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5 Best Beach Clubs in Europe

Travelling through Europe this summer? There are a number of beach bars and clubs spread across the Mediterranean which will make you want to change your flight path, or even take a quick detour. Want to know where the party’s at? Try our top 5 beach clubs below – you won’t be disappointed with any of the options!

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Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Playa d’En Bossa, 10

07817 Sant Jordi de Ses Salines. Illes Balears, Spain

Hailed as the party central of Europe, there’s no wonder that Ibiza is number one on our list. Ushuaia has hosted the likes of international DJ’s such as David Guetta, Axwell, Ingrosso and so much more. Guests can expect to find a pool in the middle of the club and non-stop music until 7am.

5 Best Beach Clubs in Europe

Hula Hula Beach Bar

Splitsko Dalmantina, Hvar

Hvar Island, Croatia

What’s better than an uninhibited view of the coast with a cocktail in hand? Hula Hula Beach Bar is one of the best of its kind in Croatia and its guests travel from all points of the world just to get a taste.

5 Best Beach Clubs in Europe


Psarou Beach, Mykonos

A hot-spot for celebrities, this world-famous beach bar puts everything else to shame. You can expect partying until the sunrise, endless amounts of cocktails and maybe a few celebrity sightings (with the paparazzi in tow). The club also offers fine dining if you’re feeling peckish throughout the night.

5 Best Beach Clubs in Europe

Coccaro Beach Club

Coccaro, 8

72015 Savelletri di Fasano, Puglia, Italy

If you’re making your way through Italy during the summer, make sure Puglia is part of your itinerary. Coccaro Beach Club is one of the most popular beach clubs of the Mediterranean thanks to its stunning views of the sea and sand.

5 Best Beach Clubs in Europe

Guaba Beach Bar

Amathountos, 4531, Limassol, Cyprus

Located just south of central Cyrpus, Guaba is home to countless festivals between the summer months of May-September. Hosting acts such as Fedde Le Grand, Gareth Emery and Martin Garrix just to name a few.

5 Best Beach Clubs in Europe

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Traveling In Style: The Mini Fashion Bar

Have you ever been on a holiday wishing that you’d packed that one cute dress you have or the more comfortable shoes? The future of traveling will eliminate the stress of packing the right clothes because European clothing chain Pimkie has come up with a simple, but genius idea: The Mini Fashion Bar.

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Imagine arriving at your hotel and besides a mini bar full of overpriced drinks and snacks, you find an entire wardrobe packed with the latest trends and weather appropriate clothes. Sounds too good to be true? Well, in Antwerp (Belgium) it’s already become a reality.

Pimkie has stocked hotel rooms with their latest collection so that you can browse, try on, and shop from the comfort of your hotel room. Need a different size? Just call the fashion concierge at reception and they will get it for you.

In every Mini Fashion Bar, you will find handy staples like a raincoat, comfortable shoes and accessories to dress up any outfit, but it doesn’t stop there; Pimkie stocks the Mini Fashion Bar with items that are appropriate for current events in the city that you might want to attend. How clever is that?

The easiest part is paying, as the clothes that you want to buy are simply charged to your room and you can pay everything when checking out. Can shopping get any easier? If you ask me, this is one of the best fashion related ideas in a long time and I wish every hotel I stay in from now on will have a Mini Fashion Bar.

So far, there are only plans for hotels in Europe to introduce it, but I have a feeling that this concept could soon go global.

mini fashion bar

What do you think about the Mini Fashion Bar? Would you use it?  

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5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

Although it might be known as the party capital of Europe during summer, Croatia is actually brimming with rich culture and tradition. If you’re looking to skip the party scene this summer, be sure to experience the following sights and scenes if you’re in the country – or just add it to your future bucket list!

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Where: Dubrovnik Sea Kayaking and Snorkelling

Since Croatia is located on the coast, it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. If you love being outdoors, water sports are extremely popular in Dubrovnik, especially if you’re into kayaking and snorkelling. Most sessions last for 3 hours and the small group tour is essential if you want to socialise and meet new people on your trip.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer


Where: Minceta Tower

The ancient city of Dubrovnik is known for its defensive stone walls which protected inhabitants during the early 7th century. Today, the city has joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and still continues to be a hit with travellers all over the globe. Minceta Tower is a must-see since it overlooks the entire city and is the highest point of Dubrovnik.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer


Sail Croatia

You don’t have to be with the party scene to sail Croatia, but it is highly recommended if you’re visiting between the months of June until September. The Adriatic Coast is a must-see for tourists since it is truly stunning during the warmer months of the year.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer


Where: Konoba Opat

There’s no denying that Croatia is known of its Mediterranean flair, and Konoba Opat is one restaurant you must try. Their speciality is fresh fish which is caught by locals just hours prior. Pair with a crisp white wine and you’ve got the perfect combination.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

National Parks

Where: Plitvice Lakes

Get outdoors and explore many of the national parks spread throughout the peninsula. One of the most popular areas has to be Plitvice Lakes which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, easily accessible through Zagreb.

5 Reasons To Visit Croatia This Summer

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Why You Must Visit San Sebastian 

This small coastal city located on Bay of Biscay in Spain, is one of the most popular summer travel destinations in Europe.

