Trend Alert: Underwear As Outerwear

Carrie Bradshaw started it, now stars like Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, even Jennifer Lawrence are embracing the underwear as outerwear look. Corsets and crop tops are becoming the center-piece of red carpet looks, and having your bra peaking out the side of your singlet is the ultimate way to sex-up your street wear.

Leading lingerie brands are becoming increasingly risqué with the visibility of their racy and lacy products. Luxury brands like Agent Provocateur and Dita Von Teese, are designing their delicates to be seen, with criss-crossing straps and high-neck styles hitting the stores.

Agent Provocateur is famous for their Alina bra – a style that claims to “frame your cleavage” with its french-maid looking, tear-drop shaped straps.

If you’d like this boudoir look without breaking the bank, try Elle Macpherson Intimates, or the latest indie fave – Hopeless lingerie. For inspiration, look at these celebs rocking their underwear on the streets and the red carpet.

Images via the Lingerie Addict, Glamour, Purse Blog and Agent Provocateur. 

Best Red Carpet Dresses of the Week

It was a busy week for celebrity style with the Golden Globes, but with dozens of before and after parties, there was plenty of incredible celebrity fashion on tap. Here are our favourite red carpet dresses of the week.


The Aussies were taking over L.A. this week. First up, Abbie Cornish in DVF at Diane Von Furstenberg’s Journey of A Dress Exhibition Opening Celebration held at LACMA. Looks like it may have been borrowed from the American Hustle set, but we love it!


Over at the G’Day USA Black Tie Gala, Elle Macpherson glittered in gold.


Naomi Watts was the epitome of old Hollywood glam in a delicate pale blue Marchesa dress.


Cate Blanchett continued to reign over Hollywood, this time in silk Prabal Gurung.


OK, it may not technically be a red carpet dress, but Lupita Nyong’o wins by a mile in her Peter Pilotto top and shorts at the Film Independent Spirit Awards nominations.


Jennifer Lopez brought back leather and lace in this sexy LBD at the Fox TCA party in Pasadena. Studded heels and red lips completed the bombshell look.


Nina Dobrev rocked this stunning strapless Emilio Pucci dress adorned with stars at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala.

Who wore the best red carpet dresses this week? Tell us in the comments!

Photos: Just Jared

Q&A with Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson, face of Invisible Zinc, has spent so much of her life in the sun, from photoshoots to visiting family in the summertime – she really is the original Aussie beach babe. We think she looks better than ever – how does she do it? Elle shares her best summer beauty and makeup tips and how she maintains that enviable glow all year round!

How do you hydrate, protect and nourish your skin in summer?
I drink 3 litres of water a day, and nourish my skin with moisturiser at night. I also exfoliate my skin all over twice a week using a dry body brush to encourage skin renewal and stimulate circulation. Most importantly I protect myself with Invisible Zinc ESP on my face and chest, and use Tinted Daywear SPF 30+ on ‘off duty’ days to give me a beautiful golden glow. I also love Invisible Zinc’s new SPF50+ as it contains next generation technology and doesn’t leave a white caste.

Why is incorporating sun care into your daily routine so important- especially for Australian women?
Prevention is always better than cure – for both premature ageing but also more serious skin cancer, especially here in Australia with our harsh sun. Anti-ageing skincare is a huge industry now, but it is UVA rays that are responsible for up to 80% of skin ageing so protecting your skin with sunscreen can help to prevent premature skin ageing. This is something that I wish I had learnt about a lot earlier than I had.

What are your tips for tanning safely?
I don’t think you can tan safely but being Australian we are an outdoors nation where the bronzed beach look is so iconic, faking it is the only way to have a safe tan. The Invisible Zinc Jet Set Tan is great because it really gives you even coverage and the most natural, bronzed colour without the orange look that many tanners give. It also doesn’t have the strong overwhelming smell of other tans- more of a faint caramel scent.

But even when you’ve got your tan on – it’s still important to cover-up and wear sunscreen.

What is your daily skincare and makeup routine?
I am very particular about always removing my make-up and I love to use really nourishing moisturisers after cleansing. I am a big fan of Lucas Paw Paw Ointment another tried and true Aussie must-have along with Invisible Zinc! I drink 3 litres of water a day, and nourish my skin with moisturiser at night. Most importantly I protect myself with sunscreen – Invisible Zinc ESP Moisturiser SPF30+ on my face and chest, and I use Tinted Daywear SPF30+ on ‘off duty’ days to give me a beautiful golden glow.

