Births, deaths and marriages

Births, deaths and marriages

Soon-to-be bride? Anna Kournikova
Kournikova’s granny reveals Anna and Enrique will marry soon
Anna Kournikova‘s 68-year-old grandmother says the tennis star will marry Enrique Iglesias “soon”. Anna?s granny was recently introduced to the young crooner by her granddaughter while he was in Moscow for a concert. In reports from England?s Sunday Mirror Granny Kournikova has given the pair her blessing. The tennis player’s grandmother, also called Anna Kournikova, said: “We’ll hear wedding bells soon. Enrique is a good match for Anna. I found him a very charming boy.” “My husband and I were worried about his visit because he’s such a star and so famous that we didn’t quite know how to behave towards him,” she added. Even though the visit went swimmingly it appears this may be wishful thinking by Granny K if Enrique gets his way!

Not according to Enrique
Enrique tells Russian press ? no hurry to marry Kournikova
But in reports from Russian newspapers, Enrique stated he may never marry Anna Kournikova because marriage is just a formality. “In the near future, I want to dedicate all my free time to Anna, but whether we marry or not makes no difference to me,” he told Russian daily newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets while in Moscow performing. The 28-year-old singer, staying at Moscow’s Metropol hotel with Kourn?kova, added that he could imagine having children out of wedlock. ?We can have kids without being married,” Iglesias added. “Kids grow up whether their parents are officially married or not. The only important thing is that the kids are wanted and loved.” Oweee wonder what the future bride thinks of Enrique?s views on marriage and kids?

Lucy Liu newly engaged
Charles Angels star to wed
Charlie’s Angels star Lucy Liu has revealed plans to wed her boyfriend of ten months, playwright Zach Helm. Introduced by a mutual friend in June last year, 34-year-old Lucy and Zach, 28, immediately hit it off. And apparently, they have so much in common, they’ve even come to a complete agreement on the type of wedding they’ll have. “Neither of us are into big, showy events and we talked about a quiet marriage, somewhere with just a few close friends and family and no big deal,” she said. “I know that when you’re involved with Hollywood it’s almost expected that you will put on a big extravaganza or do something outrageous, but I’m not like that.” Lucy, who most recently played an underworld assassin in Kill Bill, is instead planning “quiet” nuptials, more in line with her off-screen personality than her famously in-your-face film characters. “Marriage is a special, private moment, a commitment,” she says, “and it should be a very emotional time, not another movie set.”

Mother of two, Cate Blanchett
It?s raining baby boys
Aussie star Cate Blanchett gave birth to her second son last Friday. ?Roman Robert was born in London to the 34-year-old actor and husband screenwriter Andrew Upton. They also have a two year old son, Dashiell John. Also born over the weekend was a baby son for pop singer Sophie Ellis Bextor and partner Richard Jones. The 25-year-old was diagnosed with the potentially life-threatening condition pre-eclampsia and underwent a Caesarean section. Sonny was born at only 28 weeks, and will have to remain in hospital for the next few weeks. A spokesman for the singer says both mother and baby were ?doing well?.

Cosmetic Icon Estee Lauder
Beauty queen dies
And finally, this weekend saw the sad passing of Estee Lauder. This cosmetics icon developed a $5 billion a year empire out of face creams and bath oils and was once quoted as saying, “There are no homely women, only careless women”. She died of cardiopulmonary arrest in her home on Saturday aged 97.

April 27, 2004

Christina Aguilera set to marry

Christina Aguilera set to marry

The “very happy and in love” Christina
The bride-to-be has remained rather reserved when asked about her romantic life. “My relationship is something I won’t talk about,” she said recently. “The only thing I’ll say is that I’m very happy right now.” But seems her friends are willing to fill in the bits CA wont reveal to the press, with one friend quoted as saying ?they are smitten with each other and Christina is relieved to be with someone who is down to earth and normal?. “She feels really grounded when she’s around Jordan. He does not care for the showbiz world and they really are just like a normal couple when she is out of the limelight,” the report quoted a friend of Christina as saying.
“They have a great understanding and are so in love. Marriage is the right thing for them to do. She is very busy though so I can’t see them being in a huge rush to go ahead with the ceremony straight away,” added the pop star’s friend thoughtfully. Oh how cute!

Bond…not for much longer
Latest Bond movie lost the plot?
Pierce Brosnan has spoken frankly to the UK?s The Sun newspaper in which he accuses the producers of ruining Bond films with too many special effects and not enough plot. Could it be true that after twenty Bond films, the producers have finally succumbed to writer?s block? Sources at MGM studios have admitted that the current Bond film is in ?disarray? and definitely won?t be ready to commence filming later this year as planned. Brosnan says: ?The bar for these movies was raised so high with the last one (Die Another Day) and they don?t seem to know how to improve on it. ?They don?t have a script or a director so the rumours that we will begin filming in the autumn are just rumours.? And rumours abound as to who will actually play Bond this time, with Brosnan confirming he is definitely keen, but not certain of the role as yet. Could Brosnan be replaced after only four Bond films? Is our own Hugh Jackman a hot contender for the younger, spunkier James Bond? All we can say is as long as it is not Ben Affleck, then it works for us!

At least he’s got great pecs
Enrique Iglesias: world’s smallest penis
Enrique?s stunning confession came after the 28-year-old was asked if he would go naked on an album cover, says UK newspaper The Sun. He said: “Maybe I’ve not got the biggest penis in the world. Maybe if you had the biggest penis in the world, you would sell records. But I don’t. I could actually have the smallest penis in the world out there.” Bet that makes fianc? Anna Kournikova cringe with embarrassment! Thanks for sharing Enrique!