Whether you’re going for the beaches, arts, festivals or simply to un-wind or sightsee, there’s always something exciting to do in San Sebastian during the summertime.

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Playa de la Concha

Kick-back and relax at one of the many beaches located in San Sebastian during the spring-summer months where the water is just right.

There’s so much to do in the surrounding areas such as water sports in Playa de Gros, activities with the kids, and even a sightseeing tour which operates round-the-clock.

5 Reasons To Visit San Sebastian 


Bodegon Alejandro: Calle de Fermin Calbeton 4

There’s one thing San Sebastian is known for, and that’s the seafood. Bodegon Alejandro is one the best restaurants to enjoy baked lobster, take in the view of the ocean, and indulge in some of the local wines.

5 Reasons To Visit San Sebastian 


Monte Igueldo

Check out one of the main observation decks in Monte Igueldo which is best at dusk. Here, you will have complete views of the stunning coastline, surrounding mountains, and of course the beauty of Bahia de la Concha.

5 Reasons To Visit San Sebastian 


Bar Borda Berri: Calle Fermin Calbeton 12

Who can resist a good drink after a long day of sightseeing in the sun? San Sebastian is packed with bars, brasseries, and everything in between so you’re bound to find a place you like.

Our favourite is Bar Borda Berri which is known for its decor, and similarly the large selection of beverages. Open from noon-midnight 7 days a week.

5 Reasons To Visit San Sebastian 

Water sports

Playa de Gros: Paseo de Zurriola 24

If you’ve ever want to learn how to surf, Playa de Gros is the perfect place for beginners to learn on the mellow waves. Weekend courses are available if you’re travelling with a group, or you could take some surfing lessons at nearby Pukas.

5 Reasons To Visit San Sebastian 

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5 Reasons You Should Visit Stockholm

From the fashion bloggers to the food, nothing beats Sweden – especially during the springtime.

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Now is the best time to book your ticket to this Scandinavian country and indulge in all it has to offer, including style, design, and a relaxed way of life.


Where: Bageriet Bulleboden

Parmmatargatan 7, 11224 Stockholm

If you’re coming to Stockholm for the traditional Scandinavian food, then you will find many cafes scattered all over the city. Don’t miss Bageriet Bulleboden, which offers delicious pastries known as kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls), and freshly brewed coffee.



Where: Stockholm Market

Riddargatan 3, 11435 Stockholm

There’s a reason Swedish style is big all over the world, so much so that a street style blog created by Caroline Blomst has put it on the map. Popular fashion labels include Acne Studios, Filippa K, and Nelly just to name a few, but the best place to grab a deal on a bespoke item is at the market. Pick up a beautiful souvenir for a family member or friends as you’re leaving and catch the exclusive pieces from some of Sweden’s up-and-coming designers.


Interior design

Where: E. Torndahl

Vasterlanggatan 63, S-11129 Stockholm

Scandinavian design is renowned all over the world for its approach to clean, sophisticated lines and timeless techniques. Rather than going to one of their many Ikea stores (there are more than 20 in Sweden alone), the smaller more independent sellers are where you’ll find some of the most original pieces. While they might come with a heftier price tag, you will keep them for years to come as a memory of your travels.



Where: Stromma

Sodra Blasieholmshammen 35, Stockholm

If you’re visiting between October – February, why not take a boat tour which takes you across the entire archipelago. The tour comes with a bowl of traditional Swedish tomato soup or pea soup (it’s your choice), and a glass of arrack to keep you warm. Tours can run anywhere between 1.5-3 hours.



Where: Nada Bar

Asogatan 140, Stockholm

Sweden might have a strict view on alcohol (drinks are heavily taxed), but the nightlife is nothing but booming. There is a plethora of small bars and venues which offer a modern take on traditional cocktails and a few bites on the side to keep you full for your next travels. If you’re not into the nightlife or alcoholic beverages, look out for a fika cafe, which is usually located in a beautiful garden.


Images via Lost in Stockholm, Fotografi, Stromma, Madame Figaro Japan, W Magazine, Visit Sweden

5 Reasons You Should Visit Montmartre

Rather than staying in the heart of Paris, head north to Montmartre for genuine taste of Amelie Poulain’s life.

Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and part of the Right Bank, travellers come from all over the world for various reasons; religious pilgrimage, art, food, and even a break from the hustle and bustle of central Paris.

If you’re undecided about where to spend your time in Montmartre, this list will even put Anthony Bourdain’s suggestions to shame.

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Where: 112 Rue Championnet, 75018

Pop into one of Montmartre’s most famous watering holes for a drink, aperitif, or even a light snack before you’re off exploring the rest of the city.

La Renaissance which was made popular during the sexual revolution of the 1970s, and featured heavily in Michel Deville’s film, Le Mouton Enragé, as well as Inglorious Basterds.



Where: 1 Rue Norvins, 75018

A brasserie meal is a must-have while you’re in France, since the menus are quite concentrated and small in comparison to other cuisines. But if you’re just peckish for a traditional French croissant, then La Galette des Moulins is the perfect fit.



Where: 20 Avenue Rachel, 75018

A trip to Montmartre isn’t complete without visiting the Cimetiere (cemetery) located next to the Place de Clichy. While it might seem a bit morbid at first, it’s actually a major tourist attraction since many French and international identities call this their final resting place.

