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May 19, 2016

Snail Facial Mask – Would You Try It?

Would you try a facial treatment which promises to fight signs of anti-ageing, is full of antioxidants and will give your skin a youthful glow? Of course! Now would you still try it if we told you it was done purely by a snail? Snail facials have been used for years in Japan since they are packed with antioxidants, anti-bacteria properties and will even make your skin feel soft and smooth.

What is a snail facial?

A snail facial is a beauty treatment whereby the dermatologist or consultant places 2-3 snails simultaneously on the forehead cheeks and chin for 20 minutes at a time. Snails emit a mucus which has been found to be very beneficial to the human skin – with promises of reduced lines and wrinkles, and overall healthy skin. The trained snail facialists manoeuvre the snails, and keep them away from the nostrils, eyes and mouth making this treatment extremely safe.

How does it work?

The mucus from the snail is packed with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and cleanses the skin with it’s anti-bacterial properties. Although the sensation is often strange for the patient, they are encourage to sit back and relax during the facial – not moving too suddenly.

Where are the snails sourced?

Most snails are farmed for the specialised treatment, and are fed organic food and vegetable matter so they are as pure as possible. Once snails are used on a client, they are given at least 4 days of rest before they can be used again. After the treatment, snails are separated from the others to avoid the chances of exchanging bacteria or even cross contamination.

How to prepare for the facial

Clients are encouraged to arrive to the facial makeup and skincare-free, since this is the best way to have a successful treatment. This treatment is also very beneficial for those who suffer from various skin treatments as well as acne, since the mucus holds various antibacterial properties and hyaluronic acid which is used in skin primers.


The cost of treatments can vary, but your average snail facial will cost an upwards of $200 just for the snail itself.

Would you ever try a snail facial?

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September 17, 2014

Dermalogica: Face Mapping The Nation

Emma Hobson, education manager for The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, answered all our questions on Dermalogica’s major campaign to make us more aware of skin analysis and treatment by Face Mapping The Nation.

What is Face Mapping exactly?

Face Mapping is a revolutionary new approach to skin analysis developed by The International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. For the first time ever, professional skin therapists have a comprehensive technique with which to analyse every aspect of their client’s skin. Face Mapping dramatically enhances not only the effectiveness of every treatment, but also makes the prescription of a home care regimen as focused on the client’s actual needs as possible. With the latest skin analysis techniques, the Face Mapping procedure provides the therapist with an objective view of the skin’s condition as well as an indication of the issues that might be affecting it.

Rather than analysing the skin in general terms, Face Mapping divides the face into 14 distinct zones, each with its own set of potential problems and unique needs. Using the zones and the Dermalogica Face Map as a guide, the therapist is able to conduct an inch-by-inch, methodical analysis of the facial landscape, guaranteeing that the subsequent professional treatment and or home care will fully address each client’s concerns. Face Mapping is very adaptive to the customers’ needs, it can be conducted sitting in the retail area (less than 5 minutes) or in a treatment room (less than 10 minutes). We recommend receiving a Face Mapping Skin Analysis every three months.

How did Dermalogica come up with this method of understanding our skin?

Through the International Dermal Institute (IDI), the leading post graduate skin and body care education provider. IDI researches and develops not only the dermalogica product range but also the various treatment techniques we use within the professional skin care treatment centre. Having been established for over 30 years and based in 80+ countries around the world it enables IDI to gather incredible sources of information, collate them and create something incredibly unique such as Face Mapping skin analysis. Blending the best from Eastern as well as Western techniques of skin diagnosis combined with IDI’s wealth of experience with working with skin and the needs of the skin therapist and the discerning consumer.

What can face mapping tell you about your skin that other methods can not?

Using Face Mapping means the skin is viewed in a unique manner, firstly by systematically assessing the skin with the trained human eye to detect imbalances, combining the knowledge not only from a Western view point but also and Eastern one too. This is then coupled with skilled fingers trained which detect the nuances of the skin through touch, resulting in an incredibly accurate and detailed assessment of current skin health and the possible causes of any imbalances.

