7 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Do you need a little style re-fresh just before spring hits? We have tracked down just some of our favourite Australian fashion bloggers to give you some outfit inspiration for the summer season. Whether it’s for a formal event, casual outfits, or even how to wear some new trends – we’ve got you covered!

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Nadia Fairfax

Blog: Fairfax Journal

Sydney girl Nadia Fairfax provides us with some instant inspiration for the warmer months ahead. Don’t be afraid to rock tousled hair with something a little put together for the perfect combination of high-low.

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Sara Donaldson

Blog: Harper and Harley

If you want to make the monochrome work look for you, Sara Donaldson’s blog will provide an endless amount of outfit inspiration. Her new health and fitness section is brimming with trendy options for the gym.

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Kaitlyn Ham

Blog: Modern Legacy

Learn how to wear some of the seasons hottest trends from Modern Legacy blogger, Kaitlyn Ham. The epitome of relaxed sophistication, her blog is packed with outfit inspiration for the trans-seasonal months.

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Brooke Testoni

Blog: Brooke Testoni

Brooke’s self-titled blog is an ode to easy dressing for the relaxed Sydney weather. Here, you will find lots of leather, denim staples and the odd stiletto (or two).

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Carmen Hamilton

Blog: Chronicles of Her

Step into the shoes of Carmen Hamilton, a Sydney local who teaches us all to embrace new silhouettes and textures. Her Splendour in The Grass style has us all swooning for sunny days!

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Antoinette Marie

Blog: Sydney Fashion Blogger

Who isn’t following Sydney Fashion Blogger nowadays? The account manager turned super-blogger posts everything from her daily life in Sydney, to the countless vacations around the Mediterranean. Swoon!

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Yan Yan Chan

Blog: Parfasseux

When you think of effortless style, the outfits of Sydney girl, Yan Yan Chan, instantly come to mind. Her carefree style is always full of inspiration and never looks like a carbon copy, it’s truly individual. Who doesn’t want to see more of her closet?

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Images via Repeat Offender, Keishikibi, Sydney Fashion Blogger, Harper and Harley, Fairfax Journal, Modern Legacy, Chronicles of Her, Brooke Testoni

Interview: Fashion Blogger Miles Wharton

Since moving from the United Kingdom to Australia in 2010, fashion blogger Miles Wharton has come along way. Bringing with him his unique sense of style, last year he founded a made-to-measure suiting company called The Bespoke Corner and created a successful blog and Instagram account thereafter.

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SHESAID chatted to Miles just before MBFWA, and discussed his wardrobe essentials, inspirations, and what’s to come in 2015.

Could you share some of your fashion/style inspirations with us?

I have always been interested in dressing sharp from a young age. I believe that first impressions are incredibly important, and the way you dress portrays your personality.

I’d say my style is a mix of British tailoring and Italian flair. I always encourage people to start with the basics, then slowly add their own personality to the outfit. Just have fun with it!

In your opinion, what are 5 key pieces that all men should have in their wardrobe?

  1. Made-to-measure navy suit:Great for every occasion from work to weddings.
  2. Double breasted blazer:A bold statement piece every gent needs.
  3. Casual loafers (driving shoes): Comfortable, smart, casual everyday shoe.
  4. Bright pocket square: The best icebreaker.
  5. Fitted jeans: Everyone needs a pair of jeans.

What about something you would never wear yourself?

Personally, I would never wear skins to the gym. Some people can pull it off, I definately can’t!

We love how your blog incorporates both fashion and lifestyle. What are some of your favourite cafes or watering holes in Sydney?

Thats a tricky one. I love to try new places around Sydney. At the moment, my favourite brunch spot is The Grounds of Alexandria. As for bars, I’d have to say either The Barber Shop on York St or Cafe del Mar in Darling Harbour.

What are are some of favourite Instagram accounts or fashion bloggers?

I follow lots of different accounts for inspiration, but my favourites are: @jkplatinum, @danielre, @jwshua , @menwithclass and @blakescott_

Spill! What’s next on your fashion wishlist?

Im really into watches, so an Audemars Piguet is definitely next on the list!

Could you give some advice to aspiring bloggers who want to follow in your footsteps? 

Be yourself, trust yourself and always keep going at 100 miles-per-hour. People will constantly put you down so it’s imperative you learn to block it out. Keep a clear vision of what you set out to achieve and just go for it.

