Runway to Real-Way: 5 Street Fashion Trends to Try

‘Tis the season to be stylish…what with the big Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Weeks rolling out in NYC, London, Milan and Paris.

Now we all love the fairytale and fancy of the shows but it can be hard to translate what we see on the runway to the real way of everyday living (not to mention the credit card cardiac arrest that would possibly ensue!).

True style starts out on the streets, so we’ve done a little scouting around thanks to the master of street style – Canadian fashion photo-blogger Tommy Ton – to bring you our picks for the 5 key style trends to try as seen on the streets at Fashion Week. We thought we’d make the fashion candy a little sweeter too by telling you that you can easily get all these looks for under $100.


Peek-a-boo pretty
Lots of bare midriffs are making sneaky cameos amongst the fashion set. Forget the Britney Spears belly button ring hybrid and hop into a high-waist and a cropped sweater, lightly teasing with bit of well-buffed flesh.

Think a ¾ length high-waist black skirt and a matching black jumper.  Hit up the high street or even better your local thrift stores to source them. Remember you can always create the crop yourself by snipping a second-hand jumper, or do the same to a black fitted polo neck, cut the sleeves off too if you like. Make sure you get a small fit and hem your work, so it maintains that more streamlined silhouette.


Baller tees
Channel your inner cheerleader and hit the sports lux super highway.

Look for raglan styles, numbers on the front or back and sports team logos complete the on trend look. These kind of tops are everywhere right now from Isabel Marant to Bardot or go the eco option and hit the thrift stores – you are bound to find one for $30 or less. Create a cool dichotomy by combining it with a leather skirt or jeans and heels.


Distressed denim
Ok so when was this never not in fashion, but is it just us or does it seems to be even hotter right now? A lot of the expensive brands are selling $400-plus offerings but this is the easiest thing in the world to do yourself. Find a pair of second-hand jeans in a thrift store and get to them with some scissors and a garlic grater!


Ear cuffs
This one is a fashion no-brainer and looks beautiful no matter your shape or size (body that is, not ears)

Topshop, Sportsgirl and Zara all have opulent offerings or try Thomas Sabo if your purse strings are a little more princely.


Well plaid

With a strong revival of the early 90’s grunge aesthetic, plaid is popping up everywhere. Try plaid shirts and skirts or there’s something so “I don’t care” cool about it worn as a long flowing dress.

Go forth and be Fashion Week fabulous for a fraction of the price.

What are your favourite 2014 fashion week trends from the streets?

Faye De Lanty is a TV presenter and eco fashion blogger. Her blog Fashion Hound shows people how to be more aware and thoughtful about fashion, focusing on thrift, vintage, second-hand and DIY, as well as how to reuse, recycle and reduce our fashion footprint. 

Photos: Tommy Ton

September 27, 2013

5 Best Fashion Bloggers

From street style to killer couture, the best fashion blogs keep us coming back for more. Here are the 5 best fashion bloggers from Australia, New York, London and beyond – and secretly, we’d love to be BFFs with them for the closet-raiding privileges alone!

Karla’s Closet
You know how Sex and the City was fictional and Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t a real person? Well, that might not be true. If there was ever a real life Carrie, it would be Karla Deras. On Karla’s Closet, Karla showcases her stunningly fashion forward style. Much like Carrie before her, Karla mixes high-end pieces with vintage and high street buys. When Teen Vogue asked her about her favourite places to shop, she named Goodwill, Saks and H&M. If that’s not fashion diversity, then we don’t know what is.


…Love Maegan
Maegen Tintari screams L.A. – she’s adorable, bubbly, with awesome hair and a gorgeous glow. But her fashion blog is more than just killer outfits (and they seriously are incredible). Maegan shares beauty and home decor tips, as well as writing honestly about marriage and her struggle to conceive. Her beautiful smile alone will have you hooked. Maegan’s Pinterest boards are some of our favourites too.


Styled By Phillips
Aussie model and media personality Nikki Phillips is one of Australia’s best fashion bloggers, with a constantly updated stream of bright colours and stunning locations – from Bondi to Bali. Nikki’s style is mostly Australian designers so her blog is a great way to follow what’s happening in local fashion. Follow her Instagram feed for fun behind-the-scenes snaps.


Ring My Bell
If personal style blogging doesn’t work out, Ashley Madekwe has a second career to fall back on. After all, this London fashionista living in L.A. is a full-time actress, starring in shows like Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Revenge. Ashley blogs about her style, which is a mixture of London cool and boho chic. Why we heart her even more is that she blogs as if she were just any other girl rifling through the racks at a cool vintage store.


The Man Repeller
We’ve been following the very witty New York fashion blogger Leandra Medine a.k.a. The Man Repeller since what feels like the beginning of the internet (ok, about two years). Her refreshing attitude to fashion can be summed up by: don’t dress to impress, wear what YOU love. Make sure you follow The Man Repeller on Instagram for hilarious daily snapshots into her life.

Do you have a favourite fashion blog? Share it in the comments below!

July 19, 2013