Because empowered women empower women.
Because apparently an apology makes sexual harassment ok. 
‘Ms. Monopoly’ shines a necessary light on the gender pay gap but somehow misses the point: women want to be paid the same amount as men, not more. 
The only detox we need is from the perpetuation of diet culture on the ‘gram. 
Oh yeah, she said it! This week women were tweeting about rape culture, pronouns, and body positivity. 
These feminist podcasts are taking down the patriarchy, one issue at a time. 
As a feminist, it gave me pause to be so turned on by being submissive.
Our resident sexpert answers your stickiest sex questions every week.
Oh, yeah, she said it! This week some wonderfully woke women were tweeting about the Amazon, body positivity and learning to love yourself. 
The only weight young girls need to lose is the weight of a capitalist agenda that preys on the insecurity we teach them to have. 
Oh yeah, she said it! This week, some wonderful women were tweeting about racism, modern dating and aliens.
“Womanhood is power, womanhood is love, womanhood is wisdom…”
Because the only thing better than wearing your heart on your sleeve, is wearing it on your skin.
Clothes do not make the woman. Or do they…?
It seemed like if you were a woman, at least in the United States, you just shaved your legs. So I did.
We’re being polite and attentive because we’re paid to, not because we find you sexually attractive.
The notion seemed genius: women profiting from their own objectification.
It’s sad people react negatively to women who choose sex work. 
Women who embrace their sexuality are feared and demonized. Is it because they compel us to confront our own unease with sex as a society?
The Oscars and feminism have historically had a rocky relationship. But this year, something shifted…