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July 25, 2016

Can A Celebrity Crush Sex Up Your Marriage?

Do celebrity crushes perform an important role as a marital and/or sex aid in our lives, or are they a dangerous precursor to a jail sentence for stalking? I jest, of course, with the latter, for celebrity crushes have long been a driving force in teenage, and even adult, lives for generations.

In grade three, I was so besotted with Michael Jackson, I lovingly adorned all my school folders with glorious images of the late King of Pop. Then, Thriller happened and I had to dump Michael’s arse, for those iconic posters were far too scary for the likes of mini-me. Poor, late MJ.

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Next up, I’ve had the longest love affair of my life – albeit a frustratingly unrequited one, from afar – with U2 frontman Bono (main image), who replaced MJ in my heart when, as a teenager, I discovered the band’s iconic hit album, The Joshua Tree. That voice; his passion for social justice; and his long, dark hair and Celtic good looks had me captivated. Indeed, I still find the aging rock star somewhat swoon-worthy despite his band’s recent Apple album-sharing debacle.

Today, my modern muse – or celebrity crush of the moment – is actor Rupert Friend’s broody, elite CIA black-ops agent character Peter Quinn (pictured below), in Homeland. He’s like James Bond, but with a soul. Swoon.

And I swear I am singlehandedly carrying the Homeland fan base here in Australia and my husband dutifully downloads (legally) episodes for me to watch well after the shows have aired, given they’re now shown ridiculously late on TV, too late for an exhausted mum of two toddlers, seemingly due to aforementioned lack of popularity.

I can’t get enough of Quinn’s amazing cheekbones, which could cut glass; his unrequited feelings for Carrie, the show’s female lead; and his dashing, man-of-action modern-day spy with a conscience.

celebrity crush, pretend boyfriend, relationships

So, do you have a pretend boyfriend, too? Who takes your fancy? And is a celebrity crush a good fantasy tool in a long-term relationship, or does it spell disaster for you and your significant other?

Relationship experts say celebrity crushes are common and should not be kept secret from your partner. Instead, you can actually boost your sex life by talking to your beloved about who floats your boat, erm aside from them, that is.

It’s all part of using fantasy role playing to sex up our love lives, so long as you don’t alienate your partner, experts insist. So, how do you do that? Keep it light, safe and fun by sharing the fantasy of someone unattainable with your partner – chances are, for example, I’m not going to bump into super-sexy Quinn any time soon (bugger).

And my husband, who has a cute crush on a certain very attractive celebrity (whom we’ve both met) isn’t likely to be socialising with her again anytime soon, phew (or this lifetime, I hope).

And here’s the all-important bit – relationship experts say you don’t want to be telling your significant other your sexy daydreams about the personal trainer you’re seeing twice weekly. Now, that’d be both stupid and dangerous. It’s got to be someone so ridiculously famous you’d actually probably drop dead from shock/excitement if you met them in real life.

What do you think? Do you have a celebrity crush?

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November 6, 2014

Is Beauty a Curse or a Blessing? (cont’d)

If you could choose, who would you ask out on a date and why? A stunning looking girl with a nice personality or a plain looking girl with a fantastic personality? A plain looking girl with a fantastic personality! Because with a stunning looking girl you would only spend about 10% of the evening taking advantage of the good looks and 90% of the time thinking about the 10%. But with a plain looking girl with a fantastic personality you could enjoy the evening 100% and feel confident that you could have something to talk about in the morning.Do you find it difficult to approach really good looking women? Why?

No. Because I don’t stop looking when I see the outside and usually it doesn’t take long to see through. If you are ever lucky enough to meet a good looking woman (or a man for that matter) and be totally smitten with her conversation, manner, outlook on life, her self confidence, how passionate she is about life, her beliefs, respect for herself and level of personal hygiene, you really ought to think yourself lucky. I’ve only met one in my 25 years, (including family) and I’ll give you three guesses who she wakes up next too each morning.

Describe your fantasy woman? (including the way she looks)

Well! She would be the woman in the previous question.

If given a chance would you go out with a lingerie model? Would you feel comfortable with other men looking at her in magazine ads and billboards?

Probably not. If she was to choose a life in front of the camera she would probably be very vain, be dependent on lots of cash and not enjoy food as it should be enjoyed.

September 1, 2000