Makeup Trend: Feathery Brow Tutorial

Natural-looking brows is something that all women aim to achieve and the feathering technique is just one way to get the look at home.

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So if you’re lacking a few stray hairs, or require a little more texture in your brows, follow our easy tutorial below to achieve natural-looking eyebrows.


1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser, then lock-in moisture with a hydrating cream. If your brows have the tendency to feel a little dry (especially in winter), run the cream lightly through your brows.

Makeup Trend: Feathery Brow Tutorial

Coast to Coast Skin Illuminating Cleansing Water, $24.95

2. Use a thin brow pencil and place it on the side of your nose. This is where your brows should begin to curve outwards. Extend the same brush outwards onto the very corner of your eyes; this is where your brows should end (at the very tip). Keep the guide below in a handy place if you every need to remember these tips for the future.

Makeup Trend: Feathery Brow Tutorial

3. Pomades are ideal for creating natural, wispy-looking brows and they come in a variety of colours. Use an angled brow brush, and lightly dip it into the pomade. Less is more, and you can always layer on the product if it’s too light for your brows.

Makeup Trend: Feathery Brow Tutorial

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, $26.70

4. Use short, fluid motions to feign the look of real brows. Start by filling in any gaps (this could be at the very tip of your brow) and work your way inwards making sure to use less product as you go.

Makeup Trend: Feathery Brow Tutorial

Sigma e75 Angled Brow Pencil, $16

5. Carefully press the brush onto your skin and release so it won’t make a harsh mark on your skin. Brush through your brows to make them look more natural and don’t forget to set them with a clear brow gel. This will keep them in place all day and is also sweat-proof.

Makeup Trend: Feathery Brow Tutorial

Essence Lash and Brow Gel, $4.10

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8 Makeup Mistakes You’re Making (And You Don’t Even Know It!)

It’s hard to believe, but perfecting makeup is a lifelong skill. Just think about it, really knowing your angles, colouring, and learning those valuable techniques can take a while to master, especially if you don’t have the time to take a makeup course.

To avoid these common makeup mistakes, invest in a few quality products and brushes to perfect your look and voila, makeup can be your best friend!

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Whether it’s your eyes, foundation, or even a self-tan, never forget to blend your makeup after applying! Those lines of contour should never be too visible, so remember to blend it out as you go.

A thick kabuki brush is the perfect way to achieve a flawless look without removing all of the product from your face.


Colour match

It might feel a little tempting to buy new foundation online (especially when you haven’t tried it before and there’s a sale), but try and get your colour matched. Not only will it save you the time and money of returning a product which doesn’t suit your skin, but it’s free to do so!

There is also a handy website called Findation, which allows you to enter your current shade and it will generate other popular brands which are in the same tone. Easy!



The secret to applying a subtle blush is to layer on the product as you go. Dipping your blush brush into the pan and applying it directly onto your face is never a wise option. Tap it lightly into the pan, dust off any excess, then blend it out of your cheekbones.


Lip liner

In an effort to look like the next Kylie Jenner, it is a little tempting to over draw your lips. To make them appear larger, use a darker shade on the outside, then colour the inside of your lips with a light shade down the middle.

Use a white liner or highlighting shade on the cupids bow (just about your lips), to make it appear larger.


Dry, flakey skin

Many women will suffer from dry skin during the colder months since there is a lack of moisture in the air. To keep skin looking glowing and fresh, use a foundation with a hint of SPF.

While it does contain a little more oil, it will help to smooth over any of those dry patches, and leave your skin looking slightly sun-kissed.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "The Wolfman" - Arrivals


Sculpting your face is actually a little more difficult than it seems. Los Angeles based makeup artist Lilit Caradanian let us in on her insider trick for a flawless contour – a transitional shade: “You actually need a transitional colour because the dark colour needs a medium shade in order to blend into the skin. If you’re using contour powder, you also need to use a bronzer along with it.”


Overdrawn brows

While we all might like to fill in our brows, it is a little easy to go overboard. Use a darker shade on the tail, and work with a brow brush in slow, fluid motions to create the illusion of thicker hair. Dust off any of the colour and work it into the centre of your brows – never close up the front!