Why is it important to understand the different facial zones? How can you use the Face Mapping information to alter your skincare regime?

As a result of the hundreds of years of skilled observations of medical practitioners we have the ability to see how the face can tell us so much about ourselves and how it is a clear reflection of our inner wellness. Imagine your face as a mirror that reflects the internal health, stresses and challenges your body is facing both from a long term as well as a short term prospective. By ‘reading’ the signals that our body communicates via our face and our skin, we are better prepared and armed with the information as to how best to customise and treat our customers by achieving the results they are seeking. A slight adjustment in diet and lifestyle can make all the difference in how we can bring our body back into harmony and balance, sound advice a therapist can share with their customers.

For the therapist, it allows them to incorporate various methods of treatment such as Stress Therapy, Detox Body Wraps, Aromatherapy (face and body), Acupressure, Pressure Point Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Stress Therapy, MLD (manual lymph drainage) to name but a few, and an adjustment of the skin care regimen to target specific current skin conditions, all of which assist in restoration and energy balance. Some examples of what can be found through Dermalogica’s Face Mapping skin analysis: Breakouts, dehydration, or irritation in the eyebrow area? The eyebrow area links with adrenal stress. Knowing this the therapist can not only treat current skin condition, but also provide stress relief treatments and advice. Breakouts between the eyes? This zone is known as the ‘wine and dine area’, a breakout could possibly be reflecting intolerance to food such as dairy products, wheat or processed sugars or simply poor eating habits or over consumption of alcohol. Again the therapist can assist with the current skin condition but provide suggestions to the client as to the possible causes so they may consider tweaking their lifestyle options accordingly.

Where/when can people have their skin analysed with face mapping?

You can easily find your nearest Dermalogica Skin Expert by visiting us at www.dermalogica.com.au

May 30, 2014

6 of the Best New Age Facials

Facials aren’t what they used to be – thank goodness! It’s no longer enough to be pampered. We want real results, and there’s something for every skin.

While blissful, traditional pampering facials really don’t do much for the skin beyond a fleeting after-glow. With huge advances in rejuvenating and corrective skincare technology, women now expect to see visible, ongoing results from solutions-driven facial treatments.

SheSaid looks at six of the best facial treatments, whether to give your face a boost for festive season frolics – or to recover from them! (Prices and treatment protocols may vary according to the location).

PRIORI® CoffeeBerry Yoga Facial with Omnilux Light Therapy
Equal parts pampering and potent. The treatment starts with a blissful “yoga” massage of the arms, hands, neck, décolletage and scalp. Next comes a cleanse, exfoliating peel, facial massage and mask using Priori CoffeeBerry products. CoffeeBerry extract is the most potent form of natural antioxidants of any fruit, vegetable or tea – indeed, it’s three times more potent than green tea. Priori products are also free of parabens and petro chemicals. The Yoga Facial improves hydration for anti-ageing benefits such as a visible reduction of lines,  wrinkles and pigmentation and refines skin texture for a smoother, more radiant complexion. You won’t recognise yourself afterwards (I barely could!). The Yoga Facial may be followed by Omnilux Light Therapy for around 20 minutes, a non-invasive treatment that helps boost skin regeneration with no downtime.

Visit www.spauniverse.com.au for a salon near you.

Eminence Firm Skin Facial
For people who want real results from products without chemicals, the Firm Skin Facial starts with a thorough cleansing and enzymatic peeling using “active organics”. This stimulates blood flow, transporting fresh nutrients and oxygen into the tissue. There is a lot of active product application and a great “organic Botox” massage that combines some facial muscle manipulation with lymphatic drainage. The skin looks immediately lifted, firmer and more hydrated. The “holiday glow” has lasted up to a week in my experience, using home care products from the Hungarian range to maximise results. Firm Skin Facial is particularly effective for anti-ageing, hydrating and detoxifying.