Some personalities include Jim Morrison, Alexandre Dumas, and filmmaker Francois Truffaut.



Where: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018

One of the biggest landmarks in Paris, not to be confused with the Galeries Lafayette, has to be the Sacré Coeur located in Montmartre.

The Roman Catholic church sits at the top of Montmartre and at one of the highest points of the city. Sacré Coeur is open 7 days a week, and entry is free.



Where: Rue de Steinkerque, 75018

Any type of shopping is essential on an international trip, and visiting the Rue de Steinkerque located in the 18th arrondissement speaks for itself.

It’s the perfect place to pick up handmade knick-knacks, souvenirs and even tasty food and drinks made only by the locals.


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The Ultimate Guide To Dating Across Europe

In its goal to create as many happy couples across the world as possible, online dating service MySingleFriend has scoured the European dating scene and developed an interactive dating map detailing the need-to-know basics for dating across the continent.

It’s not news that more and more couples are meeting digitally, and with the introduction of dating apps that enable you to connect with new people from wherever you are in the world – location is now not a factor in finding love. Broadening your horizons has developed a whole new meaning!

Reports from the Economist show that within British marriages, 9 per cent include a spouse born outside the UK, whilst in the Baltic states, more than 15 per cent of married couples include a non-native partner.

With this in mind, it’s important to know some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to dating abroad. For example:

  • In Malta, you should never turn up empty handed if you are visiting a girlfriend or boyfriend’s house. Even a houseplant will do!
  • If you were to date an Icelander, be prepared for the freedom! Nudity is embraced in the Nordic country, and body confidence is something that can only be seen as a positive!
  • In the Czech Republic, if you want to impress the ladies – roses and tulips are the way to go. Avoid Cala Lillies, they may look striking but are often associated with funerals.
  • Have you ever heard of the saying ‘going Dutch’? Splitting the bill with your date in the Netherlands is the norm – equality and all that jazz?

Bucket List Destination: Norway

Whether you’re visiting during the summer or winter months, there’s always something to do in Norway.

This northern European country boasts idyllic fjords, delicious national food, and hiking trips which will make your stay feel like a once in a lifetime destination free from hoards of tourists.

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Gudvangen Fjordtell

N-5747 Gudvangen

People come from all over the world to fish, hike, and sightsee through the stunning Norwegian countryside. Rest in the nearby hotels which have been designed and decorated by local artists, and offer a true insight into the classic Norwegian lifestyle.

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 7.15.35 PM

The Seven Sisters

Geiranger, 6216

A remarkable waterfall which features one of the tallest free-falls measuring approximately 250m until it hits the ocean floor. Take a guided tour along the nearby canals on a high-speed rib boat, especially during the winter months!


Hanseatic Wharf

Bryggen, 5003

Rest and relax at the Hanseatic Wharf in Bryggen which is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions, and has been functioning since 1070. Dine at one of the best restaurants in town (Enhjorningen) which offers authentic Norwegian foods and local hospitality.



Kjerag Mountain, Forsand 4127

You may have seen this iconic picture floating on the internet before; a single boulder which has wedged itself between 2 mountains in the Kjerag region of Rogaland. Thrill-seekers can take a tour of the entire area, and have their photograph taken near the original site.


Lofoten Island

Haakon Kyllingmarks gate 6, 8300 Svolvaer

A rural archipelago which is renowned for its fishing villages located in Northern Norway. With crystal-clear skies and fresh sea-air, it will leave you refreshed and renewed – just like a real vacation should! Whale watching, mountain climbing, and swimming in the blue sea are all different ways to relax and make the most of your time in Lofoten Island. It’s also the best place to view the Northern Lights in Norway.

06f7385b191638cb3df0036bfbac00a3Images via Brunnik Tours, Pinterest, Gudvangen

5 Things To See and Do in Budapest

The capital city of Budapest is known for it’s unique architectural structures which date back to the art nouveau style of the early 1900s, delicious national food, and even it’s bustling night life. If you’re ever planning a trip to Budapest, make sure to add the following destinations to your list.

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Széchenyi Baths

Allatkerti korut 9-11, 1146

Hungary is known for it’s extensive natural bodies of water used for healing and recreation. Széchenyi is home to Europe’s largest public baths which are perfect if you want a little extra relax and recreation time during the trip.


Central Market Hall

Vamhaz korut 1-3

If you’re in town for the Christmas and holiday season, it’s best to make the most of your time at the Central Market Hall. Filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade trinkets, and local sellers, it’s the perfect place to enjoy what the real Budapest has to offer.



Disrict V, 1051

Try one of the fun and innovative taxi’s of Budapest, and enjoy a visual tour of the entire city. It’s often referred to the bohemian way of going with the flow, and seeing where exactly the city takes you! It’s also pretty cheap and affordable when compared to a standard taxi fare.


Memento Park

Balatoni ut, Szabadkai utca sarok, 1223

A must-see if you love nothing more than to sit back and enjoy the local art scene of the city. Most statues of the time depict the fall of communism in Hungary, most of which were demolished during the change of power in 1989.


Blue Rose Restaurant

Wesselenyi utca 9, 1077

For the best goulash in the entire city, look no further than Blue Rose which is located in the heart of central Budapest. Here you will find traditional Hungarian delicacies such as dumplings, vadas (stew), and chocolate kurtosh which is bound to be a crown pleaser. Ask for extra nuts and powdered sugar for an intense flavour!

