5 Things No One Tells You About Masturbating

No longer the realm of dirty basements or teenage boys rooms, masturbating, Sex And The City style, is all the rage! We can all channel our inner Samantha or Carrie if we’re after a little more subtlety, and are wanting to find pleasure in places other than a mans groin.

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The art of masturbation, however, eludes too many of us, so for the novices out there, here are 5 things no one tells you about masturbating.

It’s not some weird thing only creepy perverts or 40-year-old virgins do

We all do it and we certainly shouldn’t feel bad about it. Your doctor does it (hopefully no where nearby), your bestie does it, even your Mum does it (although that’s one you probably shouldn’t think about too much). The point is, masturbation is a fact of life, just go with it.

Playing with your vulva for hours while binging on Netflix counts as masturbating

If you’re touching yourself an enjoying it, it doesn’t matter that you aren’t convulsing from back-to-back explosive orgasms, you’re still masturbating. Orgasms are not the defining characteristic of masturbation, you can still find pleasure from touching yourself and learn a little about your g-spot without orgasming.

If you have a boyfriend and you masturbate, you’re not a cheating skank

Even if you love the person you’re with and they always know exactly how to get you off, you shouldn’t feel guilty for seeking a little private pleasure of your own. Hell, they’re probably getting themselves off all the time, too! Also, skanks aren’t really a thing – so let’s just forget about this misconception entirely.

Using sex toys doesn’t make you the world’s worst masturbator

As a general rule of thumb, sex toys will always trump hands. You can’t magically make your fingers vibrate, and when you’re tired and just want a quickie, a quality vibrator will work wonders for your libido. That said, however…

A super expensive Triple G-Spot Orgasm Monster Sex Toy isn’t compulsory

The best thing about masturbating is that it’s free. Take a little time to learn what works with your hands, the free-est sex toy ever. It will also help you to learn what you like for when you get the real deal with your partner, or that cute guy you met at a bar after one too many drinks.

Image via Cosmopolitan