Top 5 Fashion Apps

For the girl on-the-go, mobile apps are the best way to source, style and purchase the latest looks. Now you can check out your fave style icons, plan your outfits for the on the weekend, and make friends with fellow fashionable folk all on your lunch break! For the trendiest technology, download these amazing apps.

Stylebook is your ultimate fashion planner! Upload pieces from your closet, style a look, and save it to your calendar and avoid the stress of having to pick an outfit right before a big meeting or date. You can log and track your measurements and purchases, and also plan what to pack for your next vacation. Stylebook will set you back $3.99, but that’s a small price to pay for you fashion die-hards.

Don’t believe me? Ask Rachel Zoe – a self-identified fan of Pose. Post or browse clothing or accessories for sale or trade. Post your outfit of the day and tag your pieces for others to browse. Make friends and scope out each others wardrobes and style advice. Purchase your favorite items straight through the app.

We must warn you – once you start on Wanelo, it’s difficult to stop! The app collates items from all over the web, from boutique designers on Etsy, to your larger brands and department stores like Zara and Calvin Klein. It offers you an ever-evolving feed of products, catering specifically to your tastes. You can follow other Wanelo users, keep up-to-date with new products from your favorite brands, create your own looks and “collections”, and share them with friends.

Chic Feed
Chic Feed does you the favour of collating the best street style snaps from our favorite blogs and photographers, including Face Hunter, The Sartorialist, Jak and Jill, and LookBook.

Instagram is the ultimate app for fashion stalking. Follow your favorite fashion bloggers, stylists, designers and celebs for inspiration – or merely a sneak-peek into how the other half live! Not sure who to follow? Take a look at SHESAID’s fashion industry picks.

5 Personal Style Bloggers To Follow

While personal style is often subjective, it’s always a good idea to gather inspiration for your outfits from others. If you’re into clean lines, classic silhouettes with a touch of modern sophistication then the five following bloggers will be your next obsessions – regardless of your age!

Harper and Harley

Australian blogger Sara Donaldson has recently cleared out her entire wardrobe of colour – instead choosing to wear variations of black, white, grey and denim. This wardrobe switch has left her style looking timeless, classic and best of all – she can really take advantage of all her pieces.

5 Personal Style Bloggers You Need To Know

Hanna MW

Fashion stylist by day and blogger by night, Hanna is a Swedish girl who has made her love of clothes a life-long career. Working for fashion giant Gina Tricot allows Hanna to indulge in the newest trends, and shows her followers how to work almost anything she can get her hands on.

5 Personal Style Bloggers You Need To Know

The Dashing Rider

As a graduated art historian and media scholar living in Germany, Fiona combines her love of fashion and writing to create her blog, The Dashing Rider. Her style features asymmetric skirts, warm and chunky knits with a touch of vintage Chanel.

5 Personal Style Bloggers You Need To Know

Hippie Hippie Milkshake

Editor and fashion blogger Celine Aagaard has shows us how to look good in almost everything – including double denim, drop-crotch pants and chunky turtleneck knits. Although beware, do not visit this blog if you have severe handbag envy.

5 Personal Style Bloggers You Need To Know

Rozalia Russian

You’re probably already a fan of Melbourne mum Rozalia and her trendy style – all while pushing a pram! With over 78,000 Instagram followers and an online store in the works – we can only expect big things from Rozalia in the future!

5 Personal Style Bloggers You Need To Know

What are some of your favourite bloggers?

Images via Harper and Harley, Hanna MW, The Dashing Rider, Celine Aagard, Rozalia Russian

How To Flat Lay – For Instagram

First of all, for those who aren’t sure, a “flat lay” is a display of items on a flat surface and photographed from above. A favorite technique of fashion bloggers, the flat lay has exploded on Instagram as a way of exhibiting your latest clothing items and accessories. It’s a great way to share your #ootd (outfit of the day) or just expend some creative energy.

1. What should you be snapping?

It’s best to start with one or two statement pieces, and fill in the gaps with smaller accessories or decorative pieces. It looks amazing when things fit together like a puzzle. Experiment with folding, overlapping (not too much – you don’t want it to look cluttered), and arranging and rearranging to get the perfect look!

