Office-Friendly Makeup Tips

Why spend half of the morning perfecting your eyebrow-game if you just plan to sit in front of the computer for half of the day? Office makeup is often a difficult medium to achieve since you still want to look put-together but at the same time, not over-the-top. Save those falsies for a night out, embrace a bold lip and keep skin clean and fresh with the following makeup tips.

DO: Flawless skin

If you’re going to spend time on one thing, let it be your foundation. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin – choose a foundation which is long-wear and won’t budge. Popular products include Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation ($50), which works for all the above skin types. Don’t forget to use a primer before applying any foundation, and lastly set with a finishing powder. This will help to keep makeup in place all day long.

DON’T: Contour

Feel free to contour your face – just don’t go over-the-top with bronzing powders and highlighters. Use a thin, clean brush when contouring your cheekbones to get a precise line, then blend out for a seamless finish. The Nars Contour Brush #21 ($62) is angled to give a flawless faux glow and definition to the face.

DO: Bold lip

Want to wear a bold lip to the office? Trade in the lipstick for a lip stain which is easier to maintain and won’t look too glamourous. Simply dab your lips with your foundation brush to neutralise the colour, then use your ring finger to apply colour such as Kit Cosmetics Tint Sheen ($16.95) onto the top and bottom lip.

DON’T: False lashes

Save those falsies for a night out, and instead work on your own natural lashes. Curl them for a few seconds on each side, then apply a volumising mascara like Maybelline Volum Express One By One ($19.95) – working in the product from root to tip. When lashes are completely dry, curl again so they can hold this shape.

DO: Neutral eyeshadow

Define your eyes by applying a neutral shadow on the base of the eye, then a shade slightly darker on the crease – Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ($40.60) has 5 neutral shades which can be used to create a variety of makeup looks. Blend well, then define the inner corner of the eye with a highlighting colour. This will give the illusion of a bigger eye – regardless of your shape and colour.

DON’T: Over-do your brows

Remember to keep brows looking even and tamed by filling in any gaps with a pencil or powder. If they are still unruly, apply a thin coat of brow gel to keep them in place all day. The Anastasia Brow Wiz ($38) comes in a variety of colours, and defines the brow without looking too dolled-up.

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3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Looking to spice up your same-old makeup routine, but don’t know where to start? If you want to try something new, there are many different ways of making your eyes pop, just by using a different mascara or eye-shadow. Whether you’re into a winged-liner, smokey eye or even wearing falsies, here are three looks which are perfect for a romantic evening look.

1. Winged liner

A classic winged liner is the best place to start if you’re thinking of expanding your makeup look. Start off with fresh eyes, then lightly prime them so the eyeshadow will stay on for longer. Apply a neutral or flesh-toned colour across the entire lid – this will act as your base. To make the eye pop, add a light colour to the inner half of the eyelid, and a darker one to the outer half. Blend well so there are no harsh lines. As for the winged-liner, use a felt tip to get a precise flick and follow the natural curve of your eye.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

2. Glamourous lashes

There is nothing sexier than a nude lip and lots of lashes. Taking inspiration from Kylie Jenner, run a soft brown shadow over the crease of the lid and blend out well with a fluffy brush. Curl your lashes then apply mascara and wait for it to dry completely. Trim the false lashes to your eye-shape, then add some glue and wait for it to get tacky before applying over the natural lash line.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

3. Smokey and pink

This twist on a classic smokey eye is fun and flirty for a night out. Apply a primer then use a neutral toned eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Line the inner corner with a light pink colour, and the outer corner with a darker mauve – then blend out well to conceal any harsh lines. Apply lashings of mascara and even add a cat-eye flick if you’re feeling adventurous.

Top 3 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Image Source: Hair Romance, Nicole Guerriero, Makeup Geek.