How To Get Runway Lashes

Ever wanted to get long, luscious runway lashes at home? SHESAID has enlisted the help of makeup artist, Helen Dowsley, who has created beauty looks for celebrities and reality shows around the world. Some key faces Helen has worked on include Jennifer Hawkins, Ruby Rose, Michael Buble, Jackie O, Kate Ritchie and even Ed Sheeran.

Most recently, Helen Dowsley is the chief makeup artist for The Bachelorette and Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

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How can women get runway-ready lashes at home? 

False lashes are key here! I would apply the Helen Dowsley Lashes ‘Natural’ Lash. Cut it to the eye to fit, and then cut it in half to make application easier.

My hot tip? If you apply under your natural lash, it saves time and gives a nice natural lift to your own lash. This ultimately thickens and lengthens your lashes in quick, easy steps.

How To Get Runway Lashes

How do women choose the right lashes for them off the shelf? 

The first thing to ask yourself is whether you would like a natural look or do you want to make a statement? For a day look, choose something simpler that thickens your natural lashes such as my ‘New Loves’ lashes, which open your eyes when applied. For evening, or to make a more almond-shaped eye, try the Helen Dowsley ‘Favourites’, which have a built-in eyeliner and will hide a hooded eye in seconds.

What is the benefit of ethically sourced lashes over non-ethically sourced ones? 

I didn’t originally go looking for ‘ethical products’ when travelling to find my lashes and I didn’t like some of the things I saw. Being a woman and an animal lover, I want to protect and empower rather than take advantage and I believe everyone should be more mindful about where our beauty products – and all things we consumer – come from.

How To Get Runway Lashes

What lashes do the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice love? 

It depends on the day, however the ‘New Loves’ are always the go to lash. Teagan Martin (Miss Universe Australia) wears anything from a ‘Natural’ lash to a ‘Funtimes’ lash. Sophie Monk looks great with my ‘Favourites’ and ‘Flirt’ underneath. If I’m really smoking the eye up, I’ll apply ‘Smokey’ and to give a more separated look, I’ll layer ‘Fablash’ over the top.

What is the trick to making blue eyes pop? 

Think of the colour wheel when you did art at school. To make blue eyes pop, oranges and browns in warm tones are best. Opposites attract!

What is the trick to making brown eyes pop? 

As above, purples and pinks make brown eyes really pop!

How can women make their lipstick last? 

The stronger the pigment, the better lasting on the lips but the more drying it can be. Prep your lips prior – when brushing your teeth in the morning, lightly brush your lips to take away dead cells. Apply a lip balm (Perry’s Lemon Myrtle is the best) and then apply lip liner all over your lip. Apply your lipstick, tear tissue in half and lay over the lips, before applying translucent powder over this with a brush. Removing the tissue, this will make colour really last all night.

How To Get Runway Lashes

What is The Bachelorette Sam Frost’s favourite makeup look and how can we copy it? 

I love Sammi and it is an absolute delight to have her in my chair! Sammi does the natural look really well and the ‘Rose Ceremony’ look even better! Sammi loves my ‘In Love’ lash and I always apply these daily, for both day and evening. In the evening, I would also apply ‘Flirt’ under the lash. Let’s face it, every girl loves a bit of drama and so Sammi’s evening look is always a hit.

To copy it, apply your foundation as you would normally apply your base. Highlight under your eyes and down your T-zone. Use blush to contour your cheeks and then apply a black gel inner-eye liner on the top and bottom lash lines. Colour in your brow using a similar colour-way to your natural brow, and apply your lipstick in a natural colour (the same colour as your mouth, not always ‘nude’) in the method explained above. Voila! Simple, sexy Sammi beauty.

Through her work as a makeup artist, Helen Dowsley saw a niche for an ethically-sourced faux lash product and created the incomparable Helen Dowsley Lashes. Easy to apply and created with light-weight, hand-made synthetic fibre, Helen Dowsley Lashes are available in 14 styles, while individual lashes are also available in short, medium or long lengths.

5 Must-Try Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

The French drugstore is renowned for its skincare, Korean drugstore makeup is on-trend and won’t break the bank, but the Japanese version combines the best of both worlds.

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If you want an effective skincare routine which won’t leave a hole in your pocket, look no further than the Japanese drugstore  these fabulous skincare and beauty treatments are sure to leave your skin feeling amazing from the inside out.

False eyelashes

Are you addicted to long, luscious lashes without the costly maintenance of extensions? Then the Japanese drugstore has you sorted! They are a fraction of the price – $2 compared to upwards of $10 – and are available in so many styles and colours. They even come with added accessories.