Winged liner

Probably one of the trickiest looks to create is the winged liner. There are many ways to create it with a felt-tip, gel, eyebrow brush, or even with a stick-on stencil.

For beginners, we recommend using a thin piece of tape extending upwards from the lower lash line. Then all you need to do is trace a line over the tape, and remove it once it’s dry!


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The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Dark brows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially since celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have added their own personal twist to the trend.

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Below are just a few wearable hair and makeup styles which work amazingly well with dark, structured eyebrows.

Top knot

The classic top knot is a perfect hairstyle for dark, structured brows since it draws attention to them! Remember to fill in any gaps with a liner brush and lashings of mascara are an absolute must.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Dark lips

A dark lip is an essential part of your makeup kit since it really pulls an entire look together – especially during the autumn/winter months. Pair with carefully groomed brows for the ultimate statement look.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Statement accessories

If you have a special event coming up, why not match your accessories to your hair and makeup. In this case, we’re loving the models dark brows with a beautiful red lip and huge statement earrings. Hair is best tied back to focus on the makeup look.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Shimmery eyeshadow

Any type of shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for those who want to add a little sparkle into their look. Combine with groomed brows and lots of mascara for your go-to makeup look.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Dewy skin

Don’t forget to moisturise your skin well before prepping it for a dewy, translucent moisturiser or BB cream. It adds the finishing touches to a ‘just rolled out of bed’ look which is perfect for those drowsy mornings!

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Highlight the inner corner

If your eyes are hooded, it’s a great idea to use a white eyeliner pencil to make them look bigger. An inner corner highlight is a must to bring attention to the higher parts of the face, and don’t forget that brow gel to tame those stray hairs!

inner corner

Lip liner

For instant night-time glam, start with a neutral makeup base and focus your attention on your brows and lips. For the lips, line them with a pale pink shade for longevity before adding a lipstick shade over the top.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Side bun

A wispy side bun is another great way to add a little dimension to your face without spending hours in front of the mirror. Fill in your brows as usual, then dab some lipstick onto your lips with your finger before heading out the door.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

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Hot New Beauty Trend Alert: Ombre Eyebrows

Forget the ombré or sombre hair trends as recently favoured by A-list celebs – ombré eyebrows are so hot right now. It’s the newest trend in precision perfect eyebrows, creating a subtle yet full and lush effect – perfect for standing out in the crowd during the festive party season!

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Now, SHESAID readers, you can try the trend too, thanks to the talented brow technicians from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Here, (see below) the eyebrow artists have shared their top tips to create an ombré look using their Brow Kit, $99, (pictured) available in an array of colours at beauty e-tailer Lulu and Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit contains five essential products to achieve perfectly arched and sculpted brows: precision tweezers, brow powder duo, brow stencils, mini duo brush and clear brow gel.

eyebrows, celebrity style, beauty tips

Ombre Eyebrows 101

  1. Measure from the inside crease of the nose up and make a slight mark. When holding your Anastasia stencil make sure the brow is inside your shape. Hold firmly to avoid smudging. Apply the darker side of the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo 1cm into the brow with strong strokes, following down to the tail on the bottom row of the brow.
  2. Blend the lighter and darker side of your Anastasia Duo Powder back to the beginning of the brow where you have made your original measurement. Blend through to the top of the brow to join into the stronger tone to fill your arch and the tail.
  3. For an accentuated and defined look, use the Anastasia Brow Wiz to fill any gaps or holes. This slim pencil creates precise lines for a strong and elegant finish.eyebrows, celebrity style, beauty tips
  4. Apply one coat of the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, using upward strokes to lift the Brow hairs to widen and neaten the brow. Blend your Anastasia Brow Powder Duo for a perfect ombré finish. The Brow Gel is also available in tinted tones for touch-ups and a more dense finish.
  5. For lift and an elegant profile, apply Anastasia Duality Highlighter – this will define the finish of your perfect brow and gives a 3D affect.
    Next, lightly apply the matte end of your Duality Highlighter, aligning around the brow for coverage and a clean, defined finish. Finally, apply the shimmer end of your highlighter above the eye and follow the tail to lift the brow and open the eye.
  6. Lastly, apply a second coat of the Clear Brow Gel to set, blend and finish your beautiful ombré brow finish.

