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How to Get Over After Being Dumped?

Being dumped is pretty awful and life changing. But we have 5 sure ways to get over him and to move on.


  • Get a box – Yep! Go down to your local supermarket and get a cardboard box so you can pack everything that reminds you of him away forever. I suggest you put everything from CD’s to love letters to photographs. This doesn’t mean you destroy them it just helps you to erase him from your life until you are ready to deal with them.
  • Move Furniture – The best advice I have if you are depressed is to move furniture around. Have a big spring-clean. Move your bed, change your doona cover hang something fresh on the wall. Go second-hand shopping to find a slick new treat for your bedroom
  • Get OFF the Pill – If you were on the pill well now is the time to stop taking it for a while. This may also help you from having a one-night dangerous stand with the ex one night.

    Join a Gym – Getting fit and beautiful is the best revenge and it will also change your routine.

  • Strut your stuff – If he always liked your long hair or didn’t like you in glasses then cut those locks and find a pair of frames you have always loved. Get a makeover at a beauty counter and start believing in yourself again. If he disliked make-up start wearing it again. It will make you feel in control.