Call 1800 142 182 or www.eminenceorganics.com.au

Ariane Inden Personalised Facial Treatments
An Ariane Inden facial starts with a computer analysis of your skin’s condition to determine the percentage of moisture and sebum. A treatment is then prescribed according to which one of the 32 skin types you are, as identified by the Dutch-based skin care company.

These are based on eight skin characteristics (Tired, Stressed, Acne, Wrinkles, Sensitive and allergic, Thick Skin, Thin and couperose, Perfect and beautiful) and four skin conditions: (low moisture/high natural sebum; high moisture/low natural sebum; low moisture/low natural sebum; high moisture/ high natural sebum). All facial treatments use high concentrations of anti-ageing vitamins A, C and E. There is a big emphasis on face, neck and shoulder massage (sublime!) to promote better blood flow and infuse the tissues with youth-giving oxygen.

You float out of the clinic looking radiant – but only after a complimentary makeup session and armed with a menu suggestion of ideal home care products.

While high tech, Ariane Inden products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested (not on animals), do not contain animal ingredients and are available scented and unscented, without colouring agents.

Call 02 8964 7005; www.facebook.com/arianeindenaustralia

MEDIK8 “Lunchtime” Facial Peel Treatments
High performance British cosmeceutical clinical and home skincare range Medik8 has “lunchtime” acid and enzyme peels for different conditions that leave skin looking younger, clearer and more radiant, with increased hydration and elasticity. During treatment, there may the sensation of tingling or even mild stinging for a few minutes, but there is no redness or peeling afterwards, so no downtime. Skin continues to improve after treatment. Depending on your preference and practitioner, the peels may be combined with massages or masks.

There is Superfacial, to pep up dull skin, White Peel to help lighten pigmentation, Age Peel to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections, Eye Peel to improve tone, texture and plumpness around the vulnerable eye area (also good for upper lip, decolletage and backs of hands) and Beta Peel to combat and help prevent future occurrences of acne, breakouts and congestion.

Call Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011 or visit www.medik8.com.au

Clear + Brilliant
Designed to fill the space between a microdermabrasion and more aggressive laser treatments such as Fraxel, Clear + Brilliant can be used as a one-off treatment for younger-looking, more radiant skin before a special event or over a course of treatments for longer term youth-giving improvements. It’s not a pamper fest, let’s get that straight. Numbing cream is applied and then the laser device is moved over the face in precise areas in meticulous strokes (simultaneously with cold air for comfort). There may be a sensation of slight, warm prickles or even of getting sunburnt. Skin can look pink to red for up to a day afterwards and feel a bit dry, so Clear + Brilliant needs to be planned ahead. It’s ideal perfect for those who want to refresh their skin, or are looking to prevent the signs of ageing (or both!). It’s is designed for all skin types, colour and age, even people in their 20s.  You will see results immediately and more as time goes on.

Visit www.clearandbrilliant.com/consumer/find-a-doctor

Luminiere Microdermabrasion, Peel and Omnilux Facial Treatment
A Luminiere microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to deeply exfoliate the build-up of dead cells that contribute to conditions from breakouts to dullness and fine lines. Products used afterwards will penetrate more effectively to enhance results. Microdermabrasion also improves lymphatic drainage and circulation for a clearer, brighter complexion. It sounds scratchy but in fact it is a very soothing, almost massage-like experience as the therapist systematically works the microdermabrasion device over the face.

A light chemical peel follows to remove the top layers of skin and help stimulate collagen production and combat the signs of sun damage. The type used at Luminiere will be completely dependent on your skin type and concerns. You may feel a tingling, or even mild stinging sensation for a few minutes as the peel works its magic.

Omnilux Light Therapy follows to stimulate the body’s natural process to heal and rejuvenate the skin. You glow!

Call 1300 586 000 or www.luminiere.com.au

What’s your favourite facial treatment? Share it in the comments!

December 17, 2013