Main image via chloegormanbeauty.blogspot.com, secondary image via www.dermstore.com and final image via rodeo.net.

5 Products You Need For Flawless Brows

If 2013 was the year of balayage, then 2014 has unofficially been dubbed as the year of flawless brows. With so many products out there on the market, the possibilities for flawless brows are endless and often confusing for someone just starting out. Below are the top five essentials that every woman needs to tame and accentuate those brows.

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L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Sourcil, $22.95

Only want to purchase just one product out of the bunch? Then this is the eyebrow essential that can drastically transform your look in seconds. Available in a variety of different colours to match your brows, this professional eyebrow pencil works wonders to enhance and create subtle drama.

With a brush on one side and a pencil on the other, you can easily manoeuvre the product and make it look natural. Start on fresh brows, and concentrate the product into patchy areas. As you’re filling out any gaps, turn over to the brush and gently run it through your brows. This will keep the look natural and fresh without being too over-the-top.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Sourcil

Ardell Brow Sculpting Clear Gel, $6.99

So you’ve decided to draw your perfect brows but worry about losing their shape throughout the day. This amazing brow gel not only sets your look, but keeps it looking fresh all day long.

Apply just a bit of product through the start of your brows which will slick your eyebrows all day long (regardless of humidity, sweat, or even natural oils).

Ardell Brow Sculpting Clear Gel

Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo, $37

There are two ways to fill in your eyebrows: with a pencil, and with a powder formula. If you want to achieve a natural look, then powder is your best option. While the process might take a little longer, it’s all about achieving a subtle gradient which follows the natural colour and shape of your own brows.

Dip your angled brow brush into the darker shade, and use this to fill the tail of your brow. Then, with a light hand, use the softer shade to fill in the sparse patches of hair at the beginning of the eyebrow.

Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo

Sigma Beauty E75 Eyebrow Brush, $16

Use an angled eyebrow brush with your powder to achieve a natural looking set of brows. The firm, angled edge is perfect even for beginners, since it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake! Double up and use this brush to apply your eyeliner, as well!

Sigma Beauty E75 Eyebrow Brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, $25

Can’t find enough time to dedicate half a day to creating the perfect set of brows? This product is made for you! The gel formula is coloured and makes filling in brows an absolute breeze! All you need to do is gently brush through the product and comb out with a clean brush, it doesn’t require a clear gel either – perfect.

5 Products You Need For Flawless Brows

Image via Hair on The Brain

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

Do you suffer from intolerable brows that are naturally too thin, or even too coarse to tame? The secret to perfect brows is a solid skincare routine which requires minimal maintenance for maximum results. Follow our five simple tips for better groomed brows in no-time! All you need is some patience and a lot of attention to detail.

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DO: Use an eyebrow serum

Are your brows natural super-thin and don’t grow much? This could all come down to over-plucking or basically removing too much hair from your eyebrows over the last few years. Even if your brows don’t naturally have an arch, it’s best to let them grow out, and get them maintained by a professional on a bi-monthly basis.

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

Otherwise, you can always turn to eyebrow serum, which helps to grow back your brows if you have any bald patches. Just apply the serum in a small concentrated area (making sure not to get it anywhere else on your face!), and you will see results after the first month.

We recommend: Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum, $56

DON’T: Over-pluck

If you don’t want to slaughter your eyebrows one at a time, then we highly suggest that the tweezers should never come out. They’re good for plucking a few stray hairs here and there, but never rely on them to shape your brows. The hair could break, and can result in painful in-grown hairs instead.

Grow Better Brows In 5 StepsDO: Moisturise

Have you every thought about moisturising your brows? Every night while applying a night moisturiser, run the product through your brows as well. This will tame any dry skin patches that run from the beginning of the brow, but also will smooth down any stray hairs.

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

We recommend: Estée Lauder DayWear Advanced Multi-protection Antioxidant SPF, $45-65

DON’T: Over-draw your brows

Give your brows a little definition by filling in any patchy areas with a powder or eyebrow pencil. The best way to do this is by lightly applying the product, then combing it out so it looks natural.