Images via Szechenyifurdo, Viator, We Love Budapest, Sophiaca, Kat Cakes

Travel Destination: Vienna

Vienna is Austria’s most populous and intriguing city, located in central Europe. Rated number 19 in the Human Development Index, the bustling city is best known for it’s amazing natural scenery and rich culture dating back to the pre-Roman empire.

Don’t miss a few of these magical destinations the next time you find yourself in Vienna, or are planning a trip to Austria.

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Stay: Hollmann Beletage Design and Boutique Hotel

Kollnerhofgasse 6, 1010 Vienna

A short train ride from the city centre is one of Vienna’s up-and-coming hotels. The Hollman Beletage features modern sophistication for a fraction of the cost, and is perfect for anyone who loves a quirky place to stay while they’re enjoying their holiday. Rooms are extremely spacious, which are perfect if you’re planning to entertain before heading out to one of the many bars around town.


Feeling Peckish: Café Central

Strauchgasse/Herrengasse, 1010 Vienna

A traditional Viennese coffee house which boasts a charming interior and 19th century architecture to match. The entertainment starts at 5pm sharp where a grand piano is played for all to enjoy and dance the night away.


Shop: Wilhelm Jungmann and Neffe

Albertinaplatz 3, 1010 Vienna

This quaint store is home to classic mens and women’s fashion which has been supplying clothes to the public for over 125 years. Their specialty is menswear, especially crisp button-down shirts which are tailor-made on site.

Wilhelm Jungmann und Neffe 1

Visit: Hofburg Palace

Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Vienna

Home to some of the most powerful Austrian ancestry including teen-queen Marie Antoinette, Hofburg has been completely restored in the vision of it’s former glory. There are more than 10 wings of the palace, all of which can be visited under strict supervision.


Drink: Do & Co (Onyx Bar)

Stephansplatz 12, 1010 Vienna

Enjoy exquisite cocktails and world-class views of the city from Onyx Bar in Vienna’s city centre. The exclusive bar is a hotspot for politicians and locals of interest, so remember to dress smart and stay on your best behaviour.


Image via Mapplr, Flickr, Permanent Style, Awesome Stories, The Dining Experience

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

When it comes to Christmas markets, Europe has the rest of the world beat. If you’re in the region this Christmas, drop by these places for the ultimate holiday experience.

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Strasbourg, France

The first even Christmas market is said to have originated in Strasbourg. The market sits among picturesque wooden houses, canals and the local Notre Dame church. Ice skate, listen to carol-singers or just stroll through the markets with a mulled wine (in a boot cup, of course).


Vienna, Austria

The Christmas experience in Vienna is unmatched. Over 20 markets operate in town squares all over the city. The favorite is the markets at the base of the beautifully-decorated Rathuas (pictured) where around 3 million people flock each year to by their little glass ornaments or wooden toys. Because you are in the classical music capital of the world,  see one of the many special concerts held in the Rathaus over each weekend of the holiday season.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Dresden, Germany

It is estimated that Germany has around 5,000 Christmas markets – so anywhere you go, you will find something to please you. But the markets in Dresden date back to 1434 and are the oldest in the country – perhaps on the continent. Dresden sits on the picturesque river Elbe, and despite being destroyed during World War II, has been restored to its glorious historic aesthetic.


Prague, Czech Republic

Shop Bohemian crystal, hand-made marionettes and decorations in one of Prague’s adorable Christmas markets. The best is probably in the old town square, surrounded by gothic architecture, and of course, the famous clock tower. Prague is magical any time of year, but the Christmas spirit brings new life to this usually dark and mysterious marvel.


Brussels, Belgium

Brussel’s relatively young market spans a two kilometre course through the city’s historic centre. There will be rides for the kids, 18,000 lights, an ice-skating rink, and over 240 stalls for you to browse. Don’t miss out on the local cuisine – mussels, fries, chocolate and waffles!


Image of Brussels via 

Bucket List Destination: Germany

It is surreal to think that just over 60 years ago Germany was split into two countries, but there is no denying that this has dramatically changed over the years.

Not only is the city-life bustling, but dwelling in the countryside is equally as exciting when you think about all the fresh, clean air and quaint homes reminiscent of the pre WWI era. But for the meantime, don’t forget to visit just some of the following attractions while you’re in Germany.

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Dresden Royal Palace

Once home to Saxon royalty in the 14th century, Dresden is now a major tourist destination which has been completely preserved after a fired destroyed most of the castle. Visit some of the original rooms which were home to royals, but don’t forget to take a tour of The Hausmann Tower which majestically overlooks the entire castle.

Bucket List Destination: Germany

St Thomas Lutheran Church

One of the last burial places of Johann Sebastian Bach, this is the very church where he directed the Boys’ Choir throughout the 16th century. Thomaskirchen as it is known by the locals features gothic architecture of the time, and is definitely one to visit while you’re in Leipzig.

Bucket List Destination: Germany

Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Home of the largest and original cuckoo clock in the world, Black Forest and nearby Triberg have to be seen to be believed. The glorious green woodland is the perfect backdrop for outdoor activity such as bushwalking, bike-riding, paragliding, and even a relaxing picnic.