Head to Mexico for tips
Did they really say that?
?School teaches girls how to be perfect wives?
A school in Mexico City is offering classes to teach girls how to become perfect wives.
The Tota Topete School is offering the special weekly after-school classes to 13 to 18-year-old girls, reports Las Ultimas Noticias. Lessons include cooking, sewing, ironing, childcare and special feminine touches such as putting flowers in bathrooms and having initials embroidered on towels. Professor Tota Topete said: “The skills learnt here are in danger of becoming lost as more Mexican women join the global tendency of concentrating more on their careers than taking proper care of the house. “Nowadays, every woman wants to work but that is simply not possible if you are a wife or a mother. That means not taking care of your husband and that could lead to divorce.” Great to see such a progressive view on women?s role in the family! NOT!

March 30, 2004

Ashton and Demi’s dilemma

Ashton and Demi’s dilemma

Will Ashton be the only baby in the relationship?
Hollywood has been gossiping for months about the impending engagement of Demi Moore and her young lover Ashton Kutcher. But now a source close to the pair has revealed the reason why Kutcher, 26, hasn’t popped the question. While the Punkd star adores Demi’s kids, he’s admitted that he too would like to have children with the 41-year-old Charlie’s Angels star. The trouble is, Demi doesn’t know if she wants to add more children to her brood of three daughters, with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Guess they better get this one sorted out before they consider tying the knot…

New dad Charlie Sheen
Hollywood baby news
Actor Charlie Sheen, 38, and wife Denise Richards, 33, have become parents! Baby daughter Sam Sheen arrived on March 8 in LA weighing in at 3.3kgs. This is the couple’s first child together. Sheen also has a 19-year-old daughter, Cassandra, from his first marriage. Also on the baby front, rumour has it that mum-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow is expecting a baby boy! Insiders have reported that the actress served up a cake with blue icing at a recent tea party in her London home.

Don’t mess with Jude!
Jude’s girlfriend a real mess
Hunky actor Jude Law,31, is apparently set to ditch new girlfriend Sienna Miller – because she’s too messy! Sources say that Jude is fanatical about order and loves the sight of his wardrobe sorted out with all his clothes in colour order! He’s likes to keep his desk neat at all times and has a penchant for freshly sharpened pencils. Sienna doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to organisation – missing appointments, losing things and forgetting her purse and mobile phone. Seems like Sienna, 21, needs to get things in order if she wants to hang on to Mr Tidy!

Happy Anna & Enrique
Enrique and Anna still paired up
Tennis pin-up girl Anna Kournikova and her Latino pop prince boyfriend Enrique Iglesias appear to be very much a couple, despite persistent rumours that their relationship is in trouble. The pair are in town for Enrique’s tour for new album 7.The couple were photographed in Brisbane last week, looking every bit the happy couple, Enrique revealing that Anna, who’s been Down Under before, was acting as his tour guide. “She loves Australia and I have never been, so she was really keen to join me,” he said.

March 16, 2004

Anna Kournikova to star in Sex in the City?

Anna Kournikova to star in Sex in the City?

Anna Kournikova has finally admitted that she’s better as a full-time sex symbol than a part-time court princess. At this week’s World Music Awards Kournikova said she was probably going to quit tennis permanently by the end of this year to concentrate on a career in TV. Aiming high, as always, the media-shy star (NOT!) said “I’d love to appear in something like Sex And The City or Friends,” bet that sent the SITC writers scurrying to work out a plot to add her to the top rating show! Wonder if they are going to try and write a song for Kournikova?s boyfriend Enrique Iglesias too?

The Russian blonde went on to say ?Acting and presenting are definitely things I enjoy. I get offered lots of those jobs but I’ve never had time to pursue them because of my tennis.” Kournikova said she was moving into show business after admitting her body could no longer withstand the rigours of the professional circuit. Maybe she is just sick of losing every match? What we want to know is who are the male fans of women?s tennis going to drool over now? We know they don?t go to watch the sport!

Bloodshed ranks number 1 with Yanks

Ironically, for a nation plagued by massacres and serial killings, a remake of the 1974 horror flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was the top grossing movie in the US last week, taking over nearly $50 million in ticket sales. The cult horror flick stars Jessica Biel as one of a group of friends stranded in a Texas town, where they are preyed on by a clan of cannibals, including chainsaw killer Leatherface.

According to Russell Schwatz, head of marketing for New Line which released the film, over 75% of the audience were under 25 but the audience was split almost 50/50 men and women watching the blood and gore. Biel’s presence helped draw more women viewers to the gory genre flick that is typically the domain of men. “But also, women love to be scared, perhaps more than men,” Schwartz said. “It’s only the gory part that helps turn off the female audience, not so much the scary part.”

And if one slasher movie wasn?t enough for you, Quentin Tarantino‘s blood-splattered vengeance flick Kill Bill – Vol. 1, starrring Uma Thurman took out second place in the US box office openings last weekend. But it?s not all blood and guts ? those after some thrills and spills should check out John Grisham?s courtroom drama flick Runaway Jury with Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack and Rachel Weisz.

Tennis Baby

Andre Agassi, 33 and Stefi Graf, 34 had their second child last week. The new addition, a baby girl named Jaz Elle Agassi, joins Jaden Gill who will be two this month. Mother and baby are at home in Las Vegas getting acquainted.


October 21, 2003