A Close Shave!

A close shave!

A star is born

David Beckham and Brad Pitt know a bit of facial furniture can give you a lot of street cred. And while your man may never be an international football hero or a drool-worthy sex symbol, thanks to Braun, he can at least have some cool, designer stubble.

Getting the look is easy!

Step 1: Grow facial hair to desired length

Step 2: Using the narrow styling edge of the E-Razor Allstyle trimmer (RRP $69.96), let your creative juices flow, to design your chosen style.

Step 3: Use the battery-operated E-Razor Pocket ($19.95) to remove any unwanted hair for angel-smooth skin

Step 4: Facial hair length can be maintained as often as required with the E-Razor Allstyle trimmer and beard attachment. Voila!

Available from department stores, electrical and specialty stores.

Gentle tips for using electric razors from the Shaver Shop

One of the most common mistakes with electric shaving is excessive pressure. Let the shaver glide gently over your skin. This will help avoid possible irritation.

Use short, circular strokes and use your free hand to stretch your skin.

Blades and foils need periodic replacement to ensure maximum shaver performance and to eliminate sensitivity from over-shaving.