Emma Stone’s Beachy Side Bun Hairstyle

Give your hair a style re-fresh with one of the hottest styles of the season – a side bun. This popular summer hairstyle is the perfect way to keep your hair frizz-free, plus it looks amazing with a little wear!

Actress Emma Stone was recently spotted with the much-coveted style at the premiere Irrational Man in Los Angeles, California.

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1. This style is best on day three hair since it will give enough hold, and won’t feel too frizzy. If you are starting from scratch, use a volumising shampoo which will give your roots some much-needed lift.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo, $29.65

2. To create some beachy waves, spritz your hair with some sea salt spray and scrunch it with your hands.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Pure Sea Salt Spray, $27.95

3. Take the rest of the hair and secure it in a low bun at the nape of the neck. If your hair is on the thicker side, use a translucent hair tie to keep it all in place.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun Hairstyle

4. Use a teasing comb to carefully sift out the shorter layers of hair which will frame your face.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Evo Tyler Teasing Brush, $29.95

5. If your hair needs it, spritz lightly with some hair spray to keep it all intact.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray, $31.70

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Aloha A Heartfelt Triumph: Don’t Believe The Hype

Ignore those bad reviews: Aloha is well-worth both the cinema experience and your hard-earned money. So much so, it’s beyond me how anyone could despise this sweet, heartfelt, engaging and thoroughly entertaining film.

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What’s more, the romantic drama has a kick-arse soundtrack, a top cast, a stunning backdrop in the form of Hawaii; and well-rounded, likeable and charismatic characters you can’t help but fall in love with – indeed, all the signature hallmarks of another great Cameron Crowe flick. The Academy Award-winning writer, director and co-producer on Aloha has also given us other great films to remember, such as the iconic Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous.

In Aloha, celebrated military contractor (Bradley Cooper) returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs – the US Space program in Honolulu, Hawaii – and reconnects with a long-ago love (Rachel McAdams) while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog (Emma Stone) assigned to him. Aloha also stars Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin.

What is NOT to love about this amazing cast?! Bill Murray’s hilarious, suave performance is reason enough to pay the admission fee for Aloha – what genius casting right there. Having said that, I also really loved stand-out actors such as Stone, Baldwin, Krasinski and the very easy-on-the-eyes Bradley Cooper, who actually surprised me with his versatility and likeability in this film.

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The movie is essentially a ménage a trois of sorts: a love triangle, if you will. But it’s also about second chances at life; the true meaning of family and friendships; and why staying true to yourself and your convictions always pays off.

I took my best friend of 20 years with me along to see this film at a premiere and both of us loved it from start-to-finish. I was on some serious antibiotics at the time, but I enjoyed a great, heartfelt banshee cry midway through the film, as did my friend – it’s touching and achingly sad in parts, while hilarious and thought-provoking in others.

new movie releases, movie review, Bradley Cooper

The movie has a very endearing bittersweet quality; I didn’t want it to end. And there’s one utterly hilarious and magical scene involving the male leads – which I won’t spoil here – which speaks volumes about both the actors’ talents and Crowe’s genius at conveying much in a small amount of time. Some brilliant actors can emote so much with their eyes; it’s nothing less than a God-given talent.

I must also express my love and appreciation for a film which gives strong, powerful, funny and complex female characters so much screen time – thank you, Cameron Crowe. Rachael McAdams also shines here, as one side of the love triangle.

new movie releases, movie review, Bradley Cooper

My only mild criticism of the film is, call me strange, I found the fact that Bradley Cooper’s character’s name is Brian Gilcrest somewhat off-putting. I kept envisioning plastic-fantastic American radio personality, television host, and producer Ryan Seacrest in my head – it’s just too similar-sounding – and it made me lose my concentration a few times, taking me away from Brad’s manly loveliness.

You could happily take either your man or your bestie along to see this film with you; don’t believe the hype – it’s truly great. Haters gonna hate; there’s a lot to love here. Aloha hits cinemas this week; do yourself a favour and go see it!

Emma Stone In Cabaret And Other Famous Sally Bowles

We have our first look at Emma Stone as the iconic title character in Cabaret. Emma will soon be assuming her position in the Broadway revival of the much-loved stage musical, which first premiered in 1968. Stone will play Sally Bowles – a sassy and sexy entertainer in an underground cabaret club during WW2. Stone will join a long line of decorated actresses to don lingerie and fishnets for the coveted part. Perhaps you recognise some of the other famous faces who have portrayed Ms Bowles…

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1. Liza Minnelli


Undoubtedly the most famous portrayal of Bowles, Liza played the part in the 1972 film version of the musical… and nabbed an Academy Award for her trouble.

2. Michelle Williams


If her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe wasn’t enough to impress you, perhaps this all-singing and dancing theatre role will convince you of Michelle Williams‘ depth of talent. Stone will replace Williams in the ongoing 2014 Broadway revival of the musical.

3. Judi Dench

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Last but not least, a 34 year-old Judi Dench debuted Sally Bowles on London’s prestigious West End in 1968. You might be more familiar with Dench in… oh I don’t know, perhaps one of her seven Oscar-nominated film performances.

4. Natasha Richardson


Natasha featured in the 1998 Broadway revival of Cabaret, and won a Tony Award for Best Actress. After she retired the role, the show continued with other famous faces including Teri Hatcher, Brooke Shields, and Molly Ringwald.

5. Samantha Barks


You might be more familiar with Barks as Eponine from the 2013 film version of Les Miserables. However, originally a stage performer, Barks toured the UK in the part of Sally Bowles in 2008-2009.


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Images via E! Online Australia, broadwayworld.com, masterworksbroadway.com, telegraph.co.uk

5 Hairstyles For Round Faces

Whether you’ve got full, thick hair or fine, thin hair, you will have noticed the difference that your face shape makes on how your favourite hairstyle looks. Complimenting a round face isn’t always easy so we’ve put together five of the best hairstyles for round faces, plus some styling tips to help you style your new cut.

Whatever your hair type, long hair will elongate a round face. Selena Gomez’s longer, layered cut really compliments her round face. If you have very thick, curly hair, try taming it with specialised hair products and hair tools.


With short hair or tied-up hair, try adding volume on the top of the head with moose, spritz, back-combing or wax, just like style queen Ginnifer Goodwin who adds texture to her pixie cut with a little hair product, instantly elongating the face.


Fringes can look amazing on round faces, just avoid thick fringes on hair that is shoulder length or above – this will just swamp your face. Kirsten Dunst opts for a soft, side-swept fringe will looks romantic and feminine yet flattering.


Thick or curly hair can look very dense when cut short, making your face look rounder. If you have very thick hair and wish to cut your hair to shoulder length or shorter, layering and feathering can make the hair look lighter and smoother. Law and Order’s Mariska Hargitay might have thick, full hair, but her chic short hairstyle and clever layering makes her hair look lighter and younger.


When wearing hair up, trail some hair at the front to frame the face – Emma Stone is a pro at the updo with soft, feathered layers around the face.

Hairstyling tips for round faces:

1. Frame your face by curling the front of the hair inwards. This looks best when done at around chin length.

2. As with any face shape, healthy, well-kept hair will always make you look and feel great, so stick to a daily hair care beauty regime, avoiding heated styling aids and chemical-heavy products when possible. Pay attention to your hair type and condition when choosing from among the many fashionable hairstyles for round faces that are out there.

What’s your favourite hairstyle for round faces?