Bucket List Destination: Germany

Weihnachtszauber (Christmas Magic)

Germany knows how to pull off a winter-white Christimas, especially if you’re heading to the markets at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. More than 600,000 people visit during the Christmas season, and enjoy German delicacies, homemade trinkets, and even art by the locals.

Bucket List Destination: Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

As one of the most photographed landmarks in all of Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle is a top tourist destination located in the Bavarian Alps. It’s beautiful architecture served as the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and features wonderful paintings under the order of Ludwig II of Bavaria who resided there until his death.

Bucket List Destination: Germany

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5 Reasons You Should Visit Moscow

Moscow is a city with unprecedented history, rich culture, and best of all – there’s so much to do while you’re in town. Although this might not be a popular tourist choice given that a tour guide is mostly recommended on most blogs, don’t let the warnings discourage you from this magnificent city.

Whether you’re travelling through Moscow in the summer or chilly winter months, below are just a few places you cannot miss if you’re ever in town.

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Moscow is known for it’s various museums which are spread throughout the entire city. Even if you aren’t so interested in spending your days with a tour guide – you really don’t need to! Most museums are completely open to the public, which means that you’re free to roam wherever you like.

Have a taste of the more traditional culture by visiting the Pushkin Museum which has been dubbed one of the best tourist locations in Moscow. It features some of Pushkin’s most treasured works – which you can’t find anywhere else!

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – ulitsa Volkhonka, 12, Moscow 119019


Most Russian literature romanticises the majestic parks and natural beauties of the city – and rightfully so! Gorky Park is one of the most popular attractions since it opened in 1928. Located in the heart of the city, both locals and tourists can enjoy an impromptu picnic, enjoy a meal by the water, and just relax in one of the park’s many gazebo’s.

With more than 40,000 visitors over the weekends, there is no denying that this is a central meeting place for both locals and travellers looking to relax and unwind.

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

Gorky Park – ulitsa Krymskiy Val, 9, Moscow 119049

Train Stations

It feels a bit weird suggesting a train station as a major sightseeing location – but this is definitely essential for anyone who loves architecture. Russia is known for it’s intricately detailed subway designs, most of which were erected in the late 1800s, and feature remarkable architectural trends which reflect the time. Just like walking through an art gallery, isn’t it?

5 Reasons You Should Visit Moscow

Komsomolskaya Station – Komsomolskaya Square, Moscow


There is no denying that Russian style is quickly emerging as the one-to-watch on fashion blogs all over the world. Modern-day fashionistas such as Elena Perminova, Mirsoslava Duma, and Dasha Zhukova have created an unprecedented buzz and the world just wants more! But what are the best places to buy your own piece of Russian style?

Large-scale department stores such as TsUM and Tsvetnoy Central Market both offer a solid amount of established as well as up-and-coming Russian designers to the general public. If you want something that can’t be replaced, then definitely check out Vernissage at Izmailovo – which is the largest souvenir market in the country.

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

TsUM – ulitsa Petrovka, 2, Moscow


If there’s one thing that any foodie will enjoy in Moscow, it’s definitely the sprawling cafes and restaurants which feature so prominently throughout the entire city. Only in Moscow will you find a fusion like no-other, featuring traditional Russian foods which a subtle touch of European flair.

Make sure to check out many of the food trucks which offer a quick street-meal at a very affordable price.

Pushkin State Musuem of Fine Arts

White Rabbit – Smolenskaya ploshchad’, 3, Moscow

Images via Timeout, Trip Advisor, Deviant Art, Interacticity, Skyscraper City

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

If you’re ever passing through Europe, one of the main attractions has definitely got to be Spain. Officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, this southwest European country shares borders with France, Portugal, and Gibraltar on the southern end of the peninsula.

But what exactly is there to do and see in Spain if you’re only in town for a limited time? Below are just ten activities you should definitely be a part of before you jet out of this majestic country.

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Visit: The Alhambra Palace, Granada

This iconic tourist attraction is often bombarded with swarms of visitors, and rightfully so! It is one of the most beautiful architectural wonders in the entire world, especially if you’re into traditional Moorish architecture.

Take a day trip to Granada and don’t forget to visit the Generalife Gardens, which is also a well-known UNESCO Heritage site.

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

Taste: Street Food, Barcelona

While the sale of street food in Barcelona is strictly prohibited, there are still hundreds of outdoor vendors selling signature Spanish foods for both tourists and locals. If you love something a little sweet, then definitely try a churro – choux pastry that is fried until golden brown, then sprinkled in sugar. Finish off your meal with a refreshing drink called a Horchata which is mad of tigernuts, sugar and water – it has a sweet flavour almost like milk and is served cold.

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

Go: La Tomatina, Buñol

The festival is held annually on the last Wednesday of August, and is basically a large-scale tomato food-fight. However there are a few rules, the tomatoes must be squashed before thrown, and participants must keep their shirts on.

La Tomatina has been an annual festival which was started by a bunch of students in 1945, and has been happening every year since.

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

Swim: Menorca, Balearic Islands

Just a short distance away from mainland Spain is the magical sea-side town of Menorca. Known for it’s traditional summer fiestas, sports and crystal-clear beaches which are much-loved by tourists from all around the world.

Be sure to taste some of the local gin which is made in honour of the patron saints of the island.

