Top Fashion Trends

If you want to be ahead of the pack when it comes to fashion then read on. We?ve got the hottest must-have buys for you.Bag of the week

Portman?s Voile bag, ($24.95) is the perfect accessory for every earth angel. It?s functional and cool and the ?home-made? look is hotter than ever. Pair it with faded second-skin jeans and a wide hip-slung belt and you won?t go wrong. Did we also tell you that your mobile, purse and lippy will squeeze in without any problems. Check it out at

Get Wedged

If you don?t have a pair already then head to your nearest shoe store and grab a pair of wedges. They?re comfortable and slick and believe it or not you can walk around in them all day. Trust us ? we do! There?s more of a base, which makes them easier to balance in than a pair of dainty stilettos. Sensible but sexy – mum would be proud.

The Kitten heel boot

This boot is one of the most flattering you can buy. A kitten heel is the one style a woman past her

eighteen), can wear without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. The kitten is a wardrobe must, but don?t expect to climb mountains in them. These dainty state of the art pumps are for dress ups only. You won?t want to walk much further than the length of the red carpet. Midas has some fantastic boots at the moment so check them out. For further information go to Bootcut trouser

The bootcut trouser has been around for sometime simply because it really is the most flattering cut for every shape. Because we are all conscious of our rounder parts – bums, hips and thighs, the flare at the bottom of a bootleg trouser helps balance the width and compliment our top halves. Just remember though, when you are purchasing the bootcut trouser: always wear them so that the hemcovers the top of the shoe.

also happens to lengthen the leg and you?ve got to be happy with that! Head to for a classic pair of black bootcut trousers or try Esprit, another store that always has a fantastic trouser.The Fitted Shirt

If you haven?t already noticed it all around you, that prairie top is going to be hotter than hot. Just have a peek in Esprit, Portmans, Sportsgirl or Witchery. However, if you want to look like a fashion pro and be even more ahead, go for the fitted shirt. They are not only more flattering on most of our shapes, but they stay put. They won?t leave office girls looking like they?ve just had a little romp in the stationery cupboard. That?s not to say it can?t look slinky as well. A fitted shirt can just be as sexy as an off the shoulder Prairie top. All you have to do is unbutton the top three buttons and wear it with a pencil pin striped skirt or jeans. Add a spicy brassiere underneath and voila! Added Lycra to the fabric will make it more fitted so search for one with a mix of cotton and lycra.

The Tight Sweater

Question: who doesn?t look great in a tight black sweater? Answer: no one! If you?re the lucky petite type, go for Audrey Hepburn style glamour in a turtle-neck with Capri pants and a pair of J.P Todd?s. If you?re a little bit bigger than little Miss Tiny, go for a fitted V-neck sweater with very little underneath. The V-neck will give the illusion of a long neck and slim torso. Don?t forget to wear something on the bottom though-tee hee hee. We?re harping on about Witchery again, but we seriously love it and let?s face it, they do have the fashion staples. You will find plenty of turtle-necks and V-necks there. Available now, but even better you might just get one on sale.

July 17, 2002

Winter Fashion Update

Cold Comfort This Winter-it?s back to the classicsThe Crisp White shirt

A lesson well learnt is the white shirt. No wardrobe should be without one or two or?anyway, the upshot is ? buy a crisp white shirt for winter. It will immediately give you a slick and tailored look. So, if you haven?t already done so, it?s time to hotfoot it to Witchery or Sportsgirl. The essential to end all essentials for your winter wardrobe and even better you can wear one with anything -jeans, pencil-thin trousers and cords.

Baby?s got Blue Jeans

It seems that denim is an endless experiment for fashionistas. Last winter you had to have a pair of indigo jeans, or you were stuffed. This summer you got bleached or else. Now it?s cowboy mid-blue. (Check out Sam Shephard?s Fool For Love if you really want to get the look!). Diesel are doing a great pair of

blue jeans with that all American boot cut. The Corner Store in William St, Sydney stocks Earl Jeans, who have a fantastic mid-blue version. You?ll be paying for it, but baby, it?s worth it.The Big Bag

It?s back and they?re big! The Big Bag full crammed with everything (and well, anything) is back. It is the ultimate accessory for the busy girl. No longer do you have to fit your lipstick, purse, water bottle, diary, mobile and change of clothes for that after-work soir?e into a cute little sequined number. Oversized bags are the ?go? and it?s come as a relief to most bag ladies. We still loving Witchery?s saddlebag at of course. Hurry though because their sale is on now!

The Black Boot

It was definitely the pointy boot last winter but this winter you should go for something more biker-style, a rounder toe and a bit flatter?and decidedly more flattering on those of us with long feet. Anything goes: up to the knee, over the knee, (think Ms Moss), or little ankle biters. Zomp have all the styles. For inquiries telephone (02) 9699 9566.

Frumpy is funky

Anything tweed is the look of the moment. The frumpier the better so dag up to be cool and get into it. If it?s good enough for our grandmother?s then?The top SheSaid tip? The classic trouser is the way to go. Team it with a snug, fitted polo-neck jumper to make it a little sassier. The look is strong, sassy and oh so very Hepburn – Katherine that is, not Audrey.

Tied up in Knits

We?ve all read the papers, we?ve seen back stage pics of the supermodels. The latest, coolest thing to do is get a hobby and knitting is the word. Knitting groups are hotter than trivia nights in pubs now (well it?s about time trivia got boring). Simple scarves are best to start with and the more eccentric the wool, the better. If you don?t have a granny that loves to knit, you better learn fast. Get some kindly Auntie to cast on then get going. Go to Spotlight for some of the best knitting patterns and wool. Telephone the Australian Country Spinners on 03 9853 9444 for more info.