Your flat lay should also follow a theme. You might want to flat lay your whole outfit or contents of your purse, but perhaps you want to pick a theme likes “essential beach items”, or color scheme for the best effect.

2. Basic background

You will often see flat lays on white surfaces (a lot of bed sheets) or wooden floors. Whatever you choose, keep it simple – you don’t want your background to distract from your pieces.

3. Angles + lighting

The point of the flat lay is to get an aerial shot from directly above the display. Therefore, depending on the height of your flat lay surface, you will need a chair or stool to boost you up.

It is also vital to position your flat lay in a place with a lot of light. It’s best to get an evenly lit shot, with few shadows that keep highlight some pieces, while keeping others in the dark. Choosing the right surface is actually trickier than it sounds.






Images via blog.wantering.com and Instagram (top-bottom) @westfieldinsider, @collagevintage, @emmalucey

Fashion Bloggers Get Reality TV Show

The Style Channel is releasing a new reality television show covering the lives of five well-known Australian fashion bloggers. If these five successful women’s Instagram stars are anything to go by, the program will be a hit, starring Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley, Kate Waterhouse of KateWaterhouse.com, Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox, Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three, and Zanita Whittington from Zanita.

The network is commissioning it as a document style series called Fashion Bloggers, to be released later this year showcasing “the fast-paced lives of Australia’s top independent bloggers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.” These online celebrities will be filmed consistently as they post and upload on social media.

One star of the show, 25-year-old Sara Donaldson is not a stranger to the fashion world, after resigning from a career in marketing Donaldson began a full time blog, now with 109, 000 followers, who grow daily.

“The business background I’ve had has really helped. You’re running your own business and dealing with accounting and ad space,” she said.

Although difficult, the life of a fashion blogger can be a lot of fun, the television show will highlight numerous events such as New York Fashion Week, which in recent years has had a massive increase of non-industry professionals not only attending but as ambassadors, or even front row occupants.

Filming will begin next month to keep each episode as current as possible to match the digital lives of each blogger. Co-Executive Producer Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the five stars. ‘They have grown exponentially; its crazy” she said.

I know I am very much looking forward to taking a look at what goes on behind the scenes of what seems to be a life filled with adventure, travel and style.

Image via citizencouture.com

By Amy Miller

Bloggers To Sell Their Wares At Fashion Markets

The Winery in Surry Hills will play host to an intimate laneway fashion market on Saturday June 14, providing customers with the opportunity to emulate the style of Sydney’s most glamorous fashionistas. Leading fashion bloggers Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us, Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley and the team behind West 14th will each dress individual stalls selling their preloved items, including a mountain of high-end luxury brands, all going for a steal.

Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson, usually a duo, will this time appear with their own individual stalls, given the cascading amount of clothes they’ll have available. Elle, with a laidback style of her own, is well-known for her love of denim cut –off shorts, slouchy tops, killer heels and, of course, that Celine handbag. Her business partner Tash masters a boho-luxe look and has a love for leopard print, ripped jeans and elegant clutches. Having worked collaboratively with leading brands such as eBay, Wittner, Max Made and Clinique, the girls appear regularly as fashion authorities across leading fashion titles.

Harper & Harley’s Sara Donaldson favours a black, white and grey colour palette. With a style that focuses on minimal and chic wardrobe essentials with a classic elegance, Harper & Harley is a go-to for fashionistas around the nation.

Leather brand West 14th offers on-trend items that are both classic, with a touch of attitude. With winter being the perfect season to work leather into an outfit,customers will be able to pick up these reduced pieces to stay ahead of the trends this season.

The perfect way to spend a winter morning, shoppers will be able to wander through the laneway with coffee from The Winery and delicious pastries by the talented Executive Pastry Chef, Vincent Gadan. Following a leisurely stroll through the markets, The Winery will be the next port of call for a relaxed lunch or a range of share plates including the venue’s famous veal and chorizo sausage rolls, cheese plates and charcuterie boards alongside a stellar wine list curated by The Keystone Group’s head sommelier, Sarah Limacher.

To top off a superb Saturday afternoon, a stunning flower market by Wildes Lane will provide beautiful blooms to take home alongside with a fine collection of new threads!

The Winery Fashion Markets will take place from 10am – 2pm, Saturday June 14.

