extra stability.

5 Quick and Painless Workouts For All Women 

Scissor kicks

Another exercise which you can easily achieve straight from your bed is the scissor kick. Lie flat on your back and raise your torso upwards by swinging each leg from the ground.

You should immediately feel a burning sensation in your abs – this means it’s working. Perfect if you need to get rid of that dreaded muffin-top before bikini season hits!

5 Quick and Painless Workouts For All Women 

So, what are you waiting for? Comment below with some of your favourite workouts.

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