The Chunky chunky belt

When is it going to end this never ending belt saga? The large, chunky, studded, weathered, leathered belt still looks great with a pair of jeans or a flouncy, layered skirt. The chunkier, the better. Just be sure to team it with the right boot.

The flouncy skirt

Portman?s or Witchery?s layered skirts look hot. Wear a white one with a black top and long boots. My crystal ball tells me that Gypsy chic is in your future…

July 2, 2002

Melbourne Fashion Week Highlights

The best from Melbourne Fashion Week

We’ve selected our favourites from Melbourne Fashion Week.

Andrea Rembeck

Bettina Liano

Wayne Cooper


Shiny, happy hair

Booking a hairdresser a year in advance on the off-chance of being invited to the do of the year might seem a little keen. But last night the bevy of beauties who were invited to the Oscars would have booked with the best months ahead so they could walk the red carpet with shiny locks. Alright you may not get to attend the Oscars but you have to forget, the grungy, day-old-looking locks of the past. These days’ true stars like Gwyneth, Nicole and Jennifer are strutting their stuff with shiny, polished manes. Hairdresser Jo from Lily Jackson Hair says, ” Women love a shiny, polished look because it brings out the richness of their hair colour and it also looks incredibly healthy.” If you didn’t have time to strike up your own hair’s shiny luster last night – start now. Grab a gloss-enhancing product (we recommend Bumble and Bumble Defrizz- available at and spritz it onto wet hair. The spray will seal the hair’s cuticles and leave a light-reflecting surface. Blow dry with a paddle brush so you have smooth, shiny hair. Get your own star ‘do’.

March 26, 2002

Divine Demin – Check it Out

Current must have

If you didn’t know already the only bag to sling this season is the Saddle. Hard to find unless you used to scouring through vintage shops and even then they are like finding a needle in a haystack. Girls! Thank goodness for Witchery. They have created the most divine shoulder bag in brown or black for $179.95. Keep the straps extra long so your bag is below your waist, (a-la Prada) or wear it securely tucked under your arm. Perfect for the plane, train or automobile. We recommend you hurry because there aren’t many left in the stores. Most of them would have left the country by now – they’re so purrrrfect. If you can’t get to a Witchery boutique just log onto and enter the icon ‘shop’. It’s the kind of boutique you can’t leave without making a purchase.

Denim Delicious

Yes, your right we’ve probably said it all before but denim is the word. It’s the leading look for the minute. Trot into any store and you’ll see denim, denim, denim. Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Britney Spears is wearing it. One of our gossip mags had a pic of Meg Ryan wearing a denim trench, which looked fab. Want to know how to copy her look? Witchery. Witchery still have a few denim trenches (around $150) on offer so don’t panic just hurry. We’ve picked out our favourite denim pieces for you to find over the Internet so get on and check them out:

Witchery’s denim pencil skirt ($89.95) Wichery’s fitted denim jeans ($99.95)
Portman’s jeans ($79.95) Country Road denim pick stitch skirt ($139)

Website of the week

With Melbourne Fashion Week up and running right now – don’t miss out on what’s hot and what’s not in the glamorous world of fashion and beauty. Log onto for all the latest and if you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, then have a look at the programme and check out all the shows and learn about what’s slick this season.

March 18, 2002

Fashion & Beauty Lowdown (cont’d)


The Pyjama Game-how to play it!

The hottest look at the moment is pyjamas. Might seem a little kooky but comfy cosy clothing is back.

If you want to be ahead of the rest than start wearing your PJs out of the house. Every designer from Prada to Gucci had pyjama style clothes on the runway. Start searching for loose drawstring pants or flowing floor-length dresses. Go for piped and printed pyjama jackets or pants with a fitted Bonds singlet. When you wear drawstring pants make sure you combine them with a very fitted knit top and that floor-length dress


needs one of those big leather belts that you may have purchased last summer? Sportsgirl and Portmans have some rather slick belts for you to check out. A good place to get a cheaper but modern cut of the PJ look is at Witchery so go straight to

Fashion Must Have

Every week we scour the Internet for the ultimate buy so? check out this hot find!

Looking for something that you can wear with your Sass & Bide jeans or a tight denim mini? Look no further because we’ve found the only accessory you’ll need for

the coming months? a hat. A tweed poor boy hat is the latest item the most stylish girls about town are mad for so get a load of this fab tweed poor boy hat from Portmans for just $19.95. As we say, “If the cap fits, wear it”.Top it up on Valentines

Make an impression on the 14th and knock his little cotton socks off with 1 of these ‘heart stoppin’ shirts.

Valentines is only days away so it’s time to get that sultry look with 1 of these 3 tops.

We can’t get enough of this romantic long sleeve

top from Portmans ($69.95). Team it up with a fitted pair of jeans or flowing skirt and you will have them drooling at your feet.Nothing does it better than a little bit of flesh so if you dare, go for this sweatheart lace top from Portmans ($59.95)

and finally follow Ms Kidman and wear a fitted man style shirt with matching fitted pants all from Portmans.($69.95)

Go get’em sister!

February 15, 2002

Hot fashion trend: Mini Me!

What’s in this summer? The mini is making a return and we’re loving the new styles.

Even if you don’t think you’ve got the legs for the mini, it is well and truly back so you’ll have to work out how to wear it. Gone are the bias cut below-the-knee skirts. The mini is very ‘now’. At all the parades overseas micro-minis were everywhere. From Louis Vuitton, to Marc Jacobs to Mui Mui. But the key to wearing this thigh presenter is to throw a loose, oversized blazer or t-shirt on the top. Sportsgirl has some fab striped sweaters in their autumn/winter range that would look great with a little denim mini. Check out their site on

For more hot fashion advice click here!

October 2, 2000