Today is the start of Invisible Zinc Spot Check Month, encouraging Australians to check their skin for bad spots this January. Invisible Zinc Spot Check Month sees $150,000 worth of free skin cancer checks being offered at clinics around the country. Visit Invisible Zinc for more information.

Elle Macpherson Marries Billionaire Jeffrey Soffer

Elle Macpherson has tied the knot with her billionaire fiance, Jeffrey Soffer in Fiji.

Macpherson, 49, and Soffer, 44, married in front of family and friends on the island. They had been engaged since March.

The couple dated for two years before splitting in March 2012. But the model rushed to his side following a horrific helicopter crash in the Bahamas in November last year, which killed his friend and saw Soffer undergo surgery for a fractured vertebrae.

The real estate developer is based in Miami, and Macpherson is believed to be preparing to relocate there from London.

Macpherson was previously married to fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon from 1986 to 1989.

She dated French financier Arpad Busson for 10 years from 1995 to 2005 and has two sons with him: Arpad Flynn, 15, and Aurelius Cy, 10.

Elle offending Brits taste in Lingerie

Elle offending Brits taste in Lingerie

Back in business after a short respite in a US clinic, Elle Macpherson now appears to be suffering from a severe care of foot in mouth disease, with her recent comments about the Poms and their supposed lack of imagination in the lingerie department. Not a cunning marketing move, Elle, when you’re trying to launch your undies brand to the UK? The supermodel and mum told a NZ TV crew that she is responsible for getting the stuffy Poms into some more slinky undergarments “It has taken me some time to re-educate the English. They’re not known for their lingerie bravado. They are not really a country that has a reputation for changing their underwear very often.” Hopefully Elle is not considering a career in diplomatic relations anytime soon!

Wedding hint from Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has been dropping hints all over the place that she wants to marry Coldplay lead singer, boyfriend Chris Martin. And fair enough, they have been dating for over a year now and if Hollywood years are like dog years that that must be like seven years for the rest of us mere mortals. Paltrow has hinted that she wants to marry Martin, but is waiting for him to propose to her. The Oscar-winner discussed her year-long relationship in an interview with celebrated talk show host Michael Parkinson recently. Asked whether she plans to marry, she replied: “I don’t know. I hope so.” Pressed on whether that would be to Chris Martin, the actress said: “I’m the wrong person to ask – ask him.” Keep waiting Gwynnie!

Pamela Anderson at Sunday School?

Now we have heard it all! Pamela Anderson,36, has let is slip that she’s now working as a Sunday school teacher. The one-time Playboy centrefold says her faith in God has helped her cope with bad times in her life. According to reports on the BBC’s The Hand Of God, she said: “I’m teaching at my sons’ Sunday school. It’s reading the Bible, getting out jelly beans and setting the kids a good example.” She added: “There have been bad times and good times and I have had religion to get me through. I think it’s important as I’ve always believed in God. It’s just I’ve joined a new church and my kids are at Sunday school.” Surprisingly, Anderson sees no contradiction between her sexy image and believing in God. “Maybe I’ve surprised people. When you are blonde, people have low expectations of you.” Couldn’t possibly be because you have a soft spot for bad boy tattooed rockers and over-sized breast implants, Pammy?

Is Elle at an all-time low?

Is Elle at an all-time low?

Has all the partying, running a business, having two kids and being a fab wife finally caught up with Elle Macpherson? The first signs things might have been going a bit pear shaped for The Body was her notable absence from one of UK fashion’s biggest events, London Fashion Week. Weeks later it was revealed that she had also cancelled her commitments at the most prestigious racing and social events, the Melbourne Cup, where she was due to be a star guest next month. Media all around the world are claiming the supermodel has checked herself into The Meadows rehabilitation clinic in Arizona and is being treated for postnatal depression.

