Sadie gives Sienna the thumbs up

Sadie gives Sienna the thumbs up

Jude’s new flame Sienna Miller
A far cry from the tantrums and tears of recent times, it appears now that Sadie Frost and Jude Law have made their peace with one another following their highly publicised break-up. What’s more, Sadie has apparently Jude’s new love, Sienna Miller, her seal of approval. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Sadie, 37, declared that she still loved her ex-husband and would have done anything to make their marriage work but she has now accepted the split. Frost also revealed that she was very happy with her new partner, 22-year-old flamenco guitarist Jackson Scott. She even went on to give Jude’s very own 22-year-old lover the thumbs up: “I’ve met her, and she was really lovely. I’m pleased he’s happy.” Yeah sure Sadie!

Not some crinkly old woman
Sadie: I’m not some crinkly old woman
Chatting about the age difference between herself and her new beau, Sadie said
“I don’t feel like some crinkly old woman next to him. It would have been better if he’d been older, but what can I do? He’s not.” And on she went “It’s nice to be with someone who’s so unjaded and pure. And he’s very sexy. The pictures don’t do him justice – he’s gorgeous,” she said. Sadie also spoke of the depths of her post-natal depression last year following the birth of baby Rudy. “It was horrible. I had mood swings, was insecure, hating myself, feeling like I was in a hole. You think you’re going a bit mad,” she said. “I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and obviously my husband should have been giving me a hug. But that didn’t happen, so it felt 100 times worse.” Ouch! Perhaps all is not forgiven with Jude after all?

Ethan says ambition not adultery
Ambition to blame, says Ethan Hawke
Another actor speaking about his disastrous marriage split is movie star Ethan Hawke. Hawke is alleging that it was the big ambitions of ex Uma Thurman that caused the breakdown of their marriage and not the fact that he reportedly screwed around. In an interview for US TV show 20/20 the actor has claimed that he was married to a “a woman that wants to be a movie star” and emphasised how difficult this can be. Oh Please! In the revealing interview, Hawke insists he still feels “beaten up” by the failure of his five-year marriage, admitting it was a tough period of his life. He says, “It is very difficult for any couple who are married if both people are very ambitious.” Hawke also revealed that being famous has made the break-up extremely difficult. He adds, “While I’m sitting here my marriage is not working. Everybody knows it. You hate to have your grandfather read about it. That’s what makes you feel ashamed, you know. It’s like, this is our marriage… and now there’s all these other voices in the room.” Maybe Mr Hawke needs to remember that old adage “you made your bed now lie in it?”

March 9, 2004

Are Uma and Ethan over?

Are Uma and Ethan over?

Despite rumours that divorce is imminent for glamour couple Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, Hawke?s spokesperson is still denying that the star hooked up with a younger beauty. However, a report in The National Enquirer has alleged that Ethan’s had a relationship with 22-year-old Canadian model Jen Perzow. This follows rumours that Hawke locked lips with Tomb Raider star, Angelina Jolie whilst on location filming Taking Lives in Canada. As recently as last month, Hawke?s spokesman Robert Garlock denied all reports of a separation, claiming, “They’ve been spending every weekend together, so the idea of another woman sounds ridiculous to me.” But US tabloids have been rampant with reports of a split, The Star, paper claiming Thurman already knows about her hubby’s extramarital activities with the young model – and it’s over. One source told the paper, “When Uma first got wind of Ethan’s cheating, they talked and she decided that maybe a one-night fling could be just a mistake and they could work through it. But when people told her that he was having an affair and was with the same girl more than once, it appeared as if it was instantly over in her mind. It seemed like there was no talking, no forgiving, no third chances.”

More Kidman wedding rumours?

It seems that the most recent potential beau for Nicole Kidman, is none other than dreadlocked US rocker Lenny Kravitz. Recent reports from New York newspapers suggest Our Nic and Kravitz have become secretly engaged, after he recently joined her while she was on the set of her new movie The Stepford Wives. But are they really an item? Or could it be that the pair are ?just good friends? and that she has been sharing his NYC apartment out of convenience, while her multimillion-dollar apartment is built near by.

The New York Daily News reported this weekend the two were “mighty cuddly” on recent outings together. The US paper cited sources close to Kravitz, some blabber-mouthed friend who refused to named, of course, stating the pair wanted to get hitched. However, Nic?s US agent has denied that there is any truth to the hush-hush engagement rumours and any plans for a future wedding.

Are Posh and Becks heading for splitsville?

Victoria and David Beckham have issued a joint statement denying reports their marriage is in trouble since his move to Spain football team Real Madrid. The couple?s statement, issued in a bid to put an end to rumours that life in Spain was putting pressure on their relationship, insisted they were “extremely happy together”. “Contrary to newspaper reports our marriage is not in crisis,” they said in the statement released through their management team. “We are extremely happy together as a family. Our only difficulty has been finding a house in Madrid that meets our needs. Since we first met, our careers have always meant we have spent time apart.? Becks went on to assure his fans that his wife?s absence has been due to her musical commitments in the UK, not due to any strife at home. “This is not a reflection on the strength of our marriage and we are very much enjoying our new life in Spain.” Becks still hoping that eventually Spain will become a permanent home to his superstar wife and two boys.

Muso Robert Palmer dies

Musician Robert Palmer died of a heart attack in Paris late last week aged 54. The British star was huge in the 80?s, famous for his hits Addicted to Love, Some Guys Have All the Luck and Didn’t Mean to Turn You On. He had been on a much-needed break with partner Mary Ambrose, after a busy time recording TV appearances in the UK. His manager said he suffered the heart attack in the early hours of Friday morning. He will be fondly remember for his ground breaking video Addicted to Love where he featured a band of identically dressed, identically made-up women. Rock journalist Paul Lester, from Uncut magazine, said Palmer career went from playing clubs in the north of the country, to becoming “elegant and sophisticated” and a master of several styles. “He was kind of a pioneer of blue-eyed soul, which is white men doing black music and R&B pretty well.”

September 30, 2003