Holy Grail Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

Sometimes fair skin requires a little extra TLC, especially during the summer when sea salt and exposure to the sun can leave it looking less than perfect.

If you have fair skin, brush-up on your skincare and try some of our tips so it looks amazing all year round.

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Even if the sun isn’t shining, it doesn’t mean that the rays won’t harm your sensitive skin! Make sure your moisturiser and foundation have at least an SPF of 20 added into the formula. Carry some additional product into your handbag if you feel the need to touch-up through the day.

Tip: Use a translucent formula which won’t leave a white, thick caste on your face all day long. This might involve using a lightweight moisturiser underneath your foundation for ultimate protection against the sun.


Wear a wide-brimmed hat if you will be out in direct sunlight. Not only will it protect your scalp against sunburn, but also your decolletage and shoulders from sun damage.

Remember to apply additional sunscreen to your neck and ears since these are painful places to burn.


If your skin is quite light, odds are that it won’t be easy to find a foundation which suits your colour seamlessly. Search for BB creams or light perfecting formulas which are pink-based, lightweight, and will improve the look of your skin. They are also packed with high volumes of SPF to fight against imminent skin damage.

Tip: Most concealers also feature SPF, so apply onto your problem areas and follow up with a moisturiser to hydrate the skin.


Most harsh exfoliators can leave fair skin looking rough, especially if you already suffer from regular red patches or eczema.

Exfoliate in a gentle way by using a flannel and carefully remove the scrub in an upwards motion. This won’t leave your skin red and flakey afterwards, but will remove excess skin and dirt without the additional unpleasantness.


Avoid rinsing your face and body with hot water since it can open your pores and soak in bacteria and grime. Get into the habit of washing your face with cold-lukewarm water which keeps the pores tight and firm.

Tip: Use pore strips a few times a month to open the pores in a safe way (and in concentrated areas of your face such as the forehead and nose).

Razor burn

If you have fair skin, then the hair on your arms and legs is probably blonde or light brown. Rather than shaving and causing any inevitable razor bumps on your fair skin, wax once a month. Not only does this remove the hair from the follicle, but it will be better for your skin in the long run.

If you do suffer from razor burn, cleanse the area with natural aloe vera then rinse with cold water. Apply a nourishing moisturiser over your legs and relax as the pain subsides. Also, never apply fake tan onto skin which is damaged since it can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Brown mascara

Most women with fair skin find that using a traditional black mascara often looks too harsh on their skin tone. Why not switch it up and use a brown formula, instead? It makes your lashes look natural and won’t look too weird if you have little to no makeup on.

Tip: Use a waterproof formula to make your lashes last for longer and wiggle the applicator from root to tip for best coverage and lift.

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Holy Grail Makeup Tips For Freckles

Whether you love or hate them, there is no denying that freckles are a real issue that men and women both deal with.

Just because they’re a little more prominent due to sun exposure, doesn’t mean you have to hide them! We show you some of the best tips on how to flaunt, enhance, and even conceal dark spots with a few makeup tricks.

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DON’T: Use a full coverage foundation

Even though freckles can appear more prominent during the warmer months of the year, don’t try and hide them by using a thick foundation. This will almost always draw attention to the layers of foundation of your face, and can cause discolouration. Use a lightweight formula such as a BB cream to enhance the natural tone of your skin, and keep your pores clean.

DO: Conceal dark spots

Rather than using a matte foundation all over your face, conceal any harsh lines with a light concealer stick. This gives you the best control to cover some freckles up, or let them shine through your makeup. A quick swipe of mascara on your lashes is the perfect makeup for the summer season.

DON’T: Forget to apply an SPF

To protect your skin from possible skin damage, always apply an SPF over your face and neck. If you find the formula of traditional SPF to be too sticky and thick, use a foundation or lighter correcting cream with it already in the formula. It should keep your skin feeling nourished and protected during a day out in the sun.

DO: Prime the skin

The secret to flawless skin isn’t by choosing an expensive foundation, it is by creating the perfect base for your makeup. Use a primer on clean, dry skin and work into troublesome areas such as the t-zone, cheeks, and under-eye area where most freckles actually come from.

DON’T: Try pink blush

Avoid a pink-based blush since it picks up the red undertones of freckles and can make them look quite harsh. Dusk your cheekbones lightly with a coral shade which brightens up the skin tone, and makes your entire face look warm.

DO: Use colour

Experiment with a bright eye colour to bring out the shade of your freckles. Cream eyeshadows are really easy to apply, and will stay on for hours before creasing on the skin. They also require no tools, and you can apply them with your fingers straight over a freshly primed eyelid. Coloured mascara is also a fantastic option for girls with blonde lashes, since it makes the eye look larger, and isn’t as harsh the traditional black formula.

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9 Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

Anyone with fair skin knows that makeup and beauty products are often difficult to track down. Foundations never properly match your skin tone, concealers are often too dark, and fake tan looks orange (even when applied with care!) Take the following tips into consideration if you suffer the perils of fair skin.

Blend foundations

The odds are that you won’t find a foundation to suit your skin 100%. Instead, try and combine two light shades to find the best colour for or skin, or better yet, get your colour matched by a professional. For a lighter finish, use powder or mineral foundation which won’t leave a visible discolouration on your skin.


Apply sunscreen on your face every single day. If you don’t want to deal with the white residue, look out for skincare products with an added SPF of at least 15+.

Homemade mask

Use a homemade face mask on your skin every few weeks to remove dry skin cells, and leave your face feeling bright and clear. Combine 1 tablespoon oats soaked in water, 1/2 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon of curd for flawless skin at home.

Gradual tanner

Sometimes an instant tan can be quite tempting, especially during the warmer months. Use a gradual tanner since you can control the amount of colour on your skin. Stay aware from sprays, which will only cling to your dry patches.


Apply lashings of mascara to give eyes a boost, and make you look and feel fantastic. Ditch the brown and navy shades which are usually suggested for those with lighter lashes – they won’t make your eyes pop as much as black!

A little blush

Don’t go crazy with the blush! Women with fair skin naturally have rosy cheeks, and a dark or unblended blush will only accentuate this (and make you look hot and flustered). Stick to light coral shades, and remember to blend out well with a blush brush.

Statement lipstick

Why not try out a statement lip colour which will no doubt make your entire look pop! Remember to carefully line the lips, and then apply the colour at the centre with a lip brush. Stay away from neutral or nude shades, since this will only make you look washed out.

Strong brows

Always remember to fill out your brows before stepping out the door. A little bit of colour and brow gel will help to bring the entire look together.

Dark circles

Manage those dark circles by using a colour correcting concealing under your eyes. Only use a pea sized amount for both eyes, and gently pat into the skin using your ring finger. This will always give a naturally, flawless application.

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