Should You Workout At Home Or Join A Gym?

Getting ready to go after your new fitness goals? If you’re wondering whether it’s better to work out at home or join a gym, here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

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How much time do you have?

When you’re working out at home, it’s easier to fit your workout routine around your lifestyle. You don’t need to spend time getting to and from the gym, nor do you have to consider opening hours. On the other hand, when you think you can work out any time you like, it’s easy to fail to schedule your workouts and not do them at all.

What motivates you?

I’ll tell you upfront – I’m a gym girl. I have more fun when I go to gym classes and exercise with other people. This may work the same way for you, or you may find it more motivating to complete your exercise routine in peace and quiet by yourself.

How well do you handle distractions?

At home, something always comes to mind that needs to be done ‘immediately’ and I simply have to drop my workout and do it! At the gym, I don’t have that option. The only thing you can really do there is exercise, so you get on with it. Unless you get distracted by some spectacular biceps or a six-pack, in which case you’re probably better off working out at home.

What’s your budget?

Workouts at home are free and gyms cost money. And while there are hundreds of other things that you could be spending your hard-earned cash on, investing in your health can be motivating. I remember countless times when I didn’t feel like going to the gym, but still went because I was paying for it either way. Every time I felt great after the workout and was glad that I did it.

Try it out!

It’s not a decision that you have to make once and stick with forever. Try out both ways and see what works for you. Unwilling to pay for gym fees upfront when you’re unsure of whether you’ll keep on going? Most gyms offer free sessions to help you make up your mind.

Either way, whether you choose to work out at home or at the gym, it’s important to make it a regular practice. So take ‘you’ time to find a form of exercise that works best for you.

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7 Alternative Ways To Get Fit AND Have Fun

Exercise is great for our body and overall wellbeing, but sometimes getting up at 5am every morning to hit the treadmill is downright boring. If you feel like you’re stuck in an exercise rut, meaning your routine has become dull and somewhat unproductive, it might be time to try a new approach to fitness. Here are 7 exercise alternatives that are so fun, you won’t even realise your burning calories!

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Indoor rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great cardiovascular and strengthening workout. Burning anywhere between 500 and 900 calories an hour, it engages most major muscle groups in the body making it a great alternative to weight lifting, and also increases your heart and respiratory rates. Difficulty levels vary depending on the type of wall you climb and the speed at which you climb it. For first time climbers expect to feel the burn for a couple of days after, particular in your arms, shoulders and back.

Stand-up paddle boarding

SUP is a low-impact, overall body workout that’s perfect if you prefer to train outdoors. It improves your balance, flexibility and cardio fitness and is an exercise alternative that suits all age and fitness levels. By standing on the board your core and leg muscles are engaged as you try to keep your balance, while your upper body is strengthened as you propel yourself through the water with the paddle. If you’re a beginner it’s best to start in calm, flat water. Alternatively if you’re looking for something more challenging, the ocean will give you a more intense workout as you’ll be weathering the waves and current.

Pole dancing

In the past pole dancing was often associated with strip clubs and somewhat erotic behaviour, but today it’s a renowned way to tone and firm. It’s a full body workout that combines resistance training with cardio and is especially great for arms and shoulders. There are loads of pole dancing studios that specifically target women who want to get fit and most classes incorporate dance routines, so don’t think that you’ll only be climbing and spinning.

Aerial yoga

What do you get when you combine traditional yoga with calisthenics, dance, pilates and acrobatics? You get Aerial Yoga – one of the newest exercise trends that will have you swinging from the ceiling (no, not the chandeliers) in silk hammocks. Due to the nature of the suspended movements, it’s a full body workout that tones and redefines muscles while strengthening the joints. It’s highly recommended for anyone with back issues and can also be used for physical rehabilitation.


Just like Aerial Yoga, Barrelates is another popular exercise phenomena that combines two different types of sport. Integrating pilates with barre, it’a a fat burning formula that reshapes your entire body through full-body dance movements and muscle conditioning. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the benefits associated with pilates, but are looking to inject some fun into their routine.

Flying trapeze

If you’re chasing a workout that will make you stronger both physically and emotionally, trapeze flying will do just that. It’s great for building confidence, overcoming fears and your adrenaline will be through the roof (enter peaking endorphins). You’ll be knee-hanging, hand grappling and swinging from an eight metre platform, so you will be required to well and truly step outside your comfort zone. Mind you, your biceps and core will love you for it!


This is a great exercise that you can do with your kids and also in the comfort of your own home. It’s a cardiovascular workout that slims your hips, tones your butt and tightens your abs. If  you prefer a studio setting, hooping classes are also available so an instructor will be there to guide you. Did we mention Beyonce and Kelly Osbourne have both credited hooping for their figures?

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