8 Ways To Cure A Constantly Bloated Belly

Because no one should have to take recluse in bed every time they eat. 

Sunday Breakfast Ideas – Minus The Fat

Bacon, eggs, snags, toast smothered in butter; otherwise known as heart attack on a plate! What about a healthy Sunday breaky, which is sure to impress, without all that fat? Here’s some easy savoury and sweet ideas for everyone.

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Cheese, ham and creamed corn doorsteps

Doorsteps can have almost any topping, but here I’ll describe the cheese, ham and corn variety. The base is a really thick, (about 2.5 – 3 cm’s) high fiber, brown bread. Lightly toast both sides and then add a pre-made mixture of grated cheddar type cheese, diced ham, creamed corn and salt and pepper to taste. If you choose low fat varieties, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Place under a grill, cooking it slowly, until the cheese melts. When it’s ready, the smell will wake the entire household.

You can play around with different topping mixtures; either savory or sweet. For example; add baby spinach for some greenery or grated pear and apples, for a sweet topping. The thick brown bread makes it super filling and different toppings add variety.


Now there’s nothing wrong with eggs, but you just need to be careful of what you add to them and avoid cooking them in fats. For something a little different, poached eggs are cooked in water and therefore, the cooking fat is eliminated. Select a high fiber bread or muffin, to put your egg on; add a light sprinkle of season all, instead of salt and pepper and enjoy.

How about throwing some leftover veggies in a non stick pan and adding an egg or two. Instant bubble and squeak. The egg provides protein and the veggies will add to the 5 serves, required each day. Experiment with various herbs and spices, instead of salt, and you will find you won’t miss it. I use season all, instead of salt. It makes food taste amazing and keeps extra salt out of my diet.


Banana and cinnamon on toast

Cooked fruit is totally underrated. For example; what about some banana under the grill, on toast, with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.  Yum! Nutritionally, bananas are rich in Vitamin C and B6; while cinnamon is high in Calcium and Iron. Both are high in fiber and low in fat; making them perfect for breakfast.

Cooked fruit, yoghurt and muesli

Cooked apple, pear, strawberries, berry mixes or mangos tastes amazing. Why not slice some up, cook in the microwave with a teaspoon of water and then add some yoghurt and muesli. You will have a warm, texture rich, healthy breakfast, which many of us crave in the mornings. Plus, the cooked fruit is much easier to combine through the mixture, than non cooked fruit.

You can even try cooked fruit on pancakes or crepes. Roll them up with a bit of yoghurt and sprinkle with cinnamon. You might want to add a little muesli, for extra crunch. Get creative and try different cooked fruits, either alone or combined with other elements. Avoid adding extra sugar, because cooking the fruit will bring out the sweet flavour.