Q&A With Fashion Blogger and Model Nikki Phillips

We’ll admit it: we’re obsessed with media personality and model Nikki Phillips’ fashion blog Styled by Phillips – it’s the ultimate inspiration for any fashionista. Whether she’s chilling in gorgeous tropical locations or glamming it up in Sydney, Nikki’s style is the epitome of Aussie chic: fun, sexy and casual cool.

SheSaid chatted with Nikki about her favourite summer beauty products, summer style tips and what’s coming up for her this year.

What is your summer beauty routine?
I’m a firm believer that less is more. A good face wash, moisturiser and the Venus & Olay SugarBerry are the three essentials for my daily beauty routine.

What are your top 3 can’t-live-without makeup products for summer?
Venus & Olay SugarBerry Razor – to keep my pins silky smooth year round.   

Model Co Lipstick – a bold lip can transform your look in an instant.

Chanel Hydramax + Active cream – a great morning face moisturiser.

Tell us about your fitness and exercise regime.
I’ve always been an outdoorsy girl – I love going for long walks, runs and work out at the park I’ve always been an outdoorsy girl – I love going for long walks, runs and work out at the park regularly. I also work out twice a week with personal trainers at Savage Training doing cross fit and targeting more cardio and a high intensity workout

We seriously heart your style. What are some of your favourite summer outfits?
Aww thanks! This summer I’m loving the one-piece swimsuit its great to show off your curves and neon pair of sandals for a pop of colour is a must. I’m all about high waisted shorts and baggy shirts and when on holiday it’s a must to always pack a little dress as you never know what a night may lead too. This is easy to travel with, appropriate length and still fits in with that holiday vibe. Style the dress with a denim shirt around the waist and some casual sandals or pop on a wedge and show off those silky smooth legs.

What’s coming up in 2014 for you?
This year is huge for me, there are a few big opportunities in the pipeline, that I extremely excited about. I’m also looking forward to watching Styled by Phillips grow even further this year and I already have some big blogging trips planned. Oh and I’m getting married this year!  I feel very blessed and fortunate.

What are your favourite beauty and fashion blogs?

5 Best Fashion Bloggers

From street style to killer couture, the best fashion blogs keep us coming back for more. Here are the 5 best fashion bloggers from Australia, New York, London and beyond – and secretly, we’d love to be BFFs with them for the closet-raiding privileges alone!

Karla’s Closet
You know how Sex and the City was fictional and Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t a real person? Well, that might not be true. If there was ever a real life Carrie, it would be Karla Deras. On Karla’s Closet, Karla showcases her stunningly fashion forward style. Much like Carrie before her, Karla mixes high-end pieces with vintage and high street buys. When Teen Vogue asked her about her favourite places to shop, she named Goodwill, Saks and H&M. If that’s not fashion diversity, then we don’t know what is.


…Love Maegan
Maegen Tintari screams L.A. – she’s adorable, bubbly, with awesome hair and a gorgeous glow. But her fashion blog is more than just killer outfits (and they seriously are incredible). Maegan shares beauty and home decor tips, as well as writing honestly about marriage and her struggle to conceive. Her beautiful smile alone will have you hooked. Maegan’s Pinterest boards are some of our favourites too.


Styled By Phillips
Aussie model and media personality Nikki Phillips is one of Australia’s best fashion bloggers, with a constantly updated stream of bright colours and stunning locations – from Bondi to Bali. Nikki’s style is mostly Australian designers so her blog is a great way to follow what’s happening in local fashion. Follow her Instagram feed for fun behind-the-scenes snaps.


Ring My Bell
If personal style blogging doesn’t work out, Ashley Madekwe has a second career to fall back on. After all, this London fashionista living in L.A. is a full-time actress, starring in shows like Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Revenge. Ashley blogs about her style, which is a mixture of London cool and boho chic. Why we heart her even more is that she blogs as if she were just any other girl rifling through the racks at a cool vintage store.


The Man Repeller
We’ve been following the very witty New York fashion blogger Leandra Medine a.k.a. The Man Repeller since what feels like the beginning of the internet (ok, about two years). Her refreshing attitude to fashion can be summed up by: don’t dress to impress, wear what YOU love. Make sure you follow The Man Repeller on Instagram for hilarious daily snapshots into her life.

Do you have a favourite fashion blog? Share it in the comments below!