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Whip up some DIY beauty with these supermarket staples. 

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Is Your Smartphone Giving You Wrinkles?

In the UK, the average women checks her smartphone 150 times a day. If you’re like one of these millions of women chances are you’ve started to notice a strange crease forming around your neck. Say hello to tech neck, the latest aging problem for the tech-infatuated generation.

Dermatologists say that constant neck bending to look at screens is leading to sagging skin, dropping jowls and a distinct crease above the clavicle, a condition they have dubbed ‘tech neck’.

“The problem of wrinkles and sagging of the jowls and neck used to begin in late middle age but, in the last 10 years, because of tech neck, it has become a problem for a generation of younger women,” Dr Christopher Rowland Payne, a consultant dermatologist at The London Clinic, said.

The tech neck phenomenon might have drawn our attention to the neck and décolletage but this has long been one of the most vulnerable areas to ageing. The cause of its vulnerability is three tiered: sagging muscles, sensitive skin (second only to our eyelids) and gravity. Known as the Y-Zone, this area is made up the lower face, neck, throat and upper chest.

“As we age, the major muscles running down both sides of the neck become less taut and, because they don’t sit along a bone like most muscles, they loosen easily. They also become more fibrous, and the fact that there’s little fatty tissue in the neck to cushion and disguise this change in texture we start to see a turkey-neck effect.” says plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Marko Lens.

With a mere 32 per cent of women using neck and décolletage treatments it’s no wonder that this area is becoming increasingly quick to reveal our true age. Traditional advice tell us to use our face cream on our neck and décolletage however facial creams are of little help with this vulnerable area requiring a more specialised approach.

The Skin Republic Neck + Décolletage Repair uses the latest advances in cloth mask technology to create a mask specifically designed to target the neck and décolletage. Containing potent anti-agers Collagen, CoQ10 and Vitamin E to boost moisture and restore firmness. Mulberry and Liquorice help to lighten dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage.

This cloth mask has been designed to comfortably fit your neck and décolletage. Unlike traditional creams a cloth mask adheres to the skin providing a continuous and concentrated dose of serum making it more effective in improving the tone and texture of the skin.

10 At-Home Skincare Treatments

For many of us, a bad skin day can lay an almighty blow to our self-confidence. Over a lifetime, a woman will spend thousands of dollars on overly expensive skincare products to prevent a range of skin disorders, from ageing to acne. Many of these products are full of chemicals that have the potential to do more harm than good to sensitive skin. What you may not know is that you can find potent skincare solutions in your own home. Save a little money by introducing these products into your skincare regime.

Hydration is vital to healthy skin, and more generally, a healthy body. Most professionals recommend drinking at least eight glasses per day.

Green tea
Green tea is an antioxidant and will help flush the bad toxins from your skin. It is high in polyphenols and can help fight the aging process. Aim for a minimum three cups per day.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera is a hardy plant that is easy to grow in your own home! It is rich in vitamin E, and is said to have healing properties for all types of skin conditions. Just look at these 7 Benefits of Aloe Vera For Skincare.

Oatmeal is great for sensitive skin and can even be used for babies. For an full body treatment, put some oatmeal into a nylon sock or cut-off pantyhose, and put in your bath. Soak yourself and emerge with silky, smooth skin.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is used for cleaning and healing all types of wounds and skin impurities. It’s miraculous antisceptic agents also mean that it is often included in cleaning products. Concentrated tea tree oil is very strong, but dab just a bit on your problem spots and watch them dry out.

Lemon juice is great for balancing uneven skin tone. It can be added to almost any DIY facemask or exfoliating scrub.

While processed sugars can be detrimental to the skin when consumed, cane sugar can be applied directly to the face for fresh-looking skin. Combine with lemon juice and olive oil to make a moisturizing, exfoliation scrub for your legs. 

If you’ve ever taken a dip in the ocean, you’ll know that afterward your skin feels amazing! Salt is antibacterial and can also help dry-out oily skin. Recreate that beachy look with a lemon and salt face scrub.

Avocado is rich in vitamin E and when applied directly, is great for skin hydration. Try this DIY honey and avocado facemask.

Oily fish types are high in omega 3and good fats – which are great for your skin! Salmon is great for skin elasticity and fighting ageing. See this full list of anti-aging foods.