Media pundits are speculating that Elle might be in the depths of a mid-life crisis – her 40th birthday next year. There are also rumours that she is at an all-time emotional low, suffering from “exhaustion and stress”. As Elle?s family closes ranks around her, friends are rallying to her defense ?She just wants to devote herself to being a good mother and partner to Arkie, as well as keeping her business interests strong? one friend told the press. Maybe the supermodel is finding out that she is only human and that trying to run a global business, raise two young children and be a good wife is a super-human effort by any ones standards! Get well soon Elle!

Berry dumps sex addict husband

Last week Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry and husband Eric Benet announced their separation. The couple has apparently asked the press for some privacy during their separation. Berry announced that the marriage was in trouble after less than three years of marriage. ?Eric and I have had marital problems for some time now and have tried to work things out together,” she said in a statement. “However, at this point, I feel we need time apart to re-evaluate our union.” The couple met in 1999 and tied the knot in 2001, the marriage a second for Berry. But, as frequently reported in media around the world, Benet had a bit of a problem with the ?forsaking all others? part of the wedding vows, his alleged martial meandering seems to have finally taken its toll on the couple. Ms Berry has asked for her privacy to be respected “during this emotional time”.

Heath and Naomi Splitsville too!

Glamour Australian actors Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts have split. Ledger, 24, and Watts, 35, who met on the Australian movie set of Ned Kelly early last year are members of the clique of Australian actors making it big in Hollywood recently. Australian publicist Kate Ledger -Heath?s sister – confirmed the couple had ended their 16-month relationship. “Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts have made the decision to go their separate ways,” she said in a statement. “At this time in their lives both are busy pursuing careers which are taking them in different directions.? The statements also confirmed “They remain close friends.”

The air has been thick with rumours of the demise of this couple. Both Naomi and Heath have been spotted flying solo at key industry events around the globe – Naomi was most recently at Venice?s Film Festival on the red carpet promoting her next two flicks Le Divorce and 21 Grams. Maybe as Naomi?s star is firmly rising and Ledger?s seems have stalled put extra pressure on the couple. Friends are pointing the finger of blame at their pair?s hectic careers as well as the much-discussed eleven-year age gap. But, the classy couple seem to have broken the break-up mold – no dramas, no one third parties involved, no name calling, no restraining orders! Nice to see some people break up like mature adults and even manage to stay friends!


Marky Marky and his new girl

Marky Marky and his new girl

Gone are the Calvins and here come the nappies and sleepless nights. Actor, Mark Wahlberg and his girlfriend, model Rhea Durham, became parents last week says The Italian Job star’s publicist. The girl, named Ella Rae, was born in Los Angeles, where the couple share a home. No word on the newborn’s weight or other details. It’s the first child for Wahlberg, 32, and Durham, 25. The two former underwear models (he for Calvin Klein, she for Victoria’s Secret) have been dating since 2001, after the breakup of Wahlberg’s relationship with The Fast and the Furious actress Jordana Brewster. ”Rhea is what I was looking for,” Wahlberg once told People magazine. ”She has really strong morals and high standards, and I like that.” Nice to see strong morals still get the spunky guys!

Stone’s not rushing into anything

Since recently announcing her divorce from Phil Bronstein, executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, actress Sharon Stone apparently isn’t rushing back into the dating scene as reported in some local mags. Stone allegedly told Access Hollywood she hasn’t dated at all since she and her husband separated. So guess Goldie Hawn?s son is safe at this stage! “This is a whole new life”, Stone admitted. She says she wants “to take it kinda slow” and “do it in a way that’s fun and gentle.” Phew! Glad she doesn?t want to do it fast and hard!

Elle attacks post-natal diets

Elle Macpherson, known as ?the Body’, has recently attacked the current fad for fast post-natal weight loss, saying there appears to be a “competition” between women to see who could lose weight most quickly after a baby. “It’s unhealthy for both mother and child,” Macpherson said in the October edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Celebrity mums, including Victoria Beckham and Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah-Jessica Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones, just to name a few, are encouraging women to go on crash-diets straight after giving birth. ?I haven’t lost every skerrick of weight yet, but that’s normal – I only had Cy in February,? said Elle. ?Sure, I may not be skinny-skinny, but who cares?” Elle has attacked the “ridiculous” pressure on women to lose weight quickly after childbirth. Good on you Elle, most of wished we looked as good as she did after having a child and being almost 40 too!


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