Aqua gel or water-based exfoliator is one of the best Japanese skincare secrets around. Why? It’s perfect for those suffering from extremely sensitive skin, who find it difficult to exfoliate without resulting in a red, itchy face afterwards. The product is made from 90 per cent water and gently removes any dead skin cells without aggravating existing acne spots.



Lots of Japanese mascaras have small, straight brushes which are perfect for those who have short and straight lashes. The long-lasting formula is designed for hot and humid climates, does’t clump, and won’t leave any excess product on the top of your lid after a long day at work.


Skin brightening

Skincare brands such as Sekkisei are known for their whitening properties, but many people use their products as a skin brightener instead. The milky lotion feels weightless on the skin (just like a cleanser) and absorbs quickly to give the skin a glow. Use as a primer to prep your skin before applying any type of makeup or moisturiser.


Cotton tips

Who thought that cotton tips could be so revolutionary? But the Japanese versions are actually sturdier than your average cotton tip and are used in a variety of different ways. You can fix your foundation, improve the appearance of a cat-eye flick, apply eyeshadow and can even use them to remove your lipstick.


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How To Easily Apply False Lashes

Why leave it to the professionals when it can easily be done at home? We’re talking about falsies, that is! Not only are they really easy to apply (and we say this after years of struggling), but they can actually transform your entire look. So, what are we waiting for? Below are a few insider techniques which will help you to apply your own false lashes at home.

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What you need:

Lashes (entire band, individuals, corner)

Small scissors

Eyelash glue



Liquid eyeliner


Before applying lashes

  • Firstly, you need to determine the type of look that you’re going for – this could be anything from a cat-eye, shimmery eyeshadow, or just a plain lid. Whatever you’re doing, it is important to curl and apply a thin layer of mascara over your natural lashes.
  • Mascara will show you what your lashes will look like once their done and keep them looking fresh for longer.

Entire band of lashes

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.08.05 PM

  1. An entire band is usually a standard lash which can be applied from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. There are many different styles available and it certainly is the most popular one.
  2. If you find it difficult to match the falsie in your natural lash-line, then cut it into three pieces. Apply the glue onto a flat surface, then leave it for 30-40 seconds until it feels tacky – this is the perfect time to use the glue since it will hold better.
  3. Curve the lash with your fingers, then dip it into the glue (use a formula which dries clear, since it won’t look obvious). Wait for a few seconds until it dries, then look downwards into a compact mirror. This will allow you to align it directly with the natural lash-line.
  4. If the band is quite thick, you can easily disguise it with a smokey eye or cat-eye flick. Make sure to prep your eye makeup beforehand, so it doesn’t interfere with the lashes.
  5. Repeat these steps with the two other lash pieces and press downwards with a tweezer. While they should feel comfortable on your eyes, if they do tug, make sure to remove them and try again. Sometimes the glue might build-up, so remember to remove it gently with your tweezers.

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.07.27 PM

Eylure Exaggerate 141 Lashes Pair, $12.99

Individual lashes

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.09.06 PM

  1. If you’re going for more of a natural look, individual lashes are the best way to make your eyes pop. They might require a little additional prep-time, but the results are amazing!
  2. Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara as usual from root to tip. Wait until it dries completely before moving onto the false lashes.
  3. Pick up each lash with your tweezers, then dip the stem into some glue. Wait a few seconds until the glue gets tacky, then place it directly over your natural lash. The bands are actually more discrete on individual lashes, so you don’t need to apply heavier eye makeup to disguise it.
  4. Start at the outer corner of your eyes and build-up the intensity up until the centre. At this point, use a smaller lash to bring some added volume to your eyes.
  5. If you have long, straight lashes, then falsies on the corner are also a great idea. They create the illusion of curve and body without feeling too overwhelming – especially during the day!

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.06.04 PM

Ardell DuraLash Individual Flare Lashes Short Black, $9.99


  • Make your false lashes last longer by removing them with micellar water at the end of the day. Rather than pulling them off and causing damage, the micellar water is light and will help them keep their shape.
  • Don’t apply a mascara over the top of your lashes since it can dramatically shorten then life-span. Well, unless you want to remove the extra makeup with a cotton tip, which is always an option if you need to re-wear them.
  • As with all other makeup styles, it is all about mastering your technique. Look into a low, compact mirror which will help to align your lashes, but over-time you probably won’t even need one!
  • Give your lashes a break every once in a while and let them breathe! Even eyelashes go through a shedding period, so it’s important to lay off the falsies and mascara every once in a while.

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