#DearMe Campaign Inspires Women Worldwide

Do you ever think back and wonder, what if? What if I had taken more chances, been more confident, made more mistakes, laughed often, or tried harder. What would you tell your younger self? Well YouTube has done just that.

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, the video website has launched the campaign, #DearMe, an initiative aimed to empower and inspire young women worldwide. Cathy Tang, YouTube’s marketing manager wrote that the website is a “place where people can come together, share interests, relate experiences and offer each other support,” and it is through this campaign that the website manages to do just that.

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Originally featuring YouTube celebrities such as Grace Helbig, Michelle Phan, Hannah Hart and Felicia Day, just to name a few, the campaign is taking on a life of its own with thousands of ordinary women (and men) getting involved. Through #DearMe, these women – who just like you and me – have all had struggles, insecurities, failures and problems, send messages of reassurance and lessons they wish they knew to their younger self. The original #DearMe participants have a total of 38.2 million subscribers between them, so it’s no wonder the campaign is picking up traction.

Modelled off the 2010 #ItGetsBetter initiative – a movement created in response to the increasing number of teenage suicides due to bullying – #DearMe aims to let young women know that growing up is tough but it all gets better. Since it’s launch on March 3, the campaign has gone viral, and within an hour was the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide and is encouraging women everywhere to upload the advice they wish they had heard earlier in their lives. YouTube star Hannah Hart communicates perfectly when she addresses her younger self: “I know you’re staying up late worrying about getting a date or falling in love, or the man you’re going to marry. Well guess what? You’re gay!”

Reaching out to both girls and women worldwide, this empowering campaign lets us know that it is ok to feel this way. Our imperfections are what make us unique, our passions are what define us and our insecurities can in the end be our strengths. Within the original video #DearMe YouTubers encourage viewers with multiple messages of optimism: “There is not one person on the planet that can replace you.”

“Your going to meet a version of yourself that you never knew existed, so don’t stress out too much,” and “don’t be afraid of being afraid.”

So if you could go back in time, do it all again and speak to your younger self, what advice would you share? As the campaign declares: “It all starts with two words. Dear Me.”

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Image via YouTube