Single Women Deserve Bachelorette Parties Too

Seriously, between the hen dos and the weddings and the baby showers, where are the celebrations for single women? Republished from Whimn.com.au.

Why I Wanted My Cane In My Engagement Photos

My cane is a physical manifestation of my identity as a disabled person, and that’s something that is always part of me.

What The Hell Is The Rush To Get Married And Have Kids?

I feel like I’m the only sane person here.

I’m Engaged – Now What? 9 Things To Check Off Your List

You’re engaged – congratulations! For some, it might seem a little early to start planning the wedding (which might be more than one year away), but it’s best to be prepared in matters of the heart.

Tick off these ten essentials off your list after the engagement party has come and gone.

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Bridal magazines

Stock-up on those bridal magazines and start doing your research! It’s best to cover all of your bases and learn as much as you can now… a little inspiration never hurt!

Insure your ring

Make sure you can get the ring appraised and insured as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry, especially if something comes up down the track.

Guest list

Start thinking about the guest list for your wedding – especially if you come from a big family. Where will the reception take place? Will it be an international wedding?

Gift registry

If you’re the type of couple who knows exactly what they want, it’s best to register for gifts. This way, you will know what to expect from your guests and won’t be stuck with doubles.

Bridal party

Who will be the maid of honour – your sister or your best friend? These are the tough questions!


After the wedding comes the honeymoon, so it’s important that you both make it special! Decide on where you want to go, when you’re both free to travel from work, and how long you will be staying.


While it’s probably a downer (especially if you love an impulse purchase every now and then), it’s important to talk about your wedding budget. Are you willing to try a DIY, or leave it to the professionals?

Wedding planner

Will you go at it alone or hire the services of a wedding planner for the big day? Do your research, follow a few in your local area on Instagram and get some inspiration for your theme.


Wedding venues typically sell-out fast, so it’s important to book your venue as soon as a date is planned. Don’t leave it to the last minute, and make sure you have a back-up plan if the reception is outside.

Image via Glamour

Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas

Most couples barely have their ideal wedding planned out, let alone the engagement party! So if you’re finding it difficult to stick with just one solid theme, take inspiration from the following real weddings from all over the globe.

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Choose this clean and refined take on springtime chic featuring pink flowers, floral chandeliers, rustic tables and acrylic chairs. Everything is kept in a consistent colour palette – even the seating charts which were adorned in white, pink, and gold accents.

If you’re more of a sentimental type of couple, choose a decoration which will represent both of your backgrounds. This is a beautiful way to merge both of your families into one, while still making your wedding very personal.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas


Combine both of your cultures in a super-sized wedding which both families are bound to enjoy. One of our favourites below shows just how to mix southern culture with a traditional Indian wedding.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas


Who doesn’t love a themed event? One of our favourites below was captured in Ireland during the festive season, and featured rich accents and decorations. Mulled wine, comfort foods and green ferns add the finishing touches to an engagement party for the colder parts of the year.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas


If you’re more of a modern type of girl (nothing traditional here!), incorporate some of your style into the decor. We’re thinking clean lines, brass accents and stripes for the table setting. Fresh seasonal flowers and a touch of class is the perfect way to celebrate this engagement.

5 Inspirational Engagement Party Ideas

Images via Wedded Wonderland, Style Me Pretty, Laura Murray Photography, Megan Martin Weddings, Geneoh

Weekend Wit: The Drunken Proposal

We all get that proposing marriage can be a nerve wrecking experience but the drunken proposal is just plain wrong. I’ve actually had this happen to me more than once! So, chances are that if one woman has experienced this multiple times it must be a bit of a trend. I maybe wrong, but it is a possibility. It might also be that I just totally lucked out and probably not in a good way either.