Grow Better Brows In 5 Steps

Avoid the ‘scouse brow’ which is commonly referred to a much darker brow, especially where the brow begins. Choose a colour which is as close as possible to your natural brows.

DO: Contour your brows

Make sure the shape of your brows works with your face shape. As a general rule it’s best to avoid super thin brows since this look often feels fake and artificial. The arch of your brow should usually align with the tip of your eye colour.

Grow Better Brows In 5 StepsThen simply use a slightly darker colour on the arch of your brow, and apply a little bit of shimmering contouring powder on the brow bone.

Images via Parade, The Luxe Life, Lip Gloss and Lunges

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Having the correct eyebrows can make the world of difference to change not only your look, but the entire structure of your face. Common mistakes which women usually make are over-plucking their brows, which can make the face look older and less structured. Take the following tips into consideration to achieve flawless brows for your face. 

Square face

Keep your eyebrows looking big and beautiful if you have a square face. The best way to achieve this low maintenance look is by waxing or threading. Threading defines the brow, and gives a natural shape without looking too put together.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face


Round face

A round face works best with an arched eyebrow, since it gives the face some artificial definition. An arched brow helps to elongate the face, especially with a touch of highlighter on the brow bone. Tweeze any stray hairs which could compromise this look, especially if you already have a structured foundation to work with.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Long face

Straight eyebrows are best if you have a long face, since they take the focus away from the chin. Don’t over-draw these brows since they can only make the brows feel artificial – it is best to stick with a natural look. Create a low arch which will help to soften the entire face.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Heart-shaped face

Keep brows soft and subtle with a bit of natural hair, and a soft arch which won’t take the attention from the sweet, heart-shaped facial structure. Comb through brows and use a styling gel to keep them looking clean and crisp.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Oval face

You’re certainly in luck if you have an oval face! This structure is well-known to handle most brow shapes, so you have a large selection at hand. Whether you like a soft arch, high arch or a defined look, all of these brows will suit your face.

Flattering Eyebrows For Your Face

Images via June Johnson, Daily Makeover

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of a makeup routine, since they give definition to the eyes and frame the entire face. Although, they are usually over-plucked, not drawn on properly and generally aren’t given the attention they deserve. Follow these tips and tricks on how to get the perfect brows for your face.

Don’t over-pluck

Leave those brows alone! Over-plucking your own brows not only looks unprofessional, but it can lead to nasty in-grown hairs forming at the hair follicle. It is best to pluck any stray hairs, but leave the rest to grow out completely before you choose to shape them yourself.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Fill them in

Even if your brows are thick and dark, it is always best to fill them in. This not only defines the entire brow bone, but disguises any hairless patches within the brow. Shadows and brow pencils are both great to use if you want a quick and easy application. Choose a shade which matches your hair colour – don’t go for much darker colours since this won’t look consistent. Remember to brush through your eyebrows at the end to achieve a natural look.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Trim excess hair

Often you will find that some hair will out-grow the shape of your brows, and it is best to trim them down for a tidy look. Use a small brow brush to comb through the hairs, then trim them slowly from beginning to tip. Trim eyebrows from the top of the brow bone – never the bottom. Brush the hair upwards then trim carefully, following the natural shape.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Create an arch

If your eyebrows don’t naturally have a defined arch, you can easily create one with powder. An accurate way to find your arch is by following the shape and position of your eye. The outer corner of your pupil should be aligned with where the arch should be positioned. Then simply draw it on, and fill in the rest of your brows.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows


Define eyebrows by placing a tiny bit of highlight on the bottom of the brow bone. This place is located right under the arch, and will create the illusion of a angular face. Highlight emphasises where the sun will naturally hit the face, so remember to rub in with your fingers to achieve a more natural look.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows


Once in a while, it is best to treat your eyebrows to a conditioning treatment, especially if they’re growing back. A few drops of castor oil will help to rejuvenate eyebrows, and nourish the hair follicle which will promote faster hair growth and recovery.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

Choosing the right colour

Eyebrows should have a natural gradient – lighter in the centre and often darker tones at the tip where the arch is located. A colour 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour will help to define the brow along the tip, and give a natural look. However, never colour in the very beginning of the brow; this makes the entire look seem unnatural.

Easy Tips For Perfect Brows

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