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

Go: La Boqueria, Barecelona

You’ve probably seen dozens of pictures of the fresh fruit and vegetable produce at The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, which is a huge public market in Ciutat Vella. Try one of the tasty fruit juices or even the refreshing popsicles to beat the heat.

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

See: Bullfighting, Seville

If you want to catch a traditional Spanish bullfight while you’re in the country, then head over to Seville. It’s referred to as one of the main cities of bullfighting and the best season for this is usual between April-October. Stadiums are usually completely packed-out, so make sure to book your tickets well in advance.

6 Things To Do And See In Spain

Images via BCN Lifestyle, Tuula Vintage, The Constant Rambler, New York Times, Itinerarist, Churros Garcia

The World’s Most Romantic Island Getaways

Ever wanted to splurge your savings on a beautiful trip abroad with just your partner? Enjoy the finer things in life with a romantic getaway to just one of these unbelievable holiday destinations, where you can rekindle your romance and relax with a cocktail or two.

Corsica, France

Corsica is known worldwide for it’s stunning scenery and sightseeing, which is located just off the coast of France and Italy. This majestic island is not only the birthplace of Napoleon, but is filled with world-class boutiques, charming villages and amazing food and drinks.

The World's Most Romantic Island Getaways

Kauai, Hawaii

Nothing says romance quite like a relaxing trip to one of the many islands of Hawaii. Relax in the luxurious surroundings of the resort, enjoy the white-sand beaches and capture some of the Instagram-worthy sunsets.

The World's Most Romantic Island Getaways

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Why travel abroad when you can enjoy a slice of paradise in your own backyard? Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, located just south-west of Adelaide. Enjoy a swim on one of the picturesque northern beaches such as Stokes Bay, and get-up close and personal with the sea lions which are natives of Sea Bay.

The World's Most Romantic Island Getaways

Anguilla, Caribbean Islands

Explore the magical island of Anguilla which is home to elegant restaurants, white-sand beaches and unlimited amounts of water activities. Beach bars are also popular nightspots to unwind after a long day of relaxing by the sea.

The World's Most Romantic Island Getaways

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Home to crystal-clear beaches, breathtaking mountain scenery and elegant resorts which the Kardashian-Jenner clan even approve of, Bora Bora should definitely be at the top of your bucket list.

The World's Most Romantic Island Getaways

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Stylish Cities You Must Visit

A trip around the world cannot be complete without visiting some of the best-known fashion capitals. Whether you’re into clothes, accessories, shoes (or the complete trifecta), be sure to jot down these locations if you’re ever close-by, or planning a global trip.

Paris, France

A fairly obvious first choice since France is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious fashion labels in the entire world. Shop at the world famous Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores located in the bustling Boulevard Haussmann.

Don’t forget to check out Coco Chanel’s infamous apartment – if you can get in, (they are known to be highly exclusive). But if that’s not really your thing, head down to the south of France for some locally produced and manufactured espadrilles and knick-knacks made right in front if your eyes.

Stylish Cities You Must Visit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If vintage shopping is what you’re after, then Amsterdam will definitely deliver the goods. Home to a large variety of vintage boutiques, each product is specially sourced and of the highest standard and quality.

Episode is located in three central locations which boasts a large assortment of clothes and accessories.

Stylish Cities You Must Visit

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Known worldwide for it’s duty-free shopping, Dubai is home to a number of large and low-scale boutiques where you’re bound to find a number of clothes and accessories.

The Dubai Mall caters to men, women and children and is open until 2am almost every single night.

Stylish Cities You Must Visit

New York City, United States of America

NYC is known for it’s consignment shops where you can easily trade in one of your designer items for cash, or even put it towards a new product from the store. While most of these stores sell online, the best way to catch a bargain (without paying added tax), is by purchasing in-store.

Ina in SoHo stocks a variety of vintage and classic bags which are often difficult to get your hands on.

Stylish Cities You Must Visit

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How To Avoid Tourist Scams On Vacation

Summer in any major city is a hot bed for petty crime. Naïve tourists are easy targets for local con artists, but luckily, the internet is here to help you read up on well-known scams before venturing abroad. You should definitely do your research and invest in travel insurance before going anywhere unfamiliar, but we have a few tried-and-tested tips to avoid being the victim:

