The Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour

Ever wondered why certain eyeshadows work for you, and others just end up looking plain jane? A sure way to make your eyes pop is by using the best shadows to complement your eye colour. The trick that many makeup artists use is by choosing shades on the opposite part of the colour wheel – this will ensure that whatever you put on your eyelids looks fabulous!

Blue eyes

Blue eyes work best with earthy tones which help to bring out any soft blue hues. Metallics, brown and slate are a perfect match for more serious makeup looks, since they make a dramatic juxtaposition when paired with blue. Other colours which are also ideal include rose, taupe and other purple-based eyeshadows.

The Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour

Brown eyes

The beauty of brown eyes is that they work with almost anything! Although, stay away from earthy or metallic brown-tones since this will only blend in with your eyes. Opt for colours such as peach, coral and pink which are perfect to highlight and define the shape of your eyes. Green and blue are also fun shades which help to create an exotic makeup look.

The Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour

Green eyes

Green eyes follow the same colour palette as blue – stick to warm brown shades which will pick up any lighter tones in your eyes. Other shades which will make green eyes pop include gold, copper and baked-eyeshadows with orange undertones.

The Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour

Grey eyes

Should be treated like pale blue or green eyes. Avoid slate or pink tones.

The Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour

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August 1, 2014

5 Eye Makeup Techniques

Always wanted to know how the models have eyes to die for? Sick of ending up with smudgy black eyes by the end of a night? Follow make-up artist Charlotte’s tips and you never look like an 80’s goth again.

  1. To accentuate and heighten the colour of your eyes, choose shades that offer a contrast so the eye colour will definitely stand out.
  2. When applying eye colour you have to remember that light shades emphasise and make an area appear larger. Dark shades diminish and make an area look smaller.
  3. If you suffer from eczema or dry eyelids never use shimmer colour all over the lid.
  4. To give the appearance of thicker lashes and to enhance eye colour, dot between the root of the top lashes with a very black eye pencil.
  5. To obtain full lashes make sure you wiggle the mascara wand at the root of the lashes and work up and out. For longer lashes tilt wand down and lightly apply to full length of lash.
April 1, 2001