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Now, the first time I received a drunken proposal, I fell for it. I was young, dumb and in love. It didn’t matter how he proposed just as long as he did. It seemed everyone around us was in proposal mode, so I figured sooner or later it would be my turn. Sure enough it was, at the worst time possible! I happened to be so drunk when receiving the proposal, that when I woke up I had to ask whether or not it actually happened. Had I dreamed it? Was it real? And, more importantly, did I accept?

Hungover and desperate for answers I discovered that apparently I had. Hmmm, not exactly the way I’d pictured it. Perhaps this is the reason I switched from alcohol to coffee? I do recall not getting that drunk for a very, very long time!

Anyways, I might be a bit old-fashioned here but there are still plenty of ladies out there that believe one day the man or woman (I won’t discriminate, even though laws do) of their dreams will actually show up. To add to this fantasy, they’ll eventually get down on one knee and ask the question, “will you marry me?” In her mind it will be perfect.

They will probably be somewhere romantic, candles, soft music and the love of her life down on one knee, holding hands, asking earnestly if she’d give them the honor of becoming the wife. (It’s actually quite difficult writing this gender neutral, but you get the gist.) We’ve seen it on The Bachelor, heard it it fair tales like Cinderella, so surely that’s how it’s supposed to go?

So, image the horror when this image is replaced by the reality of a drunken proposal? There’s no romance, or very little and they’re probably down on two knees because they’re far too wasted to balance on one. The words spill out of their mouth so slurred that they are almost unrecognizable and the speech they had prepared goes totally out the window. Basically they’re that drunk that the words flow out like, “willyamaryme” as if it’s one word rather than a phrase.

Unfortunately it isn’t pretty but I can understand that it’s easily done. The individual is so nervous preparing and looking for the right time to propose that they choose to have a few drinks to calm their nerves. Those few drinks turns into a few too many and voilà! Thankfully by the second drunken proposal I’d learned my lesson and demanded the romance, which is perhaps why I’m still waiting for it?

It’s not all bad though. There is something worse than the drunken proposal. I’ve seen it happen to others and those poor souls accepted and then had their proposal revoked. Ouch! Having awoken the next morning the proposer took another look at their bride to be and thought, hell no! What have I done? Suffice to say not exactly relationships made in heaven. So, I’m certainly not going to complain. At least I haven’t had to endure that!

Image via fc03.deviantart.net

You’re Engaged: Now What?

You’re engaged – congratulations! Despite the excitement of choosing your wedding dress or picking a honeymoon destination, your engagement is also a period to focus on your relationship. Follow this tried-and-true advice to help you navigate through this important stage of your relationship.

Dont Rush into the Wedding Planning

As soon as you get engaged, many couples (ok, women) immediately begin planning their wedding. Sure, some things – like the wedding venue – need to be booked well ahead of the big day, but it’s easy to rush too quickly into planning every little detail. Becoming engaged to the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with is an exciting time. You and your love should enjoy this special time together. Don’t forget, your man has probably spent a lot of time (money) planning the proposal and picking out the ring. So give him a bit of a break from the planning process and show him how much you appreciate all that he has done.

A Lesson in Compromise

The wedding planning process is a good lesson in compromise, trust and learning to rely on one another. When challenges occur — which will happen sooner or later — remember that your partner in life is there to help and support you. Make sure you take him into account in the wedding planning, and don’t be afraid to let him know what’s important to you.

Consider Counselling

Counselling? But you’ve only just got engaged! Hear us out: walking down the aisle is a huge commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help strengthen your relationship and build a stronger bond, consider pre-marital counselling during your engagement period. It gives you the opportunity to discuss important life decisions, like do you want children? What happens if one of you gets sick? And how will we handle financial difficulties? It can also teach you how to better communicate, which builds a solid foundation for your life together.

Continue to Date and Woo One Another

Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you should stop those romantic dates that made you get to know and fall in love with each other. Couples should take turns planning fun, romantic dates. Dates like a picnic in the park or hike together will continue strengthening your bond, and keeps your relationship fresh.

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