  • Don’t keep anything in your pockets – you will get pickpocketed
  • Lock your bags when possible. Some brands now sell backpacks with inbuilt codes and locks, but this isn’t always necessary. Make sure your handbag has a zip or a buckle – something to prevent people just sticking their hands in! Always keep it close, never put your bag on the ground, and don’t hang it over one arm – it makes it easy to snatch. Also, to be extra safe always lock your luggage, even in your hotel room
  • Be aware and on alert. Learn about local scams. For example, some people often use crying or lost children to engage your sympathies and distract you while they rummage through your luggage. Make sure you always have one eye on your belongings
  • Store things in the hotel safe. It isn’t exactly rare for things to go missing from hotel rooms, but they are usually the safest place. Keep your luggage locked in your room, and put things in the safe where possible
  • Scan a copy of your passport and identification documents before you leave. Keep a printed copy with you, but email yourself a copy before you leave, just in case
  • Try and blend in. Tourists generally stick out like beacons. We are easy to identify with our daypacks, maps and comfortable footwear, and thus become natural prey. I have a rule to never look at a map in public. Be sure to study the map before you leave your hotel, and if you get lost, don’t panic. Look like you know where you are until you find somewhere without crowds to have a look
  • Watch what you’re drinking and who you’re drinking with. It’s great to have a night out, meet new people and enjoy yourself. Just keep your wits about you and don’t travel anywhere at night on your own
  • Know the price of a taxi and distance to your hotel before arriving in a new city. Every airport will have fake taxi drivers looking to rip you off. Know the average price and settle on a fair before you get into the cab
  • Keep emergency cash and a credit card. Don’t have all your money in the one place. I would always carry emergency cash in my bra or shoe when I went out for the day. I also had a spare credit card secure in my hotel room. I would recommend carrying small amounts of cash
  • Be flexible. Prepare for the worst and know what to do. Don’t beat yourself up over a stolen wallet – if that’s the worst thing that happens, you’ve gotten off easy. Be ready to cancel credit cards and know how to contact your consulate
  • Try to learn a few phrases in the native language, be friendly and smile! Making friends and finding help will be a lot easier
  • Research, research, research! You can never be too certain.

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Top 5 European Beach Getaways

Europe is a popular destination for tourists in the Summer. It goes without saying that these places will be jam-packed with tourists during summer. It is best to go later in the season, or earlier in the year to avoid soaring prices and heavy crowds.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Make Sorrento your base for exploring the glorious Amalfi coastline in Southern Italy. It is easy to get to Positano and Amalfi – the other main towns along the coast, but Sorrento is the final stop on the train line. Famous for colorful cliff-side buildings and turquoise waters, enjoy this bright and tasty trip in one of the world’s finest foodie capitals.

 Santorini, Greece

Santorini will always top my list of recommended travel destinations. The blue roofs, white building, red cliffs and bright orange sunsets are magical. Visit the unique black sand beaches, or jump straight off the rocks in Oia, anywhere you go, the water will be warm and crystal clear.


Nice, France

Nice is one of the largest towns along the Cote D’Azur – more commonly known as the French Riviera. Enjoy a stroll through this coastal fashion capital, visit one of the many tourist attractions, or spend all day on the sand. Maybe you’ll spot a few celebrities or moguls in their natural habitat.


San Sebastian, Spain

Situated in northern Spain, San Sebastian isn’t usually as hot as some of the more popular southern beaches, like Malaga. There are two main beaches: Playa de la Concha is better for families and sunbathers, whereas Playa de Gros is adored by adventure seekers and surfers, worldwide. Come nightfall, start the party with some pintxos and sangria.


Lagos, Portugal

After scaling the old walls of this marvelous medieval city, find a secluded beach and relax. There are long sandy beaches, as well as seclude swimming holes along the city’s rocky coast. Lagos is a notorious party town, but don’t be put off. It also has a rich history and plenty of activities.


Note: You must be on high alert for con artists and scams during the European Summer. Have a look at our tips for staying safe on your travels.

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Portugal

Planning a European summer getaway and out of places to visit? Why not add Portugal to your bucket list as well? Not only is it one of the ‘Top 20’ most visited places in the world, but has spectacular weather all year round and incredible tourist locations. How much more convincing do you really need?


Portugal is known for it’s amazing summer-time weather which averages around 28ºC during the summer, and winter temperatures which generally won’t drop below 15ºC.


Did you know that there are more than 100 beaches located off the coast of Portugal? The locals know how to sit back and have a good time at one of the many popular, or isolated beaches in the country. Resorts are often picturesque in the summer, and are home to many tourists who choose to holiday in this little piece of heaven.

Food and wine

If you’re a massive foodie, you must visit Portugal and enjoy the various local delicacies. Not only is Portuguese cuisine known for it’s spectacular take on seafood, but the people have a long history of producing delicious wine. Port is definitely one of their specialties which you can find on the drinks list at any restaurant or café in the country. Northern provinces such as the Douro Valley also specialise in very sweet dessert wine which is extremely well known throughout the world.


The capital city of Lisbon is home to many different buildings and monuments which have been around for centuries. The Lisbon History Centre is a must-see for anyone interested in the humble beginnings of the city, dating all the way back to 1755. Stepping out of Lisbon, there are a large number of pre-historic monuments such as the Dolmen of Pendilhe and rock drawings located in Siega Verde which are a must-see.


The Portuguese sure know how to throw a party – with a number of clubs and bars open until all hours of the night. Especially in the summer, where nights are longer and the party scene definitely kicks in. Cities such as Lisbon and Porto are home to popular venues such as ‘Bedroom’ and ‘Clube da Esquina’ which attract a number of tourists and locals who love to have a good time.

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6 Reasons To Visit Paris

Often dubbed as the most romantic city in the world, Paris attracts a number of tourists searching for a romantic getaway with an added taste of culture from this iconic city. There is plenty to do, see and of course taste the local cuisine without even venturing down south to the French Riviera or into the countryside if you simply just don’t have the time. The French are known for their distinct style, and carefree way of life so grab a friend and check the following places off from your to-do list!


You can’t visit Paris without sampling some of the local delicacies, right? Local cheese, wine and of course the infamous escargot cannot be passed up during your first trip to the capital of France. During the summer months, a variety of taste festivals are up and running so locals and tourists can sample some of the best food and drink that Paris has to offer.


Many of the buildings around the city centre date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, particularly the Notre Dame Cathedral which was highly influenced by French Gothic architecture at the time. Located in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, visitors can access the cathedral any day of the year for a small fee.

Shopping and fashion

Don’t worry about saving your money for those duty-free airport purchases, head over to the Galeries Lafayette which is one of largest department stores in the city. Opened in 1912 with over 10 floors of shopping, you’re bound to leave with something you like. There are also plenty of specialty boutiques around the city, and also don’t forget to check out the local markets for some hidden gems and one of a kind purchases.


Hop on a bike and cycle around The Eiffel Tower to make the most of your time, then take the elevator (or climb the 600 stairs) for an amazing view of the entire city.


During the summer season, Paris is filled with festivals which attract tourists from all over the globe. Rock en Seine is a popular music festival on the Rue Oberkampf with international and local artists which make up just some of the large line-up. Head over to Montmartre for the annual Grape Harvest Festival which has been running since 1934. Celebrating winemaking, gastronomy and French folk music for everyone to enjoy.

Theme parks

If you’re travelling with children make sure to check out one of France’s most popular theme parks, Disneyland Paris. There are many rides which are unique to Paris, including the Crush Coaster which is one of the best attractions at the entire resort.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

Explore The City Of The Gods

The city often referred to as the cradle of Western Civilisation may be in financial troubles but if you are a culture buff then this is the place for you. Athens, Greece is a city filled with history, mouth-watering food and fantastic shopping, yet it seems to only cross travellers’ minds as a stop over for the Greek Islands. People seem off put by the old style buildings, but that is just part of the city’s charm, the juxtaposition between modern and ancient makes it the perfect treasure to explore.


The most well known attraction in Athens is located on a high rocky outcrop above the concrete jungle, as a symbol of Greek spirit and architectural greatness. Surrounded by significant Temples and Monuments including the famous Pantheon and Ancient Agora, built by and created for the leaders of the ancient world. The Acropolis is a world heritage site and is an absolute must to visit in order to be immersed in the history of not only this culture but also the beginning of democracy itself.  

The National Garden

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If you need some time to relax away from the busy city, spend a few hours wandering or sitting amongst the peaceful plant life, green canopy of trees, and flowerbeds. Established in 1923, the Public Garden is a gorgeous and decorative place surrounded by historical statues and small ruins of antiquity.

Mount Lycabettus

The highest point in Athens will provide you with the perfect evening to take a panoramic view of the city and across the Aegean Sea. The hike will be worth it in the end, by reaching its two peaks a lovely dinner is on offer in the restaurant, an open-aired theatre as well as the 19th Century Chapel of St. George.


The Plaka district is one of the most popular tourists destination for its authentic Greek experience and exceptional scenery. You will find yourself walking through a village unlike any other, stone walkways, ancient trees, museums, boutique shops with leafy green canopies falling over you as stroll. Be sure to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some unique food and wine at one of the many cafés and restaurants.

This remarkable city established among seven historic hills and mountains would capture your attention as soon as you walk out the door of your hotel. The unusual blend of old and new is confusing but interesting, there is no doubt you will want as much time as you can to journey through time in Athens.

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By Amy Miller

Why Barcelona Should Make Your Bucket List

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most exciting cities in Europe, raving with nightlife, beautiful beaches, art, fashion and incredible architecture. This vibrant city is one to put on the bucket list


Barcelona is filled with innovative buildings designed by famous Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, known for his Catalan Modernism. You will find his work throughout the city with organic-like shapes, curved construction stones and twisted iron sculptures. The most recognisable is the Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, which has been in construction since 1892 and surprisingly not expected to be completed until 2030. The Church is a representation of the relationship between the elements of nature, man and religion.

From the moment you step in and look around the colourful stain glass windows, intricate ceiling and unique alter your breath will be taken away. Then with a short walk downstairs a museum awaits filled with current construction projects, biographies of Gaudi and the different plans through history of what the Cathedral will look like.

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Park Güell is another wonder that was commissioned by Eudebi Gaudi, in order to craft a stylish park for Barcelona aristocracy. The walk around the park leads to amazing stone structures, beautiful views and stunning mosaic tiling. A whole day seems short to stroll through every section to admire the natural shapes influenced by Gaudi himself. There is even a love wall along the walkway to the park terrace, where you can express your affection for your significant other with tourists and locals.


Although most stores are closed on Sunday, there are fabulous places to spend some money from Monday to Saturday. You will find yourself not only loving the apparel, shoes and accessories but also historical buildings. If you are a luxury shopper then there is one avenue you must visit, Passeig de Gràci.  Numerous high-end labels from all around the world are positioned here; you can explore the new season products from Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Esprit.

Just keep wandering further down the avenue and you will slowly come across shops for fast fashion. Step into some of the most popular stores for women such a Zara, Mango and Bershka for some stylish yet affordable pieces you can make everyone back home jealous with. There you have it, only a few splendors of Barcelona, Spain, there is so much to love in the many districts with collections of medieval streets and buildings mixed with a contemporary and fun vibe. Be sure to take a trip there, enjoy some wonderful local tapas and a glass of the famous sangria and maybe even a flamingo dance show to top off the cultural holiday.

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By Amy Miller

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