Quirky Easter Gifts That Aren’t Chocolate

This Easter you don’t have to give the gift of chocolate. In fact, there are loads of quirky, creative and sentimental presents you can give that will bring a smile to someone’s face. Not only will they last longer than chocolate Easter bunnies or eggs, but they’ll be more appreciated by those who don’t like, or want, chocolate these holidays.

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To help you pick out the perfect gift, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of our favourite items. Enjoy!

1. Easter Candle Egg

Available from: Etsy – $8.73

Forget about chocolate Easter eggs, because these handmade gold painted candles are the perfect alternative and come in at roughly the same price. Available in various colours, they’re a gift that won’t be devoured in one gulp!

Easter, Easter Gifts

2. Hot Cross Buns Flavoured Syrup

Available from: Not On The High Street – $12.23

Now you can have the taste of hot cross buns all year round! This handmade syrup is a great way to add some Easter flavour to your coffee and can also be enjoyed over porridge, pancakes, ice cream and waffles. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Easter, Easter Gifts



3. Easter Bunny Ears Pendant

Available from: Etsy – $32

Nearly every woman loves receiving jewellery, adult or child,  so why not surprise that special someone this Easter with this adorable handmade bunny ears pendant. Measuring 2cm in length and 1.5cm in width, it comes complete with a natural copper chain and hand crafted clasp.

Easter, Easter Gifts

handmade / Easter gift

4. Personalised Easter Sack 

Available from: Not On The High Street – $20.39

These holidays make someone’s Easter egg-stra special with one of these personalised hessian Easter sacks. They’re great for the kids to stash their egg-hunt booty in and will have the adults smiling, too. Medium or large sacks are available with print colours in blue, pink and grey.

Easter, Easter Gifts

5. Car Play Mat T-Shirt

Available from: Etsy – $29.55

This is the perfect father, son gift that both will enjoy! It’s a play-mat for the littlies and a massage station for Dad – what more could you want in a gift?

Easter, Easter Gifts

6. Personalised Hand Bag Bunny Mirror 

Available from: Not On The High Street – $16.31

These cute handbag mirrors make for lovely Easter bunny gifts! Each mirror is embroided on the back with a bunny using vintage and recycled fabrics and you can opt to include a personalised message of up to 50 characters on the woolen pouch.

Easter, Easter Gifts

7. Good Egg Funny Mug 

Available from: Etsy – $14.78

What’s better than the gift of telling someone they’re a “good egg”? The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and the ink is heat-set. You can also create you’re own unique design if you’d like to add an extra something special.

Easter, Easter Gifts

8. Stainless Steel & Leather Hip Flask

Available from: Etsy – $26.87

This stainless steel bunny flask is a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank. The design is etched for a long-lasting effect and the leather sleeve that accompanies it is hand dyed. You can also personalise the sleeve with initials or a name of your choice using the various font types available.

Easter, Easter Gifts


Images via Shutterstock, Etsy and Not On The High Street

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts

Personalised wedding presents are one of the most sentimental ways to gift your spouse for the big day.

Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars for the same mass-produced item, why not get a little creative and personalise an existing product? There are hundreds of sellers on Etsy who are available to provide these types of services, and they also ship around the world!

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Something every woman loves in her life is a good pair of heels. Why not take her wedding heels and have something personal scribed on the sole? This could be the form of a removable sticker, or something a little more permanent like getting it engraved.

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts


Nothing beats a unique piece of jewellery, are we right? You could achieve ultimate brownie points by customised a standard silver bracelet with the latitude and longitude of your wedding location. You can have almost anything engraved by an Etsy seller, which is totally handmade!

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts


Create your own wine label which will commemorate your wedding day, and taste super-sweet! You could also hand this out to guests as a gift to your wedding, which will have the date and occasion of your wedding.

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts


Make your very own ideas into a reality by collaborating with a personalised artist on Etsy. This could be anything from a picture which represents the happy couple, the date you were hitched, or even a fun little quote.

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts

Images via Jimmy Choo, Not On The High Street, Etsy

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

It’s an age old tradition to gift your bridesmaids with something special on the day of your wedding, for all their hard work in the lead up to your big day. Some choose gifts that come in a little turquoise bag from Tiffany’s, and others choose a rather sentimental gift instead.

Inspire yourself with some of these ideas which are bound to be a hit with the entire bridal party.

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There’s nothing more special than sharing your wedding day with all of your loved ones. Commemorate your friendship by creating something personalised such as jewellery to forever keep this day in your heart. These little rings are perfect since you can have each bridesmaids initial marked on them, and they are just so cute!

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Compact mirror

A useful mirror is a great gift for a bridesmaid, since it’s personalised and also practical! You can choose to engrave something on the back, or simply keep it plain and simple.

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Dressing gown

Lightweight dressing gowns for the entire bridal party are a quick and easy way to make everyone come together on your wedding day. Choose something short and silky which is sure to match everyone’s body type!

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Wine glass

One for the ladies who love a glass or two! This is the perfect gift for the pre-wedding jitters, and is also super-cute! Choose to have the colour of each dress printed on the glass, along with the name of each bridesmaid.

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Wedding hankies

A cute gift idea for anyone who won’t be ashamed to shed a tear during the wedding. A personalised handkerchief is perfect to keep in your clutch throughout the often long, and emotional wedding day.

Personalised Gifts For Bridesmaids

Images via DreamingTreeCreation, MissEngrave, Stone Cold Fox, Waterfall Designs, EmbroiderybyMyra

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 

Choosing a wedding gift can often entail a gruelling task of trial and error – especially if the bride and groom don’t have a registry list!

To avoid being too mainstream, it’s best to steer clear of any traditional appliance (we’re talking toasters, coffee machines, etc), but make your gift stand-out by choosing just some of our favourites instead.

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Wine baskets

Who doesn’t love a bit of bubbly every now and then? A basket of fresh red, white, and dessert wines is the perfect gift for a budding wine connoisseur, with personalised notes on each bottle.

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 


There are tonnes of sellers on Etsy who create personalised gifts for every occasion, so why not get creative and collaborate on a personalised piece of art for the bride and groom. Their names intertwined with the wedding date is something that can cherish forever!

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 


Something fun and useful could be a set of personalised wedding coasters in memento of their big day. Or, you could just have something cute such as ‘Mr and Mrs’ on there instead – they are sure to prove useful when guests come to visit.

3 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas 


  • Spellcheck: Before sending everything to the seller, make sure you have correctly added the name, date, and any other important information.
  • Back-up present: When dealing with a third party, it’s important to have a back-up present in case something goes wrong with your first idea. This is important if you’re having something sent from overseas, and you should always take into consideration the shipping and handling times.
  • Check the dimensions: Sometimes dimensions on the website aren’t a proper representation of the real thing. Take out a measuring tape and make sure you’re happy with what these products will look like.
  • Insurance: Just in case the shipment goes missing, pay for insurance to make sure you’re well compensated. If you can, track the shipment every few days to see how long it takes to get to you.

Images via Rural Life Story, Amazing Holiday Recipes, Groomsshop

Planning A Wedding On Etsy: Unique Ideas Under $50

A lot goes into planning a wedding. On top of finding a dress, the music, and the invitations, you probably haven’t even thought about table numbers, party favors, ring cushions and the multitude of decorations that will make the reception look pretty. We all know the price mark-up on wedding products is ridiculous. This is why we’re grateful to have online stores like ebay and Etsy, where you can find these less-necessary accessories on a budget. Etsy is also great for sourcing vintage, handmade or themed items for a unique wedding experience.

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Because wading through the internet to find exactly what you want can be a difficult and time-consuming task, we have collated a small list of some cute and affordable ideas to inspire your wedding.

Guest book

There is no reason a book – bound paper! – should cost more than $50. Sure, there are fancy prints and adornments, but there are plenty of these available online within a reasonable budget. For example, this ivory book from Emerson Bindery ($42+ USD).

etsy guest book

Hair accessories

For those who don’t want to have a traditional veil (although there are plenty of those available online too) there are beautiful, quirky and elegant hair adornments for you to peruse online. To make it easy, try this rhinestone headband ($44 USD).

etsy hair


At some point during the night, you throw this away anyway, right? Who wants to spend a fortune on something that gets flung through the air and clawed at by bridesmaids? Some brides opt to have two bouquets: one to accompany them down the aisle, and a backup to throw to the next bride. Try these hand-dyed, silk red roses ($39.99 USD).

etsy roses

Party favors

It is custom to offer token gifts to your wedding guests. You can go the traditional route of candied almonds or chocolates, or you could try bags of popcorn or personalized water bottle labels! These fortune cookies are fun and only 85 cents each.

etsy fortune cookie

Something blue

Many women choose accessories as their something blue. Etsy is full of these treasures, like this cute feather comb ($18 USD) or custom, handmade garters ($25 USD).

etsy featheretsy garter


Images via Etsy

25 Trendy Upcycled Patio Ideas

Upcycling is so in right now. It offers savvy home owners the opportunity to add character and charm to their home, while recycling and helping the environment. When it comes to creating unique, trendy and useful patio spaces, upcycling truly can’t be beaten. It allows you to be creative, resourceful and create a space that is uniquely you.

The 25 tips below are just some of the many ways you can create a trendy and usable patio.  Enjoy!

1. Recycled wood

You can use old wood to make tables, chairs and even benches and bars. The list is practically endless.

2. Bottle top candles

These can look fantastic and add an element of class. The quality and look comes down to the bottle tops that you choose.

25 Trendy Upcycled Patio IdeasImage via etsy.com

3. Turn old bricks into a vertical garden

Ok. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. If you have old bricks lying around it can be a great way to upscale your patio and garden area. Don’t believe us? Look at the image below.

25 Trendy Upcycled Patio IdeasImage via theartofupcycling.com

4. Make furniture out of pallets

Pallet boxes and crates are cheap. What’s more, there are practically endless opportunities to make furniture out of them.

5. A TV aquarium

These can look fantastic on a patio. All you need is an old TV, glass and some silicon.

25 Trendy Upcycled Patio IdeasImage via viralnova.com

6. Old bathtubs make great furniture

While this may not sound like an obvious one, when you choose the right bath tub it can add a lot of character.

25 Trendy Upcycled Patio IdeasImage via tumble.com

7. The beer bottle garden wall

Had a few parties on your patio? Why not put those bottles to use. As you can see below, the outcome can be a great architectural feature that adds value to your outdoor living space.

25 Trendy Upcycled Patio IdeasImage via upcycledgardenstyle.blogspot.ie

8. Other uses for beer bottles

On the topic of beer bottles, they can also be used for a range of upcycling ideas such as candles, light features, and even broken up and made into a stain glass window. Endless opportunities.

9. Railway sleepers are your friend

Old railway sleepers can make excellent tables and flower beds for your patio.

10.  Skateboards

Skateboards can make excellent shelves for your patio and can even be used to make a cool kids table.

11.  Skis

As with skateboards, old skis can be used to make unique and trendy tables.

12.  Old bicycles

Old bicycles can make excellent flower pots. If you are throwing one out, see if you can utilize it near your patio.

13.  Chest of draws

If your patio is undercover, you can also use old chest of draws as a flower box. When painted in bright colours this can be a fantastic feature.

14.  Light globes

Old light globes can make fantastic candles. Simply put in a wick and fill them with oil.

15.  Old chairs

Don’t throw out your old chair. With some love and time, it can make a stunning architectural feature.

25 Trendy Upcycling Patio IdeasImage via macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

16.  Old cars

Old cars don’t have to look like junk in your backyard. Add this feature to your patio, and your guests will be raving!

25 Trendy Upcycling Patio IdeasImage via theartofupcycling.com

17.  Old oil drums can also work

Here is an example of a refurbished oil drum that makes for a great seat.

25 Trendy Upcycling Patio Ideas

Image via theartofupcycling.com

18.   Toolboxes

Don’t throw out that old toolbox either. It can look fantastic with a miniature garden in it.

19.  Wine bottle wall lamps

These lamps are stylish and unique. Just make sure they are out of reach of children.

25 Trendy Upcycling Patio IdeasImage via blog.builddirect.com

20.  Old washing machine drums

The drum from a washing machine can make a great barbecue pit.

21.  Plastic bottles

Don’t throw out your old soda bottles. They can make a fantastic wall garden.

22.  Old tyres

Old tyres can also be used as flower beds. When they are painted they add a lot of value to your patio and garden.

23.  Toilets

Even a toilet can add value to your patio area! Don’t believe us? Look at the image below.

25 Trendy Upcycling Patio IdeasImage via multicoloredpieces.blogspot.com

24.  Cane furniture

Old cane furniture can be re-purposed and used outside.

25.  Cheap water feature

Use old and recycled products to create a cheap water feature.

25 Trendy Upcycling Patio IdeasImage via tinkerlab.com

As can be seen from the above 25 upcycling options, there are endless things you can do to improve your patio on the cheap. Use the above as a base, and see which ones will match in with your space. Here’s to your upcycling.

By Marcus Fulker, the Managing Director of Great Aussie Patios – Perth’s leading outdoor patio builders. Connect with Marcus on Google+ to discuss this article.

What’s Your Gifting Personality?

Have you ever noticed how your best friend always seems to get you that perfect birthday present – something she probably spent months scheming – or that your Dad shows his love with expensive gadgets? Etsy, the world’s handmade marketplace and one-stop-shop for all of life’s gifting occasions, studied Australians’ gift giving habits and uncovered four gifting personalities: The Big Spender, The Thrifty Giver, The Planner, and The Surpriser.

The Big Spender: People who like to buy expensive gifts for family and friends. They are more likely to be male, 25-34 years old. While Big Spenders like splashing out on gifts, they don’t expect costly gifts in return. Bonus! Big Spenders like to dig deep into their pockets and are more likely to splash out on presents the recipient wouldn’t normally buy themselves and which show fine craftsmanship, like jewellery, wood or leather goods, and artwork.  

Big Spender gift guide

The Thrifty Giver: The most popular gifting personality (41%), Thrifty Givers feel it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to give a great gift. They are likely to plan ahead and spend time thinking about the recipient’s personality, hobbies and interests.

Thrifty Giver gift guide

The Planner: The second most popular gifting personality (37%), these gifters put the most time and effort into finding just the right gifts. Planners give themselves lots of shopping time, with more than a quarter (27%) buying gifts at least a month in advance. Planners are thoughtful buyers, who keep their ear to the ground in the lead up to the occasion. They’re more likely to favour gifts that are practical, or something the recipient has mentioned in passing or specifically asked for.

Planner gift guide

The Surpriser: This group of gift givers like to surprise friends and family with gifts ‘just because’. Nearly a quarter of Surprisers also agree that ‘just because’ gifts are a big factor for thoughtfulness (23%). Spontaneous by nature, Surprisers will favour gifts from the heart over practical ones. They’re likely to purchase gifts related to the recipient’s hobby, interests or a shared passion – probably while shopping for themselves